Tuesday, 20 October 2009

What Is It With The Major-Generals ?

I have posted before on my unease with Generals retired or otherwise making political statements. The one about the BNP this morning reported every ten minutes on the BBC is a case in point.

So the BNP use macho Spitfire symbols, shock horror,then dropping a complete bollock when it turns out that the Spitfire used is from a Polish Squadron, however can anybody remember the embarrassing Portillo waffling on about the SAS at a party conference. Politicians love having photo ops with the troops, despite lethally keeping them short of essential equipment fighting illegal and unwinnable wars.

The Military are there for Defence, and should be apolitical. The Politicians should keep out of Military affairs and vice versa.

The last time we had this much military dabbling in affairs of state was in 1659


Anonymous said...

Off topic but what a fucking wanker,

A Tory MP accused of using his Commons expenses to pay more than £100,000 of public money into his own company said he was "deeply hurt" by the claims.

The Daily Telegraph reported the taxpayer funded office assistance provided by Moorlands Research Services for more than three years to David Wilshire, MP for Spelthorne, Surrey.

The firm, which is owned by Mr Wilshire and his partner Ann Palmer, was paid up to £3,250 a month between 2005 and 2008.

Mr Wilshire said: "I am deeply hurt by the way in which the Daily Telegraph has reported on my expenses and disappointed that it has not published all of my response to their enquiries.

"My constituents are rightly entitled to the truth about these allegations. I have therefore written to the Commissioner for Standards asking him to conduct an enquiry.

"Until I have had an opportunity to take his advice, I think it best if I say nothing further."

Commons rules forbid MPs from entering into arrangements that "may give rise to an accusation" of profiting from public funds.

Mr Wilshire insisted the House authorities had "formally approved" his arrangement, which was in "strict accordance" with the rules.

He added that the firm had closed down last year, but before that it had been included in his entry for the Register of Members' Interests.

"The arrangement was formally approved by the fees office and, as required by the rules, a formal written agreement was drawn up and lodged with them," he insisted.

"The payments were made strictly in accordance with the rules and payments were made directly to the business's bank account (which was in its own name and controlled by it)."

However, Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "This is an extremely disturbing revelation.

"No MP should pay taxpayers' money to their own company, and doing so to a non-existent company is even worse.

"It is horrifying that after all that has come out so far there may still be more abuses hidden in MPs' expenses claims that we have yet to learn about."

The Tories later said that they were determined to see the matter swiftly resolved.

A party spokeswoman said: "This will be resolved either way long before the general election. The Standards Commissioner's in-tray cannot be used as an excuse to drag this out."

Mr Wilshire now expects to face questioning by Chief Whip Patrick McLoughlin to get to the bottom of the allegations against him

Black and Tanned said...

Particularly enjoyed Mike Jackson's comment the armed forces were 'apolitical' and should not be used politically, as he used his armed forces status to throw them into a political debate and tell us all what the armed forces political stance on the BNP was, twat.

Anybody would think that the BNP have a big event coming up soon or something.

Sater said...

"The Military are there for Defence, and should be apolitical. The Politicians should keep out of Military affairs and vice versa."

No. That is what has left the MoD running around like a headless chicken wasting money left, right and centre on equipment that they don't need and at prices we can't afford. Politicians have deferred to the technocrats too often and for too long and have been content to allow vested interests in the defence industry to decide what our forces get equipped with.(Usually expensive, exquisite solutions when more basic models and machinery could do the job at a fraction of the price.)

The MoD has not been given a new direction by our elected representatives since probably before the Berlin wall came down. That is why they are not well equipped for what they are doing now and make do with horribly expensive Cold War kit (but in smaller numbers than they envisaged as budgets have been cut).

Politicians should be involved in the military - they are in charge of it after all, meant to decide what it is to be deployed for and making sure it is properly equipped for those jobs. They have been atrocious at the latter because it appears to have been a bit too much like actual work. They have also neglected to thin down the Top Brass as the rest of the MoD has shrunk.

Reimer said...

"Fairness & tolerance" - shocked to hear so senior a soldier spouting the same platitudes as the political class. And as for this bollocks that it's nothing to do with party politics....bollocks

GCooper said...

Surely, if Jackson et al were that concerned about the forces being used for naked party political ends they'd have shot Bliar?

Ian said...

what reimer said.

Wonder whose driving this?

646 said...

I suppose we demonstrated the 'fairness and tolerance' of the armed forces when we obliterated Dresden, tested radiation effects on serving soldiers, shot dead civilian protesters in NI, executed shell shocked teenagers in WW1, herded Boers into concentration camps to starve etc etc.

What a fucking bell end.

Anonymous said...

All our public services have become politicised. Eager to please their present paymasters it seems. Make it easier to see how totaltarian regimes can quite easily implement their policies.

Anonymous said...

Or in the case of Dannatt their future paymasters, this campaign is organised by James Bethell, ex Bullingdon club friend of George Osbourne and son of Lord Bethell

Anonymous said...

At least we know whose side these senior officers are on. I doubt their sentiments are felt by the ordinary soldiers. I suspect that come the revolution, these generals will be on the receiving end of the firing squads, together with their communist friends, rather than supervising them.

john in cheshire

Anonymous said...

Loads of squaddies support the BNP. Good on them.

Anonymous said...

Jihadist Mehdi Hasan calls BNP fascist...


Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin being read a list of smears on Sky this lunchtime...


Casual Observer said...


Fancy Nick Griffen making such a mistake as a foreign spitfire.

Just think, if he had chosen a British one no one would have mentioned it but because of such a basic error he ended up with many people talking and thinking about the party.

What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

"Spitfire used is from a Polish Squadron"

Actually no, It was a British spitfire that was post war repainted with polish insignia.

Sorry old son but no cookie for you today. Even if it were a polish squadron it would make no diffence as the Polish were fighting for nationalism and the Liberation of their homeland not the existance of a fascist superstate called the EUSSR!

Or a communist marxist block which ended up enslaving them anyway!

Anonymous said...

The Polish pilots were even at the BNP festival praising the BNP. The poles are not brainwashed with multi culti bollocks like the British.

Nothing british about the EUSSR said...

Tory Toffs Use Tory Generals / Lords to attack BNP

How wonderful that all these war heroes have come out and attacked the BNP.

What bravery, what insight - what hypocrisy.

No doubt each will get their peerage from David Cameron after he has been in power for a few months.

None of them stood up and attacked the Labour government over the Iraq and Afghanistan War.

Nah, they attack the BNP.

The Establishment never attacks the Establishment.

The BNP never sent British troops to fight in an illegal war for oil.

The BNP never sent British troops to die in Iraq and Afghanistan for oil and pipelines.

The BNP unlike the Tories has never supplied the enemies of Britain and the tyrants of the world with arms and weapons.

As for the Tories.

They provided Saddam Hussein with his chemical weapons plant that produced the nerve gas that killed the Kurds ;





These generals were nothing more than lackeys of the Labour government during an illegal war and lackeys of the tories now they are out of the army looking for peerages from the incoming Tory government.

The other war heroes like Simon Weston are involving themselves in politics, therefore they are inviting people to analyse their motives and political beliefs.

The moment people like McNab and simon weston involved themselves in politics, then they invite a response.

They cant hide behind their heroic past when they become involved in politics.

Therefore they will now be questioned.

Being a war hero does not mean you are beyond criticism once you get involved in politics.

This is a tory led joke campaign run by tory toffs in Nothing British About The BNP - which is a tory front group run by two tory toffs and from the Conservativehome office.

These are simply people who are being lined up to sit with the Tories in the House of Lords.

This attack on the BNP is a Rupert Murdoch The Times sponsored attempt to bolster the Tories - the Tory Party by the way that supplied weapons to Saddam Hussein and various other tyrants and criminals around the world when they were in power.

The attack on the BNP is I suspect a smoke screen to prepare the way for an attack on Iran by Israel, as Murdoch needs the Tories in power and Blair as President of the EU in order to ensure Britain is 100 % on board with the attack.

With Blair as President of the EU and the Tories as slavish to the US and media as Blair and the Labour government - then the war is guaranteed to go ahead.

These generals are a disgrace.

They can be condemned on two grounds ;

1) They stayed silent during the lead up to the Iraq and Afghanistan War, allowed British troops to fight in an illegal war and allowed British troops to go to war unequipped and with second rate kit.

That was a dereliction of their duty and a betrayal of every British soldier sent to fight in the FIVE wars started by Blair and New Labour.

Nothing british about the Tory party said...


If they had resigned before the war went ahead then perhaps we could have avoided the Iraq War abd Afghan invasions, but they didnt.

Therefore they stand accused of a dereliction of duty.

2) That whilst the Afghanistan War is still going on, and British troops dying day after they have chosen to attack the BNP instead of demanding an immediate end to the Afghanistan war and the recall of all British troops to the UK.

They have not done this, instead they attack the BNP who has never sent any British troops to die in illegal foreign wars.

This is also a cowardly dereliction of their duty to the soldiers they profess to represent and 'care' for.

If they truly cared for their troops then they would demand the immediate return to Britain of all British troops from Afghanistan on the grounds that the war in Afghanistan is unwinnable, that we went to war for oil in Iraq and to protect oil and gas pipelines in Afghanistan, that the troops are under equipped and that lack of air support and helicopters has enabled the Taliban to slaughter our troops with IED's, that you cannot export and impose democracy by force and that the British troops wounded in the war have been let down with their medical care in the UK, had their benefits stolen from them by the Labour government and that with a quarter of the people in prisons being ex-servicemen many suffering from PTSD and a quarter of the homeless on our streets being ex-servicemen that British society and successive British government have betrayed our troops.

But they wont say that.

They wont say it because its against tory policy.

This is because they are nothing more than Tory stooges using their war medals to get peerages from a future Tory government.

They attack the BNP but have not attacked the Labour government or the Tories for what they did in the past and what they will do once elected into power.

These generals are a disgrace.

They are part of the government that sent us into the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, and now they want to lecture us on their morality and decency.

They lost the right to lecture anyone when they refused to resign their commissions before the start of the Iraq War or when, like Jackson, they collaborated with Tony Blair in his illegal wars in the Balkans - such as when the SAS were ordered by men like him to train the KLA terrorist groups that were involved in the massacre of innocent men, women and serbian children.

These people are now politicians.

The moment they allowed themselves to get involved in politics then they politicised themselves and their opinions.

This is simply the establishment on the attack against the BNP in order to divert attention from the crimes of New Labour and to support the Tory Party.

Oh how they must fear the BNP.

The attacks on the BNP are perhaps the greatest validation of true opposition to the political class and its stooge media.

This Nothing British About The BNP campaign is a Tory led campaign being promoted by the Tory Press.

These are not patriots.

These are the people who serve a political party, the Tories, that supplied Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons plants and weapons that were used to murder British troops in the Iraq War is scandalous.

Whilst this campaign has been launched in the midst of the Afghanistan War and on the eve of the attack on Iran and they have stayed silent and not demanded the end to that war is a total disgrace.

The fact that the generals and the others are supporting the Tories is a total disgrace.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Nothing British about the EUSSR!

TheBigYin said...

I wonder what is happening on Thursday? Now there's a question asked in good time.

Anonymous said...

The Military are there for Defence, and should be apolitical"
Try telling the military that here in Thailand, not had a coup for a couple of years but you never know.
The king here is on his last legs well he is 81 years old and the the crime of Le Majeste carries a 15 year prison sentence PER OFFENCE so if this law was in the UK thats me banged up for a few thousand years.
Watch this space in the next couple of months, the last coup was bloodless the one in 1993 wasn't and the next one will have plenty of believe me. The ex owner of Manchester City football club Thaxsin is on the run in Dubai just waiting to get back here to get his fingers back in the till.
May you live interesting times.

Anonymous said...

The Nothing British about the BNP Campaign is a disgrace & merely serves to show how shit scared both Gordon's Morons & the Opposition are over BNP successes. Personally, I'll be voting BNP come the next election. I've never voted for them in a GE before but they seem to be about the best on offer at the moment.
I am sorry to see Simon Weston has got involved. He is someone I have a lot of respect for & he should look at the reasons why the BNP is gaining in popularity before jumping on the bandwaggon of anti-BNP sentiment. I do wonder how many people can't be BNP members because of their jobs but will put their 'X' by a BNP candidate on the voting paper?

Anonymous said...

It`ll be intresting to see what happens during question time on thursday. My guess is that the whole thing will be highjacked (set up of course by Pravda) by UAF/lefty groups who will shout down Griffin every time he speaks.
You can be sure the useless lefty fuckers wont engage him in debate.
I cant say I agree with all Griffins views but at least you dont hear him side stepping questions.

defender said...

This is moderated on Guido, I wonder why. Here is the Simon Weston connection

PRESS RELEASE: Senior Officer Reveals Truth behind Generals’ Tory-Stooge Campaign

October 20, 2009 by BNP News
Filed under National News

Leave a comment

PUPPETS“I was outraged! Spin and deceit are things we expect from Labour politicians and not the Defence Ministry and this is most unprofessional.” This was the reaction of a high-ranking officer in the British army who today contacted a leading figure in the British National Party after hearing the interview between Nick Griffin and Martha Kearney on Radio 4´s World at One today.

According to Martha Kearney, Radio 4 contacted the MOD to ask about Mr Griffin´s claim on TV news earlier in the morning that the army chiefs themselves had called for a limit on the percentage of foreign soldiers, who are not British citizens, serving in military units. She said that the MOD had stated that this was the case only in three specialised units for technical reasons and that they had no concern over potentially high proportions of foreign soldiers in the army in general.

Quote: “This is a downright lie,” our source informed us. “Last year the MOD published a memorandum discussing the issue. In addition to the question of specialised units, I clearly recall my delight when I saw that the paper spoke of maintaining armed forces which are ´predominantly British´ and which reflect the ´cultures and values´ of our nation.”

In other words, like so many people in Britain today, the military top brass say in private what the British National Party says in public: “out of control, mass immigration is a threat to British culture, identity and the cohesion of key institutions including the British army.”

Tory Front Group

As well as deceit by the MOD, the story of the supposedly ´independent´ generals attacking the BNP has also exposed the cynically deceitful face of Tory spin doctors.

Despite claims that the ´Stolen Valour´ campaign is non political, the reality is that it is an integral part of the ´Nothing British´ internet operation which is run by a clique of ´Notting Hill/Bullenden Club Tory toffs´. Clearly their motivation is the fact that the armed forces vote, which the Tory Party used to dominate, is increasingly switching to the BNP.

The campaign is headed by:

*The 5th Lord Bethel

*Tim Montgomerie, editor of ConservativeHome, ex chief of staff for Ian Duncan Smith.

* James Howarth, founding editor of PoliticsHome.

* Maurice Cousins — Tory researcher and blogger.

Several members of the military who have lent their weight to this campaign are close associates of the Conservative Party. In particular, General Sir Richard Dannatt works as a Tory Defence advisor and Simon Weston sits on a Conservative military policy forum.

These men are, of course, entitled to be active in any political party they wish but with such close affiliations to the Conservative Party, they are not entitled to portray themselves as politically neutral and disinterested.

So close are the links between the Nothing British operation and the Conservative Party that the BNP will tomorrow morning be submitting a formal request to the Electoral Commission to investigate the group over the possibility that its requests for donations involve a breach of party political funding law.

Cylon said...

I don't really see an unwinnable war anywhere, sorry. A-stan can be won, if the troops would be allowed to fight instead of pussyfooting around, thanks to "geniuses" like Obama, Brown and the rest of those non-achievers and morons in all the parliaments.

WW2 was won with fighting, with kicking the shit out of the Nazis and Tojo, not with respecting this and reaching out to that. Fascists like Hitler, Tojo, bin Laden or any mullah only understand one language: pure force.

The Americans didn't win the battle of Okinawa by pussyfooting. It was brutal, yes, but the only way to defeat a fascist opponent is by force, by beating him to the ground. That's not being done in A-stan. Instead a German colonel, who called an airstrike on the Talis, will likely face trial in Germany because... he didn't fight politically correct. He didn't warn the Talis of the incoming airstrike! Evil him!

Illegal war? Under what law? International law? That's a joke, nothing else. International law is an excuse by idiots. Just like "laws of war". Ridiculous nonsense. War is the absence of law and morality, period.

They attacked us, now we strike back. It's that simple. An eye for an eye. I don't care what Ghandi said. Ghandi never faced fascists. Hitler would have done away with Ghandi and his followers within 2 seconds.

Honestly, I've started to think that we should just nuke this whole pan-islamic terror sphere and be done with it. Nuke them. Why not? They wanted total war, like the Nazis in 1943. Göbbels asked "Do you want total war?!" and everyone screamed "YES!" Well, they got total war in the end. And it destroyed the Nazis. Same has to be done with every other fascist. Hit them so hard that they won't get up again.

But that's not being done.

Instead we must be politically correct, because islam is peace or some other shit like that.

Too bad that "islam" actually means "submission".

Cylon said...

Additionally, a member of the military has the right to have a political opinion, and in a real democracy (I know, there are no real democracies anymore in Europe) anyone has the right to voice his opinion.

Or are we going to introduce a law that prevents military personnel from having political opinions, voicing them and, which is the only logical conclusion, also bans them from voting?

Adrian P said...

Have the Generals ever said anything about the Surrender of 80% of our Laws to the EU, no but they attack the BNP who have,

serving Queen and Country ? I don't think so sir.

Google/youtube these terms

They must know that 'Prof Neils Harrit and Dr Stephen Jones have confirmed Thermite'.

They must know that Osama 'Bin laden is dead'.

They must know about the 'Impossible train Journey'

They must know the balkans conflict was brought about via 'the picture that fooled the world'

And here is what ties it all together and explains the Last 200 yrs, the American civil war, the assasination of Lincoln, World War 1 and 2 and Iran.

Its all down to who prints our money, us or the International Banksters.

The Money Masters Part 1

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