Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Gordon’s Puppet Master.

How to get a head in the BBC: Part 1

Paul Smith spent the best part of two years in the Broom Cupboard, with his hand inserted in Gordon’s anal cavity, wriggling his fingers until Gordon appeared to speak intelligently.

He has been rewarded with £100,000 a year and a job as head of the BBCs compliance department.

It has not been revealed who has the unsavory job of animating Gordon these days. Perhaps someone gave him a clockwork hamster for Christmas.


Demetrius said...

Has he really? Must look out for one or two things he could do.

microdave said...

I'm amazed that Top Gear wasn't axed long ago. It hardly trots out the BEEB's PC correct agenda. Maybe they daren't because it's too popular.

An article in the Daily Wail has some interesting quotes:

"Which is why I can't be a***d with Ofcom,' Wilman says of their frequent brushes with authority."

"Curiously, the Labour Government has been another ingredient in Top Gear's success. 'I believe there is a load of reasons why Top Gear is popular - families like it, girls like to watch men being thick, and we do that with aplomb - and we are a release valve for people who get nagged to f***,' says Wilman."

"We know this Labour administration has put more rules in since '97 than anyone else because they have passed more laws.

May agrees: 'I hope people like the fact we're not going to be cowed into toeing the Labour Party line. We don't like being told by other people how we should live and how we should think."

Article here:

JD said...

If the BBC dropped Top Gear they would not only lose their biggest earner in overseas sales, but one of the other networks would snap it up pretty quickly and take all those viewers with it. I rather like knowing how easily the BBC can be bought; money above principles every time - typical lefties. JD.

caesars wife said...

only the ruin could give a friend a job in compliance , must comply , must exterminate opposition, must ruin finaces , socialism is how daleks will rule the human race in order and propserity for etenrnity.

CW thinks nearer davros than gofer

Captain Haddock said...

Only hope he was wearing industrial strength rubber gloves at the time .. one never knows what else might have been in McSnot's anal cavity ..

rockinghorse appreciation society said...

Perhaps it's time to coin the phrase "puppeteer's tan"?


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