Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Did They Ask You ?

Thirty two billion more to be thrown at the banks that went bust during the crunch, or would have done if we hadn't thrown billions at them then. We are now to own 84 per cent of RBS and the other one we own roughly half of - Lloyds HBOS - we will also be chucking money at in order to allow them to capitalise their way out of the government's toxic asset insurance scheme. But even though they are outside the scheme, it is still a fact that the bank will be too big to be allowed to fail, so we'll still be standing behind it to some extent.

Channel 4

Meanwhile as the Government squeezes us to give to these bastards, the banks are squeezing the private sector.


Che Guevara said...

November 5 can't come soon enough

Oldrightie said...

Better start hoarding euros. I suspect we will go in at around half pound/sterling now.

bofl said...

funny old thing..........

that cunt mcbrown sold our gold at $250 .ish..........

the pre-announcement cost £3.5-7 BILLION FFS!

THEN........brown gives India nearly £1bill..........

then even weirder -India goes and buys $6.7 BILLION OF GOLD AT OVER $1050!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Rogerborg said...

Deliberate? Quite possibly. One way to address international inequality is to make us all as poor as each other. Perfect Socialism.

crazy mabel said...

So does this mean we all now own thousands of pounds' worth of bank? Can I sell my share to pay off my mortgage?

BOHICA said...

Certainly not crazy mabel.If you and thousands of others pay off their mortgages the banks will go bankrupt! After all, how else do they make their money? Why from interest on loans of course.(And from generous taxpayer contributions)

Ron Broxted said...

As someone who exists on measly state benefits and what I can earn from selling my body, I strongly object to anymore of taxpayers money being given to these banks. If the government can afford to hand this amount of money to a load of capitalist blood suckers they can up my benefits and save me the nightly indignity of having to dress up as a schoolboy and stand around for hours at the Belfast meat rack.

scunnert said...

The world no longer makes any sense to me. It must be early onset alzheimers.

Brought to you by the Bankers for Socialism.

Father O'Flattery said...

Do you wear grey flannel shorts and a red blazer when you are working Ron Broxted? I ask because I suspect you are the nasty little faggot that stole my wallet last thursday evening when I was attempting to guide you to the path of righteousness and salvation.

Angry Walrus said...

I worked out how many helicopters that money would buy.


Socialism Go To Hell!!! said...

I am considering putting my savings in euros myself.

What happens if one of the other banks goes tits up?

Old Holborn said...

Old Holborn ONLY deals in Euros.

No dollar, no pounds.

Every invoice I write is in Euros.

bofl said...

do they take euros in the chandos?

NWO demands through it's EUSSR wing that national identity and culture be wiped out! said...


There was uproar in Italy today over a ruling by the European court of human rights that the crucifixes that hang in most Italian classrooms are a violation of religious and educational freedoms.

The seven judges, whose decision could prompt a Europe-wide review of the use of religious symbols on public premises, said state schools had to "observe confessional neutrality".

Except on the far left, the ruling met with condemnation among Italian politicians, several of whom expressed astonishment. Silvio Berlusconi's education minister, Maria Stella Gelmini, said: "No one, not even some ideologically motivated European court, will succeed in rubbing out our identity."

Crass blogger of the year award goes to - Guthrum. said...

Earlier this week I recomended Guthrum for blogger of the year award, But his latest postings - no not this one, have shown Guthrum to be a useless windbag that understands NOTHING!

Rather than blogger of the year I would suggest crass windbag of the year award.

His latest posts have even surpassed OH for crude ignorance and have been so bad that even the multiple named Lefties and Liberal fascist nutjobs have been rushing to his defense - yes his posts really have been that bad!

Jesus wept!

Mercury said...

a bank should be a business like a bakery, or whatever. if they cant make the cookies, let them burn. no one bails out the baker!!!
makes you think!!

.243 Win said...

So Corporate debt becomes public debt.

And Lloyds and RBS are being forced to sell off parts of their businesses and some of their branches.

So the "good" part of the banks gets picked up by existing players in the marketplace while the "toxic debt" remains insured by the taxpayer.

Exactly what would have happened if Northern Cock et al had been allowed to go bust in the first palce.

Just wouldn't have had to piss so much more of our money down the drain.

Oh, and it wouldn't have given that twat Cyclops the opportunity to say "it's the right thing to do" endlessly.

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