Monday, 16 November 2009

Give A Quango Half A Chance

The Press Complaints Commission has ambitions to gag the blogosphere ?

Charles I tried curbing political pamphlets and a fat lot of good it did him, he even lopped the ears off Prynne, Burton and Bastwick and that did not slow down the tumult.

The Home Office shut down Pirate Radio Stations

Plus ca change


Man oh Man said...

All men in the UK who have serial relationships with women are to be put on a database and this shared with women.

"They" say these men will just be the violent ones. Me thinks not. False allegations when you wish to divorce the Mrs.

Can UK men please have a database scoring women for being good in bed and up for it (with non violent men)?

The UK is quite literally fucked.

War on the causes of Political Blogs said...

Every Political Blog is a nail in the coffin of the MSM and the political class, that's why they wish to close them down.

Bit like trying to ban toilet paper.

Political Blogs are very useful in wiping the asses of the politicians. If they stopped shitting then Political Blogs would no longer be needed.

caesars wife said...

labour must be trying to follow Irans lead !

what are they trying to stop ??

I know bloggers can sometimes run fake stories , but being as you get chucked out parliament when you ask pertanent questions like "how come you give money to useless projects" why does the PCC want to stand in the way of that peoples interest discussion .

just have to wait and see what further reasoning they produce , but pretty stupid start so far .

wonder what Nick Robinson thinks

schai said...

If they go much further the only way people will be able to plan libertarian mischief will be to meet in pubs!

court of public opinion said...

strange how the honourable leaders are shit scared of criticism?

Captain Haddock said...

Dictators & "iffy" politicians always seek to ban or eliminate that which either frightens or threatens to expose them ..

Its up to us to ensure that they don't get away with it .. Stuff the lot of 'em ..

start shitting back at them said...

Is the reader of those blogs assuming that it's news, and is [the blogosphere] the new newspapers? It's a very interesting area and quite challenging."

i.e. "something that grim, chiseling skanks like us view as a potential meal-ticket extension".

"... and bloggers (who would presumably have to volunteer to come beneath the PCC's umbrella)."

Don't volunteer.

Edgar said...

Regulation of the internet = Herding cats.

Rogerborg said...

I think Baroness Buzzcut is to be commended for volunteering selflessly to take on such a massively increased workload, with only the consolation of an enormous hike in her budget and personal stipend, bigger limousine, maybe even a bodyguard detail, and an immigrant factotum or three. Truly, an example for public servants everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I think Baroness Buzzcut is hoping to share the added pseudonym of 'Canute' with Gorgon.

Hope she didn't benefit from a NuLabour Comprehensive (mis)education as if so, she won't recognise the allusion.

The basis of both libel & slander laws is that the disputed fact is untrue. So if an MP is a cunt (as they all are)& a blogger calls him/her a cunt what's she going to do about it?

13th Spitfire said...

I wrote something similar about this a while back ago which is -shocker- related to the EU. Seriously do you think anyone from the UK is clever enough to dream up something like this for themselves anymore? Hardly...

"This directive can be linked with another long held desire of the EU’s: to regulate bloggs. The ambition is enshrined in fancy document called “Draft Report, on concentration and pluralism in the media in the European Union” (2004) which is probably the finest euphemism around for ‘censorship’. On the European Parliament’s website we find an article with the actual title “User-generated content and weblogs – a new challenge” the report was drafted by Estonian Socialist Marianne Mikko. Asked if she considered bloggers to be "a threat", she replied "we do not see the bloggers as a threat. They are in position, however, to considerably pollute cyberspace. We already have too much spam, misinformation and malicious intent in cyberspace". Apparently voicing your opinion is now ‘polluting’ in EU circles, quite a re-labelling of freedom of speech. We can safely assume however that the bloggs written by EU officials however are neither ‘misinformation’ nor ‘malicious’. The European Parliament is particularly keen to strike down bloggers with "malicious intent" or "hidden agenda" which again cannot apply to their own staff since they are not even bloggers but promoters of an official organization that, most definitely, has an agenda, though hidden it is not."

Feel weird quoting yourself.

bofl said...

holborn-get a load of this.......

it's our old friend kerry.....

VotR said...

They can fucking pay us if they want to regulate us.

Otherwise, pucker up and kiss it, Labour.

Anonymous said...

And even Richard 'sucking New Liebour's cock' Curtis managed to blame the closing down of the pirate stations in his film on the Tories, when it was in fact the Labour government of the late 60's that did so - Tony Benn actually brought in the legislation if I'm not mistaken.

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