Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Eco Loons - From the sublime to the ridiculous

Just spoke to their press officer (07847 204469)

OH: So you're not a charity and you're not a company. Who paid for the ad?
PlaneStupid: A donor
OH: Who?
PlaneStupid: Not at liberty to say. But someone who wants to protect the world from "catastrophic climate change".

Call me old fashioned, but if you are going to ram something down my throat, something I have not requested or something I don't believe in, then I want to know who is backing it. And why.


.243 Win said...

Fuck !

Didn't know polar bears were so common they just fell out of the sky.

JD said...

The green movement sure is hideous. It is a good thing it is unravelling.



Anonymous said...

If its such a serious problem, what made them think it was OK to drop all them bears without parachutes! At least they would have had a chance.
I would now like to see the same film but using politicians instead of cuddly polar bears.......now that would make me smile!

Anonymous said...

The forgot to say that no polar bears were injured, hurt nor killed during the production of the advert, only the viewers mental capacity is injured watching such crap.

black hole sunset said...

Mark Constantine?

Martin said...

Also, entertainingly, at the same time the Canary Islands Tourist board have just released an ad featuring a polar bear on holiday there.
I assume Plane Stupid threw the polar bear out of the aeroplane on his way back to the arctic for using a plane to get to the Canaries in the first place?


Jon1 said...

Plane stupid for sure.
Plane stupid fail.


Because just before it says "an average european flight produces over 400kg of greanhouse gases for every passenger..."

There is a sign on the bridge which says

"All day parking $20"

So that's a place related to European flights is it?

The car is clearly American.

Not a European place nor European car and as we all know polar bears cannot be found in the wild in Europe! ;)

TG said...

So, am I right in understanding this? If I take a european flight, I can use a "polar offset" by ejecting a polar bear from the plane? And can I get "polar offset credits"? I'm not flying much at the moment, maybe someone could buy my POCs off me, and lob polar bears about to their heart's content. Plane cruel if you ask me, wtf is wrong with those sickos?

Anonymous said...

Actually, the numbers of polar bears are increacing (although not at the rate of muslims)

.243 Win said...

OH : Don't know which 'phone number you used to contact them - assumed that you got it from their site.

Also assumed that you've run a "whois" on the domain name for some more contact info, but if not......

sickofit said...

Be fair they did 'slime' Peter Poppet' and that isn't easy1


Anonymous said...

Sorry, OH, but if you care about saving the world then you'll shut up and do what you're told.

Dave said...

Has anybody asked how much electricity was produced by the wind farms in the Lake District last Thursday when it was pissing down?
Or how how much is being produced when it's howling a gale?
The answer I suspect is nil on both counts.
AGW my arse.

Shades Of Ansel said...

Wow.I've heard about pigs flying,but this is just plain weird.I want to know who was stoned when they thought up this brilliant bullshit,and can I have the name of their dealer

nick griffin tells the eu to shove their global warming tax said...

nick griffin tells the EUSSR where to stick their global warming taxes and lies. MUST WATCH -


Atheist Ranter said...

That poxy Mandleshit government is paying for that waste of time and effort - in other words 'WE' are paying for shit that those with IQ>95 know is bollocks. Let's hope they also pay for adverts giving the other side of the argument... eh? what? oh, shit, I must have been dreaming...

Does anyone know how to get a FOI request in to the makers to find out for sure?

Captain Haddock said...

Can I have all the Glacier Mints those Polar Bears no longer need to perch on ? ..

Wankers ...

Guthrum said...

Utter bollocks of course, but professionally very well done !

intertextuality of 9/11- skyscrapers, roar of jet engines, poor polar bears drowning because of climate change. Ticks all the boxes

Reality though- there are four times as many polar bears than there were ten years ago, according to the 'leaked emails' there has been no global warming for ten years.

Its just a cult

caesars wife said...

mmm anti global warming movement ponders who sponsors who , and if it isnt CND all over again !!

It perhaps has been a case of as you say OH ramming it down your throat , it depends how you see nature , how clean water air and soils affect you .

The earth has limits I personally prefer understanding them , before waving through ecnomic growth models that only seem to react when somthing is either too cheap or too expensive and profits worry those who see little else .

Nature produces oxygen for free and its about time we pondered if this somewhat quiet charity to human life and life in general , is worth more than we think .

nwo said...

Fury as credit crunch civil servant lands Rothschild job

The civil servant who oversaw the taxpayers’ stake in Britain’s crisis-hit banks is at the centre of a conflict-of-interest row after it emerged he is to join a leading investment bank.

John Kingman, the former chief executive of UK Financial Investments, is to become the new managing director of NM Rothschild.

man bums dog said...

@Fury as credit crunch civil servant lands Rothschild job

apparently, the qualifying interview for that job consisted of violently fingering one's own arse for half an hour and then licking the same fingers for five minutes while smiling at all times; thus establishing one's credentials as a shiteater of the highest order.

true story.

Rogerborg said...

@Dave : "Has anybody asked how much electricity was produced by the wind farms"

Wrong question. The correct question is: how much is fossil fuel use reducing now that we've got all this renewable generation available?

If anyone can find an answer to that - and it's the only question that should matter to an Eco Loon - then I'll give you my carbon budget for the year.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the job. There is no conflict as they are all Masons.

gobby fool said...

a new, and interesting, take on global warming from a pro AGW scientist. not what you might expect, so worth a read, regardless of your position.

worthy of awards if the thinking is correct.

Captain Haddock said...

"Nature produces oxygen for free and its about time we pondered if this somewhat quiet charity to human life and life in general , is worth more than we think"..

FFS CW .. don't say that too loudly or too often .. or Mc Snot & the Badger will be looking for ways to Tax it ..

GCooper said...

Yes, 'Nature produces oxygen for free...' and uses CO2 in the process.

That's the sort of emotional twaddle that got us into this mess.

Anonymous said...

How much lead should I give when aiming the rifle?
I'm worried about what happens at check in when these bloody bears arrive or are they luggage? WHat happens when the walking rugs learn to use parachutes? And where are the people in the advert? Is it an outtake from "I am legend"?

bofl said...


if we are such a precariuos situation in the uk with 65m people what the fuck is it going to be like with 10 or 15m more?

nowhere to live,breath,drive or any countryside to view?

such progressive thinkers!

sickofit said...

Just had a phone call from some green agency wanting to fill my cavities and insulate my loft... on the taxpayer of course!
WTF for?

caesars wife said...

RE "thats just the sort of emotional twaddle that got us in into this mess"

well yes it is emotional twaddle , but it is a theory , I think it has some substance , but that is what is so anger producing that it is being corrupted .

If the earth is unable to put away all the extra CO2 we are creating sequestered over millions of years we are in trouble.

If you dont understand why plants dont grow on mars , bit pointless trying to argue it , the slice of the atmosphere that can sustain life on earth has only about the volume of the moon , if you cant comprehend that we may be changing it and inturn affecting other systems , it will always seem twaddle to you .

My whole argument is that it is bound to have an effect , the question is is it catastrophic for the population or other Eco systems.

If the polar ice caps melt , do you know how it will affect fish stocks ?? if not then I may not be emitting twaddle !

Ron Broxted said...

I wonder what odds William Hill would offer against someone being killed by a polar bear falling from a passenger airliner flying over a city centre?
I just called the UEA to see if they knew and was quoted 2/1 by Professor Doomesday. Whoops, I just farted, there goes the Maldives.

thelunaticarms said...

If they were black bears there'd be an International outcry of tsunami proportions, but the Plain Stupid think it's okay for evil whitey bears to suffer.

Where's the Equality Harriet?

Is AGW soon to be consigned to the bin along joining that last threat to humanity, the Ozone BS.

They'd probably stick to Plan C now. Eat your vitamins as flu season is here and I don't trust the buggers one bit.

AngryDave said...

I bet it was those nazi cunts in parliment or one of the fake charities they funnel money through that paid for it.

If thay are so worried about polar bears, then why kill so many for the sake of a stuipid tv advert?

Rob Trendox said...

Dear Mr O'H regarding the fake Ron Broxted 22.22. The real one only writes in "The Independent" and tonight the same I.P address (a mens toilets in Eaton Socon) started putting illegal stuff about Lloyds bank on the Torygraph. So what I'm sure you and your readers are shrugging your shoulders. So the legal dept of Lloyds now have a link to you, to the fake Ron & to the Torygraph. Congrats on your 1,000,000th comment. From reading yo I see many are from cogent folks. I am pissing myself that many of you have been taken in by a troll who failed to get his Cert in Hotel management & was Section 136-ed (eh Barry, keeping schtum?) Well, the incapacity impersnating cunt will be online til 3 or 4am (yesterday 6a.m way to go) he claims to be a jet setter in Dubai. The wanker can't even cyber stalk properly! Toodle pip!

woman on a raft said...

Whoops! Response across the bloggosphere to the ad includes annoyance about the use of the imagery based on people jumping to their death on 9/11 and a misunderstanding that PETA has something to do with it (it does not). This was my favourite comment:

The ad should come with a selection control so you could change falling CGI objects to something else rather than polar bears which, face it, I don't really connect with. Now if you could switch to those cute little white baby seals or persian cats then I would care a little. Polar bears lost my interest when they sold out to Coke and started doing "Drink more soda and get fatter commercials every Christmas"

Rogerborg said...

@gobby fool

Interesting reading: it seems like an attack of the bloody obvious to point out that if we become more energy efficient, we'll simply spend the saving on other things - all of which will use energy. So, net energy usage isn't going to drop, ever, unless we run out, or deliberately cripple ourselves by artificially inflating energy prices by, oh, let's say "mislaying" oil tankers to drive up prices.

However, I don't think the economists, environmentals and other assorted riff raff are going to let any actual scientists muscle in on their cosy little scam, i.e. making a living selling the answers to an insolvable problem.

ukipwebmaster said...

The age of stupid?


electro-kevin said...

I think a lot of foreign travel is stupid.

"Why do we need to start up flights to Almehrabad ?"

"Because a guy has opened up resorts in the region and there is demand to go there... so we must provide flights to Almehrabad."

Does the need beget the flight, or the flight beget the need ?

Yes. It is a waste in a vast number of cases.

Yes. It does cause the destruction of the enviromment.

No. It probably doesn't kill polar bears.

The Hitch said...

David and Nat
They come from that obscure family
Begins with an R

caesars wife said...

oh er now $400 million to help developing countries with climate change ,pledged by developing world is ermm unnaccounted for !!

Now that whiffs of a scam!

Road_Hog said...

I've been monitoring the CRU thing for a while now. The fuckers having been covering up the information ofr some time.

Comment #3 sums it up well.


Anonymous said...

I see that the fake IRA loving muslim K McEgan aka John Steed is now also calling himself Rob Trendox along with Ron Broxted and posting his usual bollocks here. Words of advice you snivelling fucked-up arse bandit. Take your pointless shit over to the fucking Indy blog site where nobody bothers to read it and leave this site to people with something worth saying you cocktrumpet.

call him Dave said...

OH fya


banned said...


time to get a rope


climate gate - NWO caught with fingers in the till said...

Persecuted climate scientist speaks out -


Liers said...

also do see how busy they are trying to stop wiki entries about all these leaked emails.

Climatic Research Unit
on Wikipedia
and then click on the history tab


Busy Bees trying to stop any dissent about CRU at the University of East Anglia
being posted on Wikipedia

they are liers said...

check put


type in search terms like


and get lots of hits

CRU: They are liers said...

Great post here


cru haven't got a fucking clue said...

good post at:


gobby fool said...

ukipwebmaster @ 00:15

Who's the leather faced, estrogen free, lesbian eco-separatist in the middle?

Watermelons: Green on the outside, Red on the inside (neat, huh?)

@CRU: They are liers said...

It's "liars". Interesting links though =)

CRU: are liars said...

gobby fool said...

Thanks. Spelling isn't my best point.

I have just listened to the 1 hour programme/podcast as referenced at:


The "sceptics" really do kick ass.


Anonymous said...

where the fuck is David Bellamy these days? Speaking out against the new religion is not a wise career move. The country is being run by despicable vermin.

gobby fool said...

@CRU: are liars said...

You're welcome. Spelling's not my strong point either.

Thanks for the links, just listening to the podcast now.


Burned as a heretic, he was - or as good as.

Ron Broxted said...

Anonymous strangely I had a dream about David Bellamy last night that was very vivid. In my dream David was stood in the middle of a limpid pool naked apart from thigh length waders and a leather posing pouch. He was calling to me and telling me to strip off and join him. I noticed that he a very hairy bear of a man, that's enough.........Oooh matron.

Anonymous said...

also do see how busy they are trying to stop wiki entries about all these leaked emails.

That's probably not the CRU. There are a terrifying large number of very vocal climate change cultists on the Internet (not here, fortunately). These people think even the merest whisper of "scientific fraud" or "coverup" is literally killing the planet. So they mercilessly spindoctor and delete any references they can.

I can't count the number of people I've heard parroting the spin from RealClimate.org in the last week. None of these AGW cultists would tolerate scientific fraud if it came from an "intelligent design" advocate, since belief in the old-fashioned God is held to be irrational. Whereas fanatical belief in the Green God is held to be good science.

Ron Broxted said...

All property is theft. It is easier to build a police state than dismantle it. Wear the uniform pay the price. The police are the uniform wing of the BNP. Free all political prisoners in British prisons. DNA retention. gay bashing Free Tibet. These are the real problems facing us not fucking palm trees growing in Workington.

"Climate Gate" Development: CEI Files Notice of Intent to Sue NASA said...

Payback time, skanks.

Anonymous said...

Clue; Have a nose around Fenton Communications.

gobby fool said...

@Have a nose around Fenton Communications.

f'king hell, they are grim.

http://www.climateaudit.org/?p=6857 (search for "fenton")

richard said...

polar bears, pitiless death-machines of a nightmare landscape, make a suitable emblem for those amongst us who stalk our wealth and what's left of our freedom.

Skid Mark said...

for all you David Bellamy fans, find him here (1st video after ad):


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