Sunday, 15 November 2009

The All Powerful State

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As I woke up this morning and reached for the newspapers, it suddenly struck me. There is no minutae of my life that is free from State Interference. I looked around the room and could not find one article in my life that is not directly under regulation of the State.

It is said that until 1910, the average citizen of the UK met the State twice in his life. Once, at birth, where a certificate was issued to prove you existed and once at death to prove you no longer existed. Other than that, apart from the odd war, you were pretty much on your own. We thrived.

As I type this on an EU regulated computer, using a monitored and recorded Broadband connection, I can honestly say that nothing around me is untouched by the tentacles of Whitehall or Brussels. Nothing. I am preparing a roast dinner. Even the dead flesh is stamped by the State, the eggs I shall use for the Yorkshires are stamped by the State, the milk measured and monitored, the salt content of any other ingredients clearly labelled by the State.

So what remains untouched by the State? My thoughts? Well, no. The State tried very hard this week to regulate those and make criticism of group homosexual anal fisting in the park a hate crime. Then I read this morning that the next census is to include the question:

What do you do in bed?

And anyone who interfaces with the State will now be checked for HIV, regardless of wishes.

Sit down for five minutes, and quietly think. Look around you and see if you can find ONE thing in your life that is not regulated or monitored by the State. Just one. I'll publish the answers here. If it helps, I haven't managed it yet. It is no coincidence that the paper you wipe your arse with is a standard size. The State decided for you.


Anonymous said...

Ive got a wood carved statue that I bought from the "middle of no fuck" in China. Thats about all I can find

Captain Ranty said...

I tried, OH.

Couldn't think of anything.

I am in Libya. When white faces were relatively new here, (about 8 years ago), I was trailed everywhere I went by two Interior Ministry agents. They were hopeless and at one cafe I even told the waiter I would pay for their coffee. They nodded and smiled a thank you as I got up to leave. Now that sanctions have ended everyone seems much more relaxed. I just pay for my own coffee now. No agents, so the gubmint here obviously dont give a fuck about me anymore.

I wish my own gubmint were as accommodating.

This post of yours only serves as a powerful reminder to me about my Freeman crusade and it reinforces the fact that I clearly did the right thing by filing for a divorce.



Roger Dodger said...

"Sit down for five minutes, and quietly think. Look around you and see if you can find ONE thing in your life that is not regulated or monitored by the State. Just one. "

I am beating off as I type. Nobody is interfering (unfortunately).

Methinks I have found the one thing.

microdave said...

@ Roger Doger - I was thinking the same thing, but as they already know my internet usage, they probably have me marked down for that.....

And from OH's link - "A pilot screening programme, which is expected to be extended across the country if it is a success, will target gay men and black Africans"

But surely that's both sexist, and racist?

Spartan said...

Census? ... hah ... won't be complying.

Anonymous said...

"Sit down for five minutes, and quietly think. Look around you and see if you can find ONE thing in your life that is not regulated or monitored by the State. Just one. "

I am beating off as I type. Nobody is interfering (unfortunately).

Methinks I have found the one thing.

Did you not read the piece about tissue`s?

Oldrightie said...

The State can interfere in any consquence of my thoughts and feelings but not those thoughts and feelings. That's about it, though. As for revulsion at unnatural practices being a hate crime, that makes all politicians criminals.

BTS said...

I've got some WMD buried in the garden. Tax-free and everything..

Dr Van Helsing said...

Funny you mention 1910. MPs started forcing us to pay them in 1911, all downhill from there.

Anonymous said...

Why are they bothering to ask about sexual orientation. Several hundred public bodies already have access to our electronic communications records anyway.Almost certainly all of us will know someone who works for one of these bodies.

Demetrius said...

What do I do in bed? Quite often I wonder if I remembered to take my socks off. Usually I decide that it is too much trouble to find out. Will the census take account of my minority group of elderly uncertain of the nature of their socks?

thelunaticarms said...

My dope certainly isn't State-Controlled for sure.

JuliaM said...

"But ministers want it to become more routine and to be subject to an opt-out for those who do not want to be tested. "

I wonder what they do if you refuse..?

Mrs B said...

OH - very impressed you're making your own Yorkshire Pudding, especially when frozen is so easy.
Hope they appreciate it.

Ken said...

Take a look at what the word "certify" means in legalese. To certify something means to hand over legal ownership of the thing being certified to the organisation that the certificate is issued by.

SO, to apply, means to beg. To submit means to give authority away to, or be subservient to.

So to submit an application of certification of birth (berth) means to give in to beg to give ownership of your child to the state.

A birth (berth) certificate is a document that legally creates a new legal entity. NOT a new living baby man or woman. It creates that legal "personality" so that the legal system can act upon that "person". It is only representative of the man, it is NOT the man. The legal system only applies to the legal entity, and not the living, physical man or woman. The legal system deals with the laws of commerce and the laws of the sea. AKA Admiralty law. hence the berth certificate. Look our for all the maritime names used in the legal world.

Legalese, the language of the law society. Used to fuck you over for hundreds of years.

Nina Fucked Up said...

OH, what a fucked up world we live in. Not content with forcing "person" IDs and Company "Person" ID papers on people in the West charities do it aboard.


So, just because they do not have "papers" they don't exist ?? WTF?

Oh and also they will all become
press-ganged as child soldiers or prostitutes because they do not have "papers". WTF?!

Credit due to TPUC said...

Ken your info is as per

Please give credit where credit is due.

lawnmower man said...

Hmmm I believe that neither the UK State nor the EU have a policy on the type of glass blades that I can grow in my garden lawn. Am I right? Freedom is UK lawns?

OH watch this - NWO busted running the EU said...

NWO busted running the EU.

Henry North London said...

It doesn't know the right variety of spices that my mother uses to make her food tasty Nor will it ever...

The state has no knowledge of this.

WV unict unique

Optimistic Cynic said...

It's a bit more complicated than that.

The state used to interfere more with regards to: when I could drink, what films I could see, who I could fly with, what I could do on a Sunday. Until the late 1980s, you couldn't legally take your Mrs up the back passage, or do the same to a man until the 1950s.

We used to have strong guilds and unions, enforced by the state which drove up the prices of things like haulage, price controls, wage controls and so on.

I'm not saying these things that the government want aren't fascist crap, but the past wasn't that golden either.

Anonymous said...

I have a great big spliff in my mouth that was given to me by a mate for helping him move house.

It tastes absolutely marvellous.

Edgar said...

@Ken - and any other marine/Statute Law/certificates/registrations/owned,bought,sold,to tghe State conspiracy theorists - please note that the word 'conspiracy' contains the word 'piracy'. This is NOT evidence that a conspiracy is an act of maritime robbery.

A serious job of undermining authoritarian excesses needs to be done but loonies like you just muddy the waters, and, as you will know, muddy waters make navigation very difficult.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, my wife, a new British citizen by virtue of our marriage, attended her passport identity interview. One of the questions related to whether she was on any store email listings. She could not remember, but I guess that the State knows. Speaking of the overall intrusive experience, she said that the last time she felt so violated was when we were burgled. Bastards. They will be held to account. Even the minions in the Passport and Identity office.

Anonymous said...

Old Holborn Blog is blocked by Cardiff City Council Libraries Internet Access

Depriving Wales of Freedom of discussion

Free the human being within the person contract said...



Learn. Then post from a position of knowledge NOT after use of a dictionary looking up the word "conspiracy".

Now can you add value not rubbish?

Or are you just a tool and a slave to the UK state who pay you for what?

Shug Niggurath said...

My dope certainly isn't State-Controlled for sure.


I have a great big spliff in my mouth that was given to me by a mate for helping him move house.

It tastes absolutely marvellous.

Except for the fact that the State bans them, so yes these pursuits are under their control, black market products tend to be those the state controls the most. So these aint wins.

Considering they have their agents now trained to report anything they see in your house considered out of the ordinary there's really nothing left. How long till people are being reported for the books on their shelves?

Newgates Knocker said...

Being able to murder small children, seems to escape their minute observations, everytime doesn't it??

St Paul said...

Lawnmower Man - You surely cannot be unaware of COMMISSION DIRECTIVE 2008/124/EC
of 18 December 2008

Anonymous said...

I have Ideas and creative thoughts... let the fuckers regulate those..

Lawnmower Man said...

St Paul, well blow me, you are right.

My garden Lawn is limited by the EU COMMISSION DIRECTIVE 2008/124/EC
of 18 December 2008
limiting the marketing of seed of certain species of fodder plants and oil and fibre plants to seed
which has been officially certified as ‘basic seed’ or ‘certified seed’


Indoctrinate the children. Ban free thought said...

OH is on the money on this topic.


Published: 10:00PM GMT 15 Nov 2009

"A new financial education agency will offer consumers advice on personal finance, including how to calculate compound interest rates and understand mortgage deals. "


So we "consumers" can't understand these matters for yourselves and children in UK schools are no longer taught anything (?) only indoctrinated by Labour

caesars wife said...

Interesting test OH , there is somthing a bit wonk in it all.

we have E national socialism !

Spartacus said...

CW - and other readers, if the state/UK government / EU (whoever and whatever), control each and every aspect of our lives then it is SLAVERY.

History has shown us repeatedly that slaves turn to revolt and in the end whatever the obstacles put in their way, the slaves win their freedom.

King Canute said...

The government cannot control the weather nor the sea tides, nor the rotation of the Earth!!!!

Bring on the rain. Come holy sea tides free us. Mother Earth rotate.

Of course with CO2 emission target bullshit they wish they could control the weather.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Stop Common Purpose

"At some point, those behind the take-over of Britain by the EU realised that they needed people whom they could trust to manage the new bureaucracy.

Enter Common Purpose, which was established to recruit and train the commissars and apparatchiks needed to run this bureaucracy.

New Labour's Hidden Agenda

Since 1997, the New Labour government has been working to two agendas. Firstly, the open agenda as laid out in their manifestos and secondly, their hidden agenda.

The objective of the hidden agenda of New Labour is the creation of a Communitarian society controlled by the EU collective.

In order to achieve this objective, the New Labour government has been running a parallel administration made up of QUANGOs and fake charities. A fake charity is legally a charity but effectively operates as a government department, receiving a substantial amount of funding directly or indirectly from government and operating as a government department.

Read, educate and learn how to beat these cunts so that we get freedom for the UK.

Thinking said...

David Icke is on the money on this topic. Here him speak about the UK State wanting control of Children etc..., as in Brave New World.

Filmed in Phoenix Arizona on 18th October 2009

Around 6mins in.

Anonymous said...

Frightening! As I commented on OH some time ago about the swine flu vaccine - who knows what they could put in with the flu vaccine? Unfortunately, I've had a vaccine that they pump into all 65+ oldies. Making our days numbered?

Anonymous said...

Spartan - the Census is to be run by Lockheed Martin, the US military company. the same USA can extradite UK citizens at will without a trial in the UK. also, there is a £1000 fine for failing to complete the Census.

Fausty said...

With every intrusive or idiotic measure the government brings in, I'm inclined to ask "who gains?".

HIV tests usually require blood tests. Can we be sure that the government is not collecting DNA from these?

HIV tests are big money for the pharmaceuticals, who seem to be in a major drive for profits/control. Whatever their agenda, they're firmly in the limelight.

Many virologists are questioning the origins of AIDS. In many cases, so-called AIDS sufferers do not have the HIV virus and allegedly, each country has its own criteria for diagnosing AIDS. AIDs is an immuno-deficiency disease which has been linked to vaccinations.

Is the medical profession the next to receive public vilification?

Chalcedon said...

I suppose saying "sleep" will get you arrested for taking the piss?

As for interacting with the state and being screened for HIV......will this apply to asylum seekers? If so and they are positive will anything be done about it?

richard said...

an excellent post, OH. here's a good example of what you're talking about, check the contents of your pockets.
mine are as follows.
1. hand-rolling tobacco. depicts ghastly warning photo, as required by - the State.
2. disposable lighter - keep out of reach of children sticker, as required by - the State.
3. pocket knife - less than a 3 inch blade which doesn't lock open, as required by - the State.
4. bic pen. hole in top of lid to help you breathe if you swallow it, as required by - the State. (not a bad idea, though)
5. mobile phone, trackable by - the State.
6. wallet contains driving license which is de facto id and required by - the State.
7. credit card, regulated by - the State.
8. money with picture of you-know-who.
lighter, pen and tobacco are all bar-coded, as required by - the State.
the only think i can think of that wouldn't be state-regulated is throwing pebbles into the sea.

Dominic Allkins said...


"the only think i can think of that wouldn't be state-regulated is throwing pebbles into the sea."

Give them long enough they'll find a way I'm sure.

richard said...

i was wrong about throwing pebbles into the sea, for me anyway.
it requires a car-journey to get to the sea- road tax, fuel tax, registration, driving license, and MOT. the car park has boxes in which i must park, or get a ticket. the guy writing the ticket is paid for doing so, then taxed, and his ticketing activities are regulated by agents of the state, who are taxed.
at the seaside i would require fish and chips, it would be a wasted journey to go to the seaside just to throw pebbles. the fish would be subject to EU quotas and regulations. the fishermen pay taxes and comply with requirements for marine safety. potatoes regulated, farmed by certified farmers, transported by certified transport companies and taxed indirectly (ie fuel tax, license to serve hot food, the workers taxed for working and their transport to and from work likewise taxed)
however, the act of throwing a pebble into the sea would possibly be free.

Not a sheep said...

If the beach is in a SSSI then they could probably "do you" for something.

Joe Public said...

"It is no coincidence that the paper you wipe your arse with is a standard size."

So how come the bog rolls in hotels are half the with & the perforations twice as frequent?

Anonymous said...

I somehow think most of the 2011 Census papers will be 'lost in the post' or returned with such ludicrous responses that it won't even be worth while processing them (assuming the Census staff have enough intelligence to realise that the responses they're getting are a LOAD OF SHITE). My first line of defence will be 'out of the country over Census Time' and planning emigration to wherever I was, followed by 'lost in the post' with the final option of pure shite. Beat them at their own game. They want information? Give them information - with every single bit of it incorrect. Oh, and sign it with a false name.

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