Thursday, 12 November 2009

Free movement to be restricted

As some one who lived in Gemany for 12 years, I studied long and hard to discover what finally tipped the East Germans into peaceful revolt, leading to the end of one of the most oppressive regimes in Europe.

Let's look at what Socialism offered them:

Free healthcare for all, jobs for life, free pensions, free education and "equality" of all.

That's a pretty powerful package to offer anyone who has just lost everything in a world war. Coupled with cheap beer, most people gladly signed up and kept their heads down.

Once the State had control, it does what all States with total control do. It turned on it's citizens. Everyone was a suspect, no one was to be trusted, the enemy was within. The individual ceased to exist and the collective "good" was all that mattered. Yet still, the benefits of utter compliance were still good if you kept your mouth shut. Except one.

You had to wait 15 years to obtain even the shittiest form of independent travel, the Trabant. The fibre glass, two stroke shitbuckets were the badge of total compliance. If you had one, it was because the State allowed you to have one.

You've waited 15 years for the independence of your own little mobile space and now you can freely travel, well,.... nowhere. Borders. Sure, if you were trusted, they might let you wander down to Prague to visit a workers convention or witness the bumper grain harvest in Poland but free movement? No chance.

And they snapped. They realised they would never see the Alps, never paddle their feet in the Med, never eat a hot dog in New York, never see Machu Pichu or a kangaroo and decided enough was enough. A job, a house and a pension was no substitute for the freedom to travel. One peaceful, simple protest and the State failed. Instantly. It had been built on sand and couldn't defend itself from it's own citizens.

Anyway, you'd have thought they'd have learned wouldn't you? Don't restrict movement of citizens and they'll put up with all sorts of shit. Nope, they haven't.

Lord Smith of Finsbury of the Environment Agency is proposing that citizens be issued with "Carbon Credits". Permits to travel. Petrol, flights, electricity is to be rationed. Use up your allowance and you're grounded. Going nowhere. In the dark. Park the Trabant on the drive and walk. Not a voluntary scheme for yoghurt knitting ecoloons either. All of us. (Except inner party members and ministers no doubt).

” The committee concluded: “Widespread public acceptance, while desirable, should not be a pre-condition for a personal carbon trading scheme; the need to reduce emissions is simply too urgent.”
It IS coming and they will shake their heads in disbelief when the citizens once more decide enough is enough and throw them on their arses. Cries of "but we gave you benefits, we gave you free health, education, pensions, jobs for life. All we asked is that you complied with every demand we made, you ungrateful bastards"

Bring it on. The sooner, the fucking better. Wir sind Ein Volk und wir wollen Freiheit.


Quiet_Man said...

Consider those who tell you to restrict your travel levels and look hard at how they live and their jet set lifestyle to climate change conferences. Do they look worried about their carbon footprints?

Until they do, I wont and I'll fight this every inch of the way.

Custard said...

Excellent piece, OH.

Joe Public said...

It should prevent MPs having second homes, too.

Anonymous said...

OH, you are bang on with this one.. I think we should throw those areseholes some rope. This could get interesting!

Anonymous said...

A large number of Australians are writing to Rudd......
Dear Mr Rudd,
I am an Australian who respects reason and evidence,and who wants this nation to prosper and not squander its wealth. On friday I heard you say there is now a group of "opponents of climate change action active in each and every country" that is "powerful enough to threaten a deal on global climate change in Copenhagen and beyond"
I would like to join this group. Can you please tell me where I can enrol?

deeznuts said...

bollox, total and uter bollox, we the english /british will never revolt, it just wont happen

the socialists have learned from the past.....yet have not let (for the past 12 years) us learn the past

people have their microwavable gm meals, the veri inexpensive beer on tap, their 42 inch plazmas, the "buy now, pay in 99 years time" sofas all with 0% credit

we are fucked as a species, the socialists are every place now...schools, hospitals, living next door to you, working with you...reporting on you..even a "blue" government wont change a thing , as most of them are socialists now

look at the polls, if people could realy see, labours share of the vote would fucking zero......its still around the 27 to 30%

we , the human race is fucked...get used to it

AntiCitizenOne said...

I think executing the Green Priesthood would have wide public acceptance.

Edgar said...

If the matter of personal carbon credits is so vital and so urgent that public acceptability is optional, then it is only a matter of time before population control 'for the benefit of the planet' is floated.

It will be interesting to see which groups will be proposed first for sterilization.

hangemall said...

I drove with my girlfriend to East Germany to visit her family in 1987 and once we were over the border I became convinced we were being followed. It took a while to sink in that the trabbie was almost the only make of car there.

At her brother's wedding (the previous pastor had been shot by the communists) the bridal car was the poshest in town - a Lada.

Believe it or not, it was the best holiday I have ever had.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

deeznuts, 12 November 2009 11:37

I understand why you say what you say but I disagree that we are fucked as a species. We see a lot of defeatism and general ignorance NOW for 3 reasons:

1) Enough people can still afford those "buy now pay later" distractions from what goes on outside.

2) We still have electricity in our homes to run those big fuck-off telly sets. Enough people are distracted and often too hypnotised by it to care.

3) The wealthy hangers-on aren't suffering enough yet, in terms of restrictions or the recession biting them (that is to come). Once the government have fucked us proles over to the limits and we have nothing more to give or have stolen, many useful idiots who are no longer useful due to "job done" will be left to drown in the same toilet as us.

Once the power cuts kick in and there's no dross on TV available, no escape to the Xbox, people's grannies and infants are dying of hyperthermia in their own homes in their hundreds and most of us are priced out of vodka and cigarettes, we might start to see some proper rumblings.

And I'll be there.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Edgar, I think the Grauniads Green Fascism specialist raised just that "idea".

AntiCitizenOne said...

BTW. That's "Moonbat" Monbiot.

Oldrightie said...

Wir sind Ein Volk und wir wollen Freiheit.

I'm not sure the multi-cultural Brits have the balls to seek freedom.

I am Stan said...

Soon we will have to pay to fart!

Apparently the good Lord Smith of Finsbury is HIV positive..HIV attacks the brain causing dementia etc so the experts say..

FTAC Watch said...

The only hope for Britain is that nuLieBore are returned at the next general election (if they ever hold one, which is doubtful) and continue with their policies.

Only when the inevitable economic collapse happens and they impose their ever more oppressive policies will the British people rise up and shout NO! It will take a lot more to get the country to revolt and over throw these evil cunts.

Anonymous said...

A mighty fine post!

John Steed said...

Yet environmental protesters are classes as "Domestic extremists/terrorists". I talked to many survivors of the Nazis and said to the Jewish interviewees "Why didn't you escape after they got in?" Usually it was "We thought, this is just temporary". Lubeck, 1933, London 2009.

Anonymous said...

It seems that they are going straight for global government now and using human caused global warming (whatever the merits it may or may not have as a scientific theory) as a vehicle to do it:

yokel said...

Anon @ 13:34 "It seems that they are going straight for global government now ..."
Certainly that is what Lord Monckton understands to be the case. I should be working just now, so I must point you to my blog post of about 3 weeks ago. Follow the links, and follow them again.

Lev Yashin said...

Always remember watching Warsaw Pact nations play in the European Championships or World Cups, and the tiny knots of 80 or so supporters they had following them, people who had been allowed out of prison for the day basically, really really small amounts of people, must have been the only ones they trusted to come back.

This will be the last chance you have said...

We have hit pek oil, this is what the growth of the fiat money depended on.

Once cheap fule ceases to exist, the fiat money collapses as it is based on growth and not what is.

In other words they have lent you what they dont have on the basis that more sucker will keep the ponzi sceme running.

so as oil gets more expensive over the dacades due to ever greater demand, growth becomes limited.

One way of keeping the fiat money growth going is mass immigration, which is one of the buigest drivers of the bullshit evil carbon - the stuff that makes trees grow!

Who produces more carbon - a third world goat hurder or a third world car driving, gas house heating, TV watcher?

This immigration increases total output but lowers the std of living - supply and demand, especially as peak oil is reached.

In short you will be working for a bowl of rice a day as the NWO try and compete with the chinese - it is a race to the bottom.

Which dictatorship (EUSSR or China etc) treats their workers the worst wins!

In order to make you comply with this race to the bottom and the misery it brings they have to remove the last shreds of democracy which would otherwise see them overthrown, and install a totalitarian police state system with heaps of extra added propaganda to hold the sick unatural thing together.

They have to remove national identity (another NWO bonus of mass immigration) in order to see that no coherent opposition can form, this is why The BNP, UKIP or the Libertarians will be banned long before they achieve any form of power. For fear that such groups would cast the NWO shackles off.

Their attacks on such groups has nothing to do with anything other than maintaining their perpetual power - at any cost, death camps would mean nothing to such people(orange boiler suit anyone?).

They would bomb you with the UN, or EU forces long before you gained any of your freedoms.(Serbian TV station, anti Serbian propaganda and lies anyone? Iraq war and WMD? NWO backed Georgia invasion(anti Russian propaganda). The NWO deliberate destabilisation of Iran and Pakistan, fase flag opperations and assasinations and constant 24/7 propaganda pumped out by the subversive lie boxes you call TV.

Now hands up who thinks NWO `Dave` will save you?

You have less than 6 months to possibly save yourselfs and expose the who corrupt sham!

Forget left and right, Tory and Labour - think outside of your box of enslavement.

Use your vote wisely, it will probably be the last chance you have.

Anonymous said...

Is'nt it time we started oppressing them? There are more of us.

Anonymous said...

Interesting picture, so forward looking. Glasgow N.E after labour win the seat

Honiker said...

The Trabant may have the last laugh... fit it with a good rechargable batt (one that works) and you have a good eco-vehicle. Not very pretty but nevertheless eco-friendly (excpet via the power stn end)....

caesars wife said...

good article !!

sort of scary fairy tale theme park where balloon sellers ask you if your enjoying yourself and if you ask when can I go home ? silent button get pressed and gang of clowns appear to take you to be shot .

Good photo although cropping must have removed lib dem with speed camera van set at 4mph , wonder what the traffic cops had ?

Anonymous said...

So, can I offset my acre-and-a-bit of woodland against the Jag?

JD said...

Good post OH.
And don't forget:


All the best, JD.

Anonymous said...

Is it un-PC to ask exactly HOW good Lord Smith of Finsbury became HIV positive? One of Mandy's ilk?

I am Stan said...

Anonymouse-is it un-PC to ask exactly HOW good Lord Smith of Finsbury became HIV positive? One of Mandy's ilk?.

Not un-pc probably,a bit nosy maybe,who can tell what is and what is not,not that I give a fuck.

His Lordship came out as openly gay in 1984 and no doubt had dealings with Mandy as he was both all over the Labour Party

I do`nt give a toss about anyones sexuality,my own sex life is my focus.and i was not being glib about his illness its a tradgedy whatever the cicumstances he became infected.

but I was wondering if it is wise to have someone who is HIV positive advising on guvmint policy, HIV acording to the experts causes damage to the brain.

Anonymous said...

He can 'propose' all he fucking likes. Whether or not he gets anyone to 'obey' is another matter.

Rogerborg said...

No, this is great. I live a mile from my work, and can cycle every day. So this means under a carbon "trading" scheme, I'll be better off, right?



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Lord Smith has been added to the Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Carrier Registry.

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