Thursday, 22 October 2009

You Can Rely On Jack To Be Devious And Sneaky

That fucking little bastard Jack "Slippery Weasel" Straw is now trying to slip secret inquests into legislation by hiding ministerial powers to order them in other bills he is trying to slip through Parliament.

The little cunt ran away from the huge row about this last time round, but he doesn't give up, does he?

Just shows how important it is for NuLiebore to try and avoid any embarrassing headlines over such stuff as murdering Brazilian electricians or dead troops who would be alive if they'd had decent equipment. Never mind destroying our liberties and a system that has worked reasonably well for hundreds of years.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Need to get the utmost publicity for the actions of this sneaky little rat - question is how?

Anonymous said...

Following on from my previous comment, I have emailed the link to the DM story to David Cameron & my local MP & asked them if they are aware of what Jack Straw is trying to do. Perhaps a deluge of emails to your local MP (& Party Leader if your local MP isn't Labour) might stir things up a bit?

Anonymous said...

This little creep must be the most repulsive dog turd in parliament and thats saying something.

Anonymous said...

He is a slimy shit. Nauseating.

aliggy said...

"Isabella Sankey, director of policy for civil rights group Liberty, said: ‘It beggars belief that this rotten policy has been resurrected.

'When will New Labour’s obsession with secret courts and parallel legal systems end?’"

I sometimes wonder about incidents like these - is it really Labour wanting secret courts or are people like the Police and MoD requesting them and Labour haven't the spine to say 'fuck off'.

I am increasingly of the mind the latter is the case, with Labour doing deals with the Devil if it gets him off their back. Things like 42 days detention wholly at the request of the Police yet David Davis amongst others was able to thoroughly demolish the argument, though the vote in Parliament didn't go so well.

It is as if Labour see Government solely as doing deals with vested interests and pressure groups from dolescum via Government being stuffed with hand wringing do gooders to the Defence industry, Europe and whoever else. They have forgotten us and so have the Opposition.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why NuLab are pushing through sneaky illiberal laws that can only benefit the next Tory government in six months or less? Jut force of habit I suppose,

Rogerborg said...

Because they know that Camerblair won't repeal them, so they'll still be available when it's nuNuLabour's turn to hump things up again.

It's honest ideology; they don't intend to use them to cover up their imminent misdeeds, they're just handing that power onto future Socialists.

Northampton Saint said...

I should have had my John Wilkes Booth moment when i saw him in the theatre lobby. Things that happen when you aint got ya gun

Anonymous said...

Jack Straw is an odious little cunt, IMHO. Oh hi Jack - didn't realise you checked this blog - can I add 'Brown nosing'? Is 'Brown nosing ' good for you Jack?

HairyChestnuts said...

I don't judge people by the sins of their father (even if their father is a cowardly traitor). I judge people on their individual merit. And Jack Straw is a cowardly traitor (and a cunt).

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