Friday, 20 November 2009

Best Value and Futility.

One of the NHS websites proudly claims that the NHS is the 'best health service in the world'. The much vaunted reduction to 18 weeks waiting time for treatment - 18 days in France would cause a near riot - is apparently all the fault of the patients.
For some patients to start treatment within 18 weeks would be inconvenient or clinically inappropriate.
Inconvenient for whom is not explained. Not for the man with a malignant tumour, I'll bet.

We have a health service which proudly proclaims its advances in condemning the dying to a minimum of work on the part of medical staff - the Liverpool Pathway.

We have secret courts that decide whether young and old are to live or die based on the 'futility' - or not - of their lives.

We have Hospitals that dole out food over a year past its sell by date based on 'best value' practices.

We have the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence saying that £30,000 a year is the limit that they put on the cost of saving a life.

But, we have the Department for International Development bunging the Sierra Leone Government a magnificent £34 Million pounds to ensure free health care 'for pregnant and lactating women' in Sierre Leone.

Are Sierra Leone lives less futile than British lives, do they represent better value? To whom?


Dungeekin said...

Well, there's an easy solution.


FTAC Watch said...

You can add to the list: Doctors that force drugs on people without proper medical reasons just to suit their own personal or political agenda.

Tarquin said...

In fairness, what don't the French riot about?

Ampers said...

This is not a complete graph, it has been badly put together, there is an amount missing.

wv "dersaps" translated "The Saps" :-)

Rogerborg said...

There's no mystery to the apparent value placed on Janey Foreigner. Zanu really do seem to believe in globalisation, in the sense of redistributing resources in order to make everyone equally poor.

"Everyone", it should go without saying, means outside the Palace of Westminster.

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