Monday, 16 November 2009

"The best way to pack"

Couldn't help noticing that the Westminster Internal Website, W4MP is offering free courses in "how to pack" along with "how to deal with corruption in Italy" courses and a wine tasting session by Baroness Coussins.

Plus you chance to go the Muslim Friends of Labour dinner with Gordon Brown. Here's the photos from last years bash (including a great "up the arse" corner from Peter Mandelson and a small boy)


Atheist Ranter said...

Not to mention this photo of 'Brown' about to snog a pretty boy...

Edgar said...


"new world order" said...

UK seeking new world order by Afghan war

"I believe that Britain can and must play its full part in changing the world," the British prime minister said Monday.

"Britain can lead in the construction of a new world order," he said in a speech, extracts of which have been released by Downing Street.

black hole sunset said...

The "You might also like" bar helpfully linked to a post on Ali Dizaei being charged with misconduct in a public office.

Mr Dizaei, like many of those pictured above, is one who, regardless of ethnicity, can be 'taken in at a glance', don't you think?

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

In any of the photos where there Brown, Straw or Mandelson in the frame you could almost coing out of their mouthes

"Are you absolutely sure that the postal vote is sorted"

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Muslims and the Layber Party.

Made for each other, but not for me.

ullage said...

I like the sound of the All Party Wine and Spirit Group. Bet there's a waiting list for membership.

Anonymous said...

I read all the Gorgon's speech in the paper this morning.

Why then is the fat one eyed cunt off to the Mansion House to present it later?

Should save feeding the wanker and keep him indoors out of harms way.

He really is a fucking tosser of the first ordure.

I notice he used the phrase 'New Global Order'

Ed P said...

What a bunch of bastards. I wonder how much "the Muslim community" has donated, both up-front and (much more) behind the scenes, to own NuLab, especially to promote their hidden immigration policy. And if slippery Jack's there, you can bet there's moolah involved.

Captain Haddock said...

I reckon the "Muslim Friends of Labour" have just scored the biggest & best "own goal" in history ..

Given McSnotgobbler's track record on things with which he's been associated going tits up, collapsing, corpsing, dying etc .. this could be the one thing the useless, deluded one-eyed sack of spawn has actually got right ..

Give it a couple ow weeks & they'll be simply a malodorous memory ..

Rogerborg said...

Ah, settle down and I'll tell ye a tale.

The main Muslim Friend of Labour is Imran Khand, a Pakistani-Jockwegian businessman. Khand bunged £300,000 (that we know of) via his bosom buddy, corrupt Glasgow Central MP (apologies for the redundancy there) Mohammad Sarwar.

Sources close to the pair (me) reckoned Khand thought he was buying Sarwar's constituency, but in best Pakistani dynastic tradition, Sarwar double crossed him and is handing Glasgow Central on to his son (the one who's not in jail (yet)).

Khand had to make do with a couple of Queen's Awards for Enterprise and a handshake from HRH the Duke of York (on his way to play a round at St Andrews, as it happened).

Unfortunately, it turned out that his company's "income" was mostly in the form of "investment", and when the market tanked, so did his company, which he then phoenixed and bought back for a pittance with more "investment". The creditors, including the staff, got royally screwed. Out of nearly 400 staff at its peak, his empire is now down to 21, of which half are his idiot cousins, nephews and brothers-in-law.

And they say Muslims can't integrate into British society? Hah! I challenge any old Etonian or Oxbridge trustafarian to do such a stellar job of living the high life with other peoples' money. The chap's blue chip.

Revolution Harry said...

He rattles on about the 'New World Order' to his City of London paymasters (and lodge cronies) every year. I'd be more surprised if he didn't.

Isn't it about time you libertarian types started asking exactly what this 'New World Order' is about?

Rogerborg said...

Sigh. We know what it's about. It's the Masonic / Rothschildian fantasy of total centralised knowledge and control of the planet. Broon, the clueless stooge that he is, thinks its about making everyone better off - he's got a real hard on for 'investing' in Africa. Nobody in (real) power has had the heart to tell him that it's just about keeping everyone in their place, happy little worker drones content with whatever allotment of resources the global super-state deigns to allow us.

There's no secret to it, and it's not that complicated.

Revolution Harry said...

There's a bit more to it than that Rogerborg. For a start Gordon and his Masonic chums want to rebuild the Temple of Solomon. On Temple Mount no less.

Your brief summation is bad enough though. Don't you agree? The reason I asked the question is that there appears very little recognition of this agenda within the blogging world. I wasn't just picking on the libertarians.

The Beast said...

Fucking hell
Those fat ugly Paki cunts have obviously taken a ghee overdose.
I eat an drink way too much, but how the fuck do you get as fat, sweaty and greasey as that lot?

Anonymous said...

Revolution harry and Rogerborg..

Not everyone who blogs in here is asleep, although with all the digging that I have carried out, I wish I was blissfully ignorant.

Phoebe said...

At least there is one good bit of current news to lift our spirits:

United Kingdom: Defamation Decriminalised - Press Release 13 November 2009

The Coroners and Justice Act (2009) decriminalises defamation, including repeal of
the criminal offences of sedition and seditious libel, defamatory libel, and obscene
libel in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Revolution Harry said...

Anon 9.06. It was the bloggers themselves I was having a dig at rather than the commenters on the blogs.

I know what you mean by wishing you were blissfully ignorant. There's no way back now though. Is there?

Rogerborg said...

>I eat an drink way too much, but how the fuck do you get as fat, sweaty and greasey as that lot?

Their womenfolk do two things: make babies, and cook.

No, I'm not generalising. Khand spends most of his waking hours with his trousers unbuttoned being hand-fed cheese balls and massaged by his admin assistant. Straight up.

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