Friday, 27 November 2009

Is it just me?

What a week. 7 days have shown:

The war in Iraq was illegal and murderous and was done purely for "regime change". Body count of innocent civilians is now 102,000, yet Blair still walks the streets. No, really

People are being arrested for being too tall. No, really

People are being put in mental hospitals for "remaining silent". No, really

Billionaire Bankers spoke to their friends in Gummint and got to keep £26 Billion they stole from us. No, really

Our elected representatives are going to jail for stealing from us. No, really

Our unelected representatives rule us from Brussels. No, really

An unelected politician now owns the Internet in the UK. No, really

Man made global warming, something we are told is going to cost us trillions to fix, is nothing but a Nigerian super scam. No, really

That's just the last seven days....

Rome is well alight. Bring more petrol and let's do the job properly.


Anonymous said...

OH, no it's not just you. It's them! The bastards!

Anonymous said...

OH, you have made my blood pressure catapault through the roof after reading your wind up. Utter, utter cunts the lot of them. May I suggest pouring the petrol on all the cunts mentioned just before applying a large match?

I've actually sat in a meeting this morning where two people defended Gordon Brown for doing a brilliant job as PM & doing the right thing by pouring our money into the banks. None so blind etc....

hangemall said...

My 82 year-old mother has low blood pressure. I am thinking of getting her a netbook for Christmas with a link to your site placed prominently on its desktop. That should fix it.

Am emailing you something as I don't know the legal standing of publishing a certain type of data (datum?)

Col T. Eaton-Socon said...

Sir, I am outraged. Love it or leave it and take your darky pals with you. I remain, Col Tarquin Eaton-Socon, LL.M(Cantab), M.D, 2 books of green shield stamps, Ph.D (Haiti).

TheBigYin said...

You may have missed this OH, cooking the (Climate Change) books in New Zealand.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

I am beginning to think that everything we think of as reality is in fact a big simulation model. Someone is doing a ‘what-if’ study to see how fucked up the world can get. It’s one hell of a stress test; just how many six-sigma events one after another are we supposed to have? This would never happen in the real world.

It’s that, or some child of a higher life form is being naughty with his toys and will shortly get a clip round the ear and sent to bed.

Either way, it all will suddenly end and ...

v.w: sure ho - I shit you not!

Anonymous said...

So whats ya point ?

The Penguin said...

Best you don't warm up your car and defrost the fucking windscreen...

Another stealth tax!

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

With the way Jonah's been wheeled out to tell us all that Dubai is fine next week could be pretty interesting as well.

Anonymous said...

They only removed a crazy dictator in Iraq. Oh yeah, how horrible.

Those death toll websites can't be taken seriously. All done by leftist peacenicks and trolls. Some even count normal crimes and all the jihadis who got rightfully smoked. Yeah, I guess Bush's at fault for those too, right?

It's war, duh. And the US decimated AQ in Iraq so badly that they have no operative units anymore. Similar to the VC in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive (the VC was slaughtered.) They fucked up the jihadis in Iraq and they fucked them up good. Let's be happy about that. A few less moosel fanatics who want to kill all "infidels". Be happy about that. And I still say the US and the UK, too, are pussyfooting down there. They didn't win WW2 and kicked the snot out of the Nazis by hugging trees and being PC. The Iraq war needs Patton. Would have been over for a while.

Funny how nobody ever reports on how non-moosels are treated in Iraq by the moosels. Persecution of Christians in Iraq, how's about that?

Or that AQ leader who complained that SEALs, who snatched him, gave him a bloody lip? The SEALs are facing court martial over beating up a fucking AQ leader, a terrorist.

Why are they even bother taking those bastards prisoner? Kill them. Hell, nuke that whole bloody moosel terror sphere. Better for the other 4.5 billion humans who're not moosels.

Siamese Dave said...

I have taken out over 40 grand in loans and credit cards and do not intend to pay a penny back, I will change my name, sell my house and move to Thailand, My personal revenge against the banks, I suggest you all do the same.

Gobshite said...

They would be insane to lend me any money.

But, seeing as everything has gone crazy lately, I may be in with a shot of borrowing enough to buy a big fuck-off boat.

With mys £60 a week jobseekers allowance.

Siamese Dave said...

Just lie on the applications Gobshite, I said I worked internationally and gave a Dutch companies address :)

microdave said...

@Pengy - At this rate all new cars will need an independent heater fitted. Since automatic engine cut-outs are the latest way to "save the planet" how else are the occupants supposed to keep warm?

But how will batteries be kept charged, if the bloody engine is hardly ever running?

Another "bright idea" that hasn't been thought through.

Rogerborg said...

I think Zanu is moving into the phase where they've got so little to lose that they're just going to go wild with their NWO commie fantasies and see how far they can get before Call Me Dave picks up the baton.

They don't even need to pass any new laws, since they've written so many Statutory Instruments into their law-a-day frenzy over the past 12 years.

turtig said...

That 4 off the scumbags have been charged does not mean that any of the scumbags will be going to jail. They will likely get a community service order if they ever get found guilty.

Am I alone in thinking the Iraq inquiry is being held before we have our own regime change, so the resulting whitewash is guaranteed. If they would just wait a year we may have been able to try Bliar and McDoom for warcrimes, or at least contributing to global warming from the bomber flights.

Ivor Bigot said...

strangely enough it has the opposite effect on me, something along the lines of "thank fuck, it's not just me..."

thelunaticarms said...

"It's an evil world so please try and fit in" seems to be the motto of our age.

Those who seek power are always the wrong choice for it. We were doomed the day we jumped out of the trees (or God kicked us out of Paradise, whatever floats your boat).

Nothing more than Consumers then Cannon fodder, and I think the salesmen have ran out of things to sell. So eat, drink and be merry, for who knows how long the Crazy Loons start culling the biggest CO2 producers, and I assure you it isn't the cows.

And whoever says it couldn't happen here, I bet Rwanda, Botswana, Armenia, Germany, Australia, America, even Blighty pre-law days, and every other God-forsaken place on this God-forsaken rock that has experienced the oppression of the State thought the same before it happened to them.

Apologies for the apocalyptic vision of doom but know that no matter what we say or do, the Puppets will just do as their masters will tell them.

Which usually means extracting money from the people and giving it to others, and it isn't the "benefit scroungers" that benefit most from the welfare state but the State itself. All those potential voters who work for the State.

I read somewhere that we spend £128bn on the Welfare State last year. Considering their is 60m of us, it'll be more cost effective just to give everyone a chunk of the cash! Or better still, vouchers that can only be used in local shops! Or better still, offer repatriation for Indigenous, oops, I mean, British White to emigrate somewhere warm (and far away from Labour)?

Surely it is racism if they don't! And I'm no socialist, I just want the same deal as the Banks.

Shit, now that is one long mother-fucking-donkey-long comment. Sorry OH, didn't mean to mess up the place.

richard said...

the Belgian police have a good idea - arrest people in case they break the law later on. think of the time it would save if we were all under arrest.

Anonymous said...

Blood pressure rose another point or two reading about the new car idling law. I think that could be the straw that will break this camel's back - struggling to get the car defrosted on a freezing morning & some little jobsworth slaps a fine on. I think at that point I could easily resort to physical violence & send the jobsworth on his way with a bloody nose, aching genitals & me following him screaming 'rape, rape' having torn up his paperwork & stamped the bejesus out of his little machine.

Rogerborg said...

Note carefully: it's not a new law, it's just the wider application of a law that was slipped on to the books 7 years ago, with an ostensibly narrow application.

That's the poster child for Zanu's regime; law after law after law that they claim isn't intended to be applied to John Bull, but which has no provisions to prevent it.

The years pass, and minor local Imperial functionaries notice it. I'm sure they go through a stage of disbelief that they've really been granted such powers. Then they pass the statute to some adenoidal in-house lawyer who couldn't hack it in private practice, who advises them that yes, they really have become God's right hand in the quest to save us from terrorist parents trying to keep their kids out of sink schools, or suburban insurgents (suburgents?) drivers who think it's more important to see where they're going than to save the dolphins.

And thus does the State assert its dominance over us, one little slice of stealth legislation at a time.

Dominic Allkins said...

Do you want me to bring unleaded or some good old traditional leaded four star??

Where and when? ;-)

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