Friday, 13 November 2009

Celebrations in Glasgow

82% DIDN'T vote Labour.

I'll drink to that.

PS. Seen elsewhere:

EVERYBODY who believes in democracy has a duty to accept last night’s result in Glasgow North East.

You have to believe that the people of Glasgow North East cast their votes after looking at all the issues.

You have to believe that, after long consideration of all the options, they used the gift of their vote with care and they chose Labour.

In spite of the war in Afghanistan, in spite of the almost daily parade of flag-draped coffins, in spite of the fact that our brave soldiers are forced to buy their own boots while MoD fat cats scoop up cash bonuses for their hard work, the people of Glasgow North East chose Labour.

In spite of the worst unemployment figures since Tony Blair was elected, in spite of the worst youth unemployment EVER, the people of Glasgow North East chose Labour.

In spite of the fact that Glasgow North East has the seventh highest number of people on benefits in the entire UK, they chose Labour. In spite of the fact that the election was caused by the most shattering scandal in the history of Westminster, they chose Labour.

In spite of the fact that Michael Martin was forced out of office as Speaker –the first time that’s happened in more than 200 years – they chose Labour.

In spite of the fact that Mr Martin spent £1.7million of their money on doing up his London residence, they chose Labour.

In spite of the £1,400 he claimed for chauffeur-driven cars to take him round Glasgow North East, they chose Labour.

In spite of the £95,000 he claimed for his Glasgow home in the past sevenyears, in spite of the seat in the Lords he was given, in spite of the £350he can claim – tax free – every day he turns up there, they chose Labour.

So, really, there’s only one question left.
What would the Labour Party have to do to people in Springburn to make them stop voting Labour?


Rab C. Nesbitt said...


Anonymous said...

How Labour can claim an 'outstanding victory' when 82% of the electorate either voted against them, or couldn't be arsed to turn out, defies logic.

A win there is no surprise as that constituency probably contains the highest concentration of ignorant, workshy benefit-entitled spongers in the whole of Britain.

Brown may draw some comfort from this but it won't prevent his annihilation at the General Election.

Matthew hopkins said...

The honourable Michael Martins (that still makes me laugh) replacement said
"This by-election has been about many things, but, most of all, it has been about jobs and the economy"

yeah right. Becasue NE Glasgow is famous for full employment, wealth production, and law abiding citizens isn't it? You won because the place is crammed with scrounging sacks of shit who know their Buckfast addled benefit scrounging lifestyle depends on the current National socialist workers party staying in power.

Labour hate anyone who actually seeks to better themselves. They hate high achievers in industry, they hate academics, they hate the forces, they hate joe bloggs who prefers to work than become dependant on them. They anyone who uses a brain to question.

sooner we sell of Scotland the better. You can have independence. you can have GB back. It's thanks to them the Scottish Mafia have fucked the rest of the UK for the last 12 years..

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Fucking thick porridge wogs.

Oldrightie said...

Postal votes were a huge success, nudge, nudge.

SO17 said...

Dont it make yer sick that YOUR vote however well informed is only worth the same as a complete fucking moron.
Introduce a 'Voting licence' where to get it a person would have to pass a few simple tests.
Like being able to speak fucking English for a start,some knowledge of 'History' and 'Current events' would also be good.
A totaly apolitical suggestion.

I am Stan said...

SO17-A totaly apolitical suggestion.

Yes they always are are they not...and who exactly would be setting this ¨simple test¨ and who would be having the final say?....all in a totally apolitical way of course.

Billy Blofeld said...

They really don't know what they have let themselves in for up there do they?

Anonymous said...

83% didn't vote. Dude when does democracy stop? The mandate I mean...the idea that plod can tell you what to do.

GCooper said...

If there was one thing as predictable as chip on both shoulder Glaswegians voting for McStalin, it was the BBC's lickspittle trumpeting of this massive 'victory'.

They were a bit more reticent about the BNP having beaten the LibDumbs, I note.

After the (second) glorious revolution, the BBC has to go. It is a rotten organ of socialist propaganda.

SO17 said...

Dont worry stan the Gaurdian readers would get their licence.

nemo_sum said...

It's as Lincoln said - you can fool some of the people ALL the time.

Tarquin said...

not surprising the tories and lib dems were thumped - remember they haven't even contested the seat since 1997

still, makes me sick that they can say 'the people have chosen' - in six months when Willie Bain wins again, will he declare the people's faith in Gordon Brown?

I do hope so

Newgates Knocker said...

A very curious result, does this mean a diet of Special Brew, lard and haggis, deteriorates the intelligence in ways we do not yet understand?

I am Stan said...

So17-Dont worry stan the Gaurdian readers would get their licence.

Its a fair question SO17...who would be deciding who gets the right to vote or not?

Democracy aint perfect by a long shot but its better than a bunch of unaccountable suits deciding who can vote.

You may not like peoples choices but hey thats democracy...of course there are plenty that would deny some any choice at all.

Oh its Guardian by the way...and I do not read mainstream papers ever!

The Paragnostic said...

Stab - prsnly i wud dsqlfy grauniad rdrs frm vtng on grnds of wnkrdm.

Yrs, txtsh bllcks.

SO17 said...

I Could live with peoples informed choices no problem but there is something wrong when a party claims to have a mandate from less than a third of the population,half of which voted out of blind loyalty.
Even the Libdums have cottoned onto that shit.

Road_Hog said...

Look on the bright side, they get to have another go in May next year. At least Labour has done one good thing for me, I took £50 off of William Hill last night from the by-election.

Edgar said...

Anonymous 11.09 said:

"How Labour can claim an 'outstanding victory' when 82% of the electorate either voted against them, or couldn't be arsed to turn out, defies logic."

But it WAS an outstanding victory precisely because of the points that were made in the blog entry. This is the evidence that the Blogging World would do well to pay heed to in the almost-universal assumption that Labour are going to be wiped out at the next election.

There is a real danger that apathy and stupidity will win the day for Labour again, and again. Should I repeat that for you? OK ...

There is a real danger that apathy and stupidity will win the day for Labour again, and again.

In fact, if Cameron doesn't promise a referendum, I will vote for the Socialist fuckers myself ... I'm not joking.

Anonymous said...

Only a very few votes short of third place!
Does THAT tell you something, too?

I am Stan said...

SO17- ¨I Could live with peoples informed choices¨
Some are always more informed than others,
and we all have to live with peoples political choices informed or not especially difficult of course if they do`nt match ours.

¨Voting Licence¨sounds like something Labour would come up with...all apolitical of course.

The people of Glasgow N E are going to have to live with the choices made..and those that did not vote for anyone will too.

Tom Paine said...

Don't you think there should be a quorum for parliamentary elections? If less than half the people in a constituency can be bothered to vote, they really don't deserve an MP.

deeznuts said...

i posted yesterday, that labour have been very very clever over the past 12 years...looks my bet at the bookies , that labour will win a 4th term is going to pay BIG just trying to earn enough money to leave these septic isles

as i said yesterday....your all fucked, get used to it.........the people of this land just dont care anymore, if they did, OH would have been joined by thousands on his nov5th walkabout...not just a hand full of people (i applaud what OH stans for...but apart from managing to finish what guy fawkes started, and kick starting a revolution...nothing, nothing is going to change,

more people vote on fucking xfactor for fuck sake

Anonymous said...

OH, where did you see that essay that you quoted? I'd like to re-post it on my own blog, but with a source...

wv: tureepa (what you sow-a?)

polaris said...

The turnout was shite - no argument, but typical of turnouts at by-elections the length and breadth of the UK since 1997 (and before).

What was the alternative vote for a traditional Labour Unionist constituency? Erm the SNP - haha...

The problem here is the lack of a credible alternative, not the voters (the few motivated ones that turned out). The numpties were not out voting yesterday, they were too busy doing nothing.

Road_Hog said...

@Anonymous - source

Anonymous said...

Probably most of the cunts that voted ZaNu were the same sub-humans that sang IRA songs at the recent Celtic game during the 2 minutes silence

Earthlet Nigel said...

Whilst sodomising babies would rank high on the list, my guess is the porridge wogs would still vote for whatever you pinned a red rosette to, including peados

Anonymous said...

H'mm I think the result may have a lot more to do with fraudulent postal votes than anything else. Now to be really unkind, I was watching the news with a friend & when the new MP came on she said 'Is he Downs Syndrome? He certainly looks it'.

Anonymous said...

There is an election within 6 months. Whoever wins any seat now will be contesting it again soon. So what would possess anyone of any real calibre to contest a seat which is one of the safest seats for Liebour in the UK? Its not a career move generally to win bielections on a protest. Very few of our MP's stay there after winning a bielection victory.

And why should a party spend a lot of money fighting a seat they have little prospect of winning, and no chance of retaining when there is an election in 6 months anyway?

Liebour should be ashamed that they have so devalued politics that barely 1 in 3 of the registered voters in a constituency bother to vote. Assuming of course that of the 6000 postal votes ( up 4000 on the last election) only 2000 found their way back to the count.

It is time voting was made compulsory. If you want to protest spoil the paper. And we need multiple rounds of voting. Front 2 runners in a rematch the next week, and if neither gets 50% of the eligble compulsory votes then neither is elected and the contest runs again. That way people will not be apathetic, and parties won't be foisting cunts like Michael Martin on the sheeple.

eris said...

Stockholm Syndrome.

Rogerborg said...

What will it take to stop Jockish mongtards voting Labour?

Ethnic cleansing.

Billy The Fish said...

I have to reiterate a previous question - when does democracy stop? If only 18% voted, can this truly be seen as a representative of a democratic selection process?

I'm not a Labour man, but I am a union one, and my particular union notes that unless one third of the membership actually bothers to cast a vote, then any result is not deemed to be representative of majority view and is therefore not legally binding.

The 33% needed for us to be sure that our membership is truly in favour of our Committee is almost half again what is now being championed as a resounding Labour victory in Glasgow.

This one should be declared null and void and either thrown back out to the apathetic Glaswegian electorate or declared as 'hung' until the General Election.

Sad, baffling and worrying in equal measure.

Ron Broxted said...

Signing on at the D.S.S, a users guide and Scottish voting habits.

You will not be offered a bacon sandwich or a mug of tea. Sometimes the staff will be nice and helpful other times they will be surly and rude, one a darkie called me a ras clart batty bwoy. Fair enough I make no secret of my penchant for man love, but a ras clart?
You may be sitting next to idle Pole, Stanislaus and Wladislaw or some potential muslim suicide bomber..nice waistcoat dude, who will have an interpreter at £200 per hour whilst being told that your £64 per week claim is not allowed because in the last thirty years you have made no serious attempts at getting employed and you have never paid national insurance or income tax. Descrimination or what?
It is not the fact that there is a "two tier system" favouring foreigners strangely usually with a darkish complextion and a prayer mat under their arm, it is the perception that there is such a system, which led in Wrexham to riots over "them" getting free fridges full of halal meat.
The demise of industry. Nye Bevan said "The greatest poverty of the British working class is the poverty of their aspirations". No more jobs for life, three generations in the same family jobless like mine and no meritocracy.
What is the future for the U.K? The far left can hold inner city areas but is that enough? Daily what few rights you have are being denuded. DNA data base CCTV It may be flippant to suggest launching the "RB4PM" campaign but disillusionment with establishment politics is deeply entrenched, the far right and BNP seem now to offer the best solutions I have to admit. "The Village People" is playing YMCA in the background as I type this, still agreat track, and as I sit in my lonely attic rented room surrounded by a pile of well thumbed and sticky strop mags, I am deciding where I can scrounge dinner. A day, a night in the life of the male offspring of generations of war hero's who gave their lives fighting for a multicultural Britain... I don't fucking think so!
As for the Jocks voting for labour, let's face it they have no other choice all the time Dave Cameron and his Eton cronies threatenen to make long term unemployed people like me get jobs and cut our benefits. If Dave was to promise to pay me regular benefits, say £500 per week and stop making me seek work and sign on he would get my vote, no contest dude.

Rogerborg said...

>@Some Commie Agitator "If only 18% voted"

Speaking of mongtards, it takes about 30 seconds to click on the provided link and discover that turnout was 32.97%, not 18%.

Anonymous said...

"In spite of the fact that Glasgow North East has the seventh highest number of people on benefits in the entire UK, they chose Labour."

All those benefit scroungers are the Jobcentre forcing them back to work.

Cosmic Navel Lint said...

As you've all noted, this bi-election result hasn't come as a shock: there are parts of Glasgow/Scotland where Labour could put up a donkey in a gold lamé leotard as its candidate, and the natives would still vote for it.

You can lead a horse to water...

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