Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Hissing Brown and the 'S' word.

Jamie Janes of the 1st Battalion The Grenadier Guards

Jacqui Janes is the woman we need in Parliament.

Whichever party has the wit to sign her up as Parliamentary candidate, I vow I will be back in England campaigning for her. I care less which party it is. Tribal politics have served us badly - what we need is people who can think on their feet, who will hammer away at the important points and not be deflected by the measerly, miserly, mots of the professional politicians.

A woman who can extract 'sorry' from the Prime Minister's Machiavellian mouth no less than 16 times.

A woman who is not deflected by the Prime Minister going for the sympathy vote as he attempts to blame his poor handwriting - code speak for 'I've only got one eye, you know, I'm a victim, you can't criticise me'. Oh yes she could.

A woman who had her facts and figures on Merlins and Chinooks burned into her consciousness by the sad loss of her son, and who rebutted the Prime Minister times and again as he tried to claim that 'our troops' had all the equipment that they need.

A woman who single handed has achieved something that 646 professional politicians have failed to do for over 2 years - put Gordon Brown on the spot and keep him there until he squeaked.

A woman who without any prior warning, and in the midst of her grief, managed to grill the Prime Minister more effectively than any media luvvy.

A woman who can steer her way through the Prime Minister's 'regret' that she had taken offence and spell out to him that this was only apologising for her having taken offence, not for having caused it.

If we had 646 Jacqui Janes' in Parliament, we would not be in the mess we are today. This was straight talking, clear sighted thinking, and a display of guts unseen in the current parliamentary piglets, male or female.

HERE is a link to her conversation with the Prime Minister.

Tell you what, I will publicly pledge to pay Mrs Janes' deposit as candidate. Now who will have the guts to put her up as a candidate?



killemallletgodsortemout said...


Guthrum said...

That's a no from me,or at least not at this time. Mrs Janes is a grieving mother who is very angry. In three months it would apt, to do so now would be opportunism of the worst kind. Exactly what Brown is being accused of.

Perhaps I have not got the killer political instinct.

I broad consensus is building in the background at present against Lab/Conism, these discussions I hope are going to bring about the changes we all want to see happen.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Heard her this morning... what a woman. Have half a mind to push aside the 'tribal' (love that word) politics and get in there as an independent. Trouble is, as I said, I only have half a mind. Need to find the other half.
People need to shout loudly and be heard at the moment above the mutterings of those in power. Utterly fed up with every answer I hear from a politician. Sick to the back teeth. So heartening to hear Mrs Janes say it how it is.

electro-kevin said...

Spread this recording around

She was brilliant. Utterly, utterly brilliant !

She was better than Hannan even. Far better than Hannan.

Brown deserves a life of unrelenting and torturing madness for what he has done - and for what he has failed to do.

And Tony Blair deserves execution for his disgraceful self-aggrandising retirement activities in the USA which is an utter betrayal of Britain and her troops.

These people are filth.

The Last Of The Few said...


Here is the group wanting a candidate to fight Brown on his own midden!!!!

I have emailed them a link to Ms Annas post

electro-kevin said...

Let's remember that two religious fundamentalists knelt side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder and prayed in the wake of 9/11

They heard voices from God in their heads and followed them.

We embarked on a Holy War - a new Crusade.

If the 'war on terror' had not been such a monumental fuck up we would have been in Iran by now - continuing the Crusade.

Instead we have bewildered politicians left behind trying to justify what the hell this is all about without really having the first idea. They don't even know what it's about themselves but they can't tell the People that it's about voices in heads now, can they !

tomsmith said...

You have to be joking, right?

It would be exactly the sort of populist nonsense thing the Labour party do, goaded on by the Sun newspaper. For example making the mother of Sarah Paine a "victim's champion". If Jacqui Janes wants to stand for parliament then she should do it off her own back..attempting to manipulate her decision making for political gain will only backfire.

And lets face it: 646 Jacqui Janes' in Parliament would solve nothing at all.

Ampers said...

Sent a link to Robin Tillbrook of the English Democrats.

After getting their new Mayor elected in Doncaster with all that publicity, this would be another marvellous hit for them.


Old Holborn said...


What exactly does Prime Ministers Question time solve?

What exactly does a Party Whip solve?

If there is poverty in the UK, it is the 646's fault. They are the only ones who can change anything, yet they choose not to. Why?

If soldiers are dying to protect a corrupt regime in Shitistan it is the 646's fault. They are the only ones who can change anything, yet they choose not to. Why?

If crime, immigration, shit education, feral children and misery are rife in the UK it is the 646's fault. They are the only ones who can change anything, yet they choose not to. Why?

Ampers said...

electro-keven ended with: "And Tony Blair deserves execution for his disgraceful self-aggrandising retirement activities in the USA which is an utter betrayal of Britain and her troops."

You have to admit though, Blair was bright enough to make the first job when he came to power to "end the death penalty for treason". This proves everything he has done has been premeditated and for a purpose.


VotR said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, this really is turning into a car crash.

It's embarrassing to watch and listen to. Much as I loath the blackguard Brown, I almost (almost) feel sorry for him.

He really is like the leader of a forlorn hope.

Hang on though, that would need courage, and would need be lead by an officer, who presumably would have to be able to write, and would be able to deal with a sticky situation...

I really need more practice at this analogy stuff.

tomsmith said...

Old Holborn,

Fill parliament with 646 Jacqui Janes or even 646 Old Holborns and there will still be poverty, crime, immigration, shit education, feral children and misery in the UK. This is because much of the problem is the result of the 60 odd million people who live here.

Blaming everying on the people sitting in parliament is typical of the trite populist nonsense churned out by the likes of the Sun. Jacqui Janes is not immediately the voice of the people just because something bad happened to her son and government negligence had something to do with it. Jacqui Janes in office would be a nightmare since she has no experience at all, is obviously easily manipulated by the Sun newspaper, and has been particularly ruthless in the exploitation of her own child's death, for whatever reason. Who knows what new laws a parliament full of Jacqui Janes might choose to pass? We would only be subjected to her particular biases rather than those of the present 646 incumbents. This is no solution- it is merely playing to the crowd.

Maturecheese said...

Whilst I have every sympathy with the woman who is clearly filled with grief, I also fully agree that our troops have been let down badly by this tinpot government and I think nearly everyone agrees that they are a bunch of lying cheating fraudulent underhanded bastards. Having said all that, I also believe that a private phone call should not be recorded and made public as this is also an underhanded way to behave.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

The whole thing, in my opinion, is a stunt set up by Gordoom and his cronies which has gone badly wrong.

Serves the cunt right.

Joe Shmo said...

This lady and the Sun have driven more people to Gordos defence than anything in his disaterous tenure as PM.
Massive fail

Gordon Brown said...

The Labour Party has the guts to put her up as a candidate.

Is the cheque in the post ????

Anonymous said...

Not enough money for helicopters etc but plenty for overseas aid. Gordon,has mugged away two billion to India,who have just spent two billion on a nuclear submarine,as well as building and maintaining a nuclear arsenal and have just bought 200 TONS of FUCKING GOLD!
Most of MPs should be in a padded cell or hanging from lamposts

Anonymous said...

The lamposts meme strikes again

bofl said...

oh dear.it seems that we have some paid trolls on here?

rattled are we?

mrs. j could hardly do any worse than the 646 shitstains could she?

all stealing our money and lying through their teeth all day long.

or being russian spies?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Right, here is my take on the whole thing.

bofl said...


let's look at Brown.never really had a job....spent lots of time with rent boys in usa.

badger: small time jock solicitor-
a boon for being a chancellor.

mandy: liar,cheat-twice thrown out-expert on brazilians!

etc etc.........

Anonymous said...

The political classes in this country are setting themselves up for a very big fall.

If you want to rule without consent, to impose policies you have no mandate for, then you must be prepared to take 100% of the blame when things inevitability go wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:09
What would you do with them?
Give them more of your money and let them take away even more of your freedoms?
Most of them deserve a slow and painful death for what they have done.

tomsmith said...

Paid trolls? don't be stupid. This attempt by the Sun, using a mother's grief to smear Brown is simply irrelevant as well as being underhand. Brown deserves our criticism but this is not the way to do it. It only makes the critics look bad.

If you cheer this on saying Brown deserves everything he gets now the boot is on the other foot then you are merely endorsing gutter journalism and encouraging the baying mob. This is a non-event and dancing to The Sun's tune rather than criticising Brown and Labour substantively demeans the debate while reinforcing easy stereotypes about libertarians being nuts. We need to be more clever than this.

Intelligent comment on the last ditch blog:

"I am sorry for Mrs Janes loss. We owe her son a debt of gratitude and respect. But his death does not give her opinions one grain of extra weight. She should shut up and pay her late son the respect his memory deserves in her grief. If they are wise, anti-Labour commentators will shut up too. There is no story here."

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Anon 09.43

Forlorn Hope attacks were led by NCOs. Part of the reward for success was to made an officer on the strength of that success.

However, I concur with your sentiment.

tomsmith (and everyone else)

The 646 should be elected by lot, not ballot, drawn from the electoral roll of each constituency. On the whole, that would be more representative of the community at large, so the prejudices of parliament would represent the prejudices of the 60 million. Sure some would be mongs - but mongs need representation too. On the whole it would arrive at the right decision. Like juries. Occasionally wrong - but more would be right than wrong. As things are, they get everything wrong regardless of party in control.

And it should be a conscription - serve your five years in parliament - or in jail. No choice. Sorry if that doesn't suit a libertarian's perspective. Too bad - does what we have now suit a libertarian's perspective?

Also need a separation of executive and legislature for it to work. But if the executive can do nothing the legislature says 'no' to, what's the problem? And if the executive is compelled to do what the legislature says, what's the problem? And if the legislature chooses the executive in the first place? And can dismiss it at will (sevice in the executive also by conscription to the same rules as the legislature?). All executive and legislature members to be under 24 hour surveillance except for the bedroom and during security meetings (use the interwebbythingy). There would still be issues around the security topic. Suggestions? - because that is legitimately secret.

Even Socrates got to be 'Prime Minister' for a day using that system (and he had no more wealth than a slave). He managed to prevent a serious injustice for that day (although they were executed the next day).We, of course, could make it more than a day.

And, of course, no other work allowed, nor consultancies. And an automatic death sentence for trying to lobby the executive or the legislature. Lobbying via the media only, so we can all see who's trying to 'fix' what policy decision.

Ah yes - the media. Haven't put a thought to how that should work. Suggestions? How do we arrange things so there is prominent space for the public to use it for lobbying, on the same terms as every interest group? Whether the media owners liked it or not.


Unless it's by one of the parties to the phone call. Don't you sometimes record your calls? I do. It's only the same as a copy of your letters. Not all calls, same as not all letters - depends on who it involves. Only sensible to do that. And if one of the parties to the call chooses to make it public - that's their decision and shouldn't be subject to criticism. Everyone should be aware of that possibility at all times. However, if a third party makes it public - track down and execute. No exceptions.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Joe Shmo



They are very rattled. The BNP got 7 1/2 thousand votes in Wigan last June - the council has already had one meeting, and there's currently a row going on because they've arranged another for "selected" councillors on the same subject, using public facilities and council tax-payers money(some 7,500 of which are, of course, BNP-supporting council tax payers - so their own money is being used to find ways of attacking them. That's Labour for you.). OH YES, VERY RATTLED INDEED).

tomsmith (again)

It's only a non-story if all the families of all the other soldiers killed since Brown came to office have also received a hand-written error-strewn letter from him. Has anyone checked?

Even I can hand-write better than that, and already could when I left school. I have been told on more than one occasion that my handwriting can be a pleasure to read regardless of content. I left school at 15 with zero qualifications, and was a persistent truant from 13. But of course, kids were educated much better back in those days, and were disciplined properly (caning bloody hurts - but whatever it was, you don't do it again).

And why should she shut up? Because she makes Brown sound like a moron? She is as entitled to voice her opinion as you are, if she chooses to. Do you dispute that?

Answer honestly: are you a Labour supporter? I'm a BNP supporter - and have been a member for some years - and any regular reader on this site will tell you I've made no secret of that. To get a proper perspective on what anyone says you have to know where they are coming from. We don't seem to have that perspective as far as you're concerned. I used to be a Labour supporter, and member, until I realised in 1999 that this is not any Labour party I know of. Cut my membership card in half and posted it back to them. Bastard Scumbags at one end, and mong sheep at the other.

Colin said...

We know very little of her except that she's articulate. There's certainly no reason to declare that she'd be a wonderful MP.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I applaud Mrs Janes' courage in coming forward.

Brown should be shot. End of.

wv: pantspit (i kid you not!)

tomsmith said...

Sir Henry Morgan:

"Answer honestly: are you a Labour supporter? I'm a BNP supporter"

No I'm a libertarian

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Fair enough. Thanks for answering. We now have some perspective within which to place what you say.

gordon brown denier said...

"I also believe that a private phone call should not be recorded and made public as this is also an underhanded way to behave".
Anon 10 November 2009 10:13

Well that is exactly what labour intend to do with all our private communications.

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