Thursday, 29 October 2009

War Criminal In The Hague War Criminal For Brussels

Well here is hoping the curse of Brown is going to pour forth on Blair's head following his endorsement of Blair for El Presidente of the EU.

How can this man be considered for this post when we have not yet had the inquiry into the Iraq War, where the bereaved are still lining up to collect there sons and daughters bodies from RAF Lineham ? How ?

The disconnect between the ruling elite and the rule has never in my lifetime been so wide. They simply don't care what the great unwashed think anymore, so convinced are they that they have trampled four hundred years of History and Liberty underfoot.

And do you know what I am most ashamed of ? Us , we just take it day after day after day. Anaesthetised by acres of celebrities and soap operas

"Let me say very clearly that we, the British government, believe that Tony Blair would be an excellent candidate and an excellent person to hold the job as president of the council."

"I believe that his credentials are well proven, his international experience is well known, his expertise on environmental, economic and security issues is known to everybody throughout Europe as well as known throughout the world."

Gordon Brown

The stench of Mandelson pervades this, would you give this sort of endorsement to somebody you patently hate ?


Anonymous said...

And do you know what I am most ashamed of ? Us

Don't be ,it just proves most people are honest and law abiding,everyone seems to want to go the ballot way,if we have one that is and its not banned till then wait,plenty of little engineering shops with not a lot to do.

Anonymous said...

The bit of silver lining is that it will reduce Brown's chances even further at the GE. And if Blair gets the post Mandelson will start to withdraw his support for Brown. He knows that Tone will have a nice sinecure lined up for him in the eu. why prop Brown up when the writing is on the wall and your mate is heading up the eu?

caesars wife said...

nicely put OH i hadnt thought of it that way !!

Anonymous said...

Why Radovan Karadzic But Not Blair

The international tribunal indictment against Radovan Karadzic carries a long list of charges. Below are some of the key events that the charge sheet covers:
The detention camps

Omarska was the first internment camp accessed by British journalists. The accounts of starvation and human rights abuses led to an international outcry. Omarska was one of dozens of camps where Muslim men were being held. They were allegedly sent there in pursuance of the Bosnian-Serb policy of ethnic cleansing of the Prijedor region.

- But Blair is not prosecuted for Abu Ghraib.

Thousands of Muslims were forced to flee hunger, violence and disease in the enclaves of Cerska, Kamenica, and Srebrenica in eastern Bosnia. They headed for the Muslim-held town of Tuzla. The Serbs described it as "ethnic shifting".
Muslims flee fresh wave of 'ethnic cleansing'

- Millions of Iraqis have fled Iraq due to the invasion and occupation.

Muslims fled Zepa in the east for the relative safety of Sarajevo. They said they were sent on their way by General Ratko Mladic, who told them: "No Allah, no UN, no Nato can save you. Only me."

- George Bush and Blair are both Fundamentalist Christians who talked about a 'Crusade' in Iraq.

Recognition for Bosnia-Herzegovina from Washington and the EU failed to prevent violence breaking out on the first day of independence as Serbs declared their own republic loyal to Yugoslavia and clashed with Muslims and Croats.

One of the worst shellings of civilian gatherings during the siege of Sarajevo was an attack on a football tournament in the western suburb of Dobrinja, on the Muslim holy day of Bajram. The initial report failed to capture the true extent of the attack. The UN indictment put the death toll at 146.

- Over a million killed in Iraq

Serbian forces overran the UN safe haven of Srebrenica where tens of thousands of Muslims were sheltering. Dutch peacekeepers offered no resistance. Only later would the fate of thousands of Muslim men become clear.

Information dripped out about the Srebrenica massacre. Eventually the death toll was put at 8,000.

- over a million killed in Iraq during the war and the chaos that erupted after the invasion due to the dismantling of the Iraqi army, police and state. 1 in 10 of the Iraqi population were immediately thrown into poverty and then formed militias.

Excerpts from the the 1995 UN indictment against Karadzic and Mladic

• They are criminally responsible for the unlawful confinement, murder, rape, sexual assault, torture, beating, robbery and inhumane treatment of civilians; the targeting of political leaders, intellectuals and professionals; the unlawful deportation and transfer of civilians; the unlawful shelling of civilians; the unlawful appropriation and plunder of real and personal property; the destruction of homes and businesses and the destruction of places of worship.

follow the money said...

- The invasion of Iraq caused the same including the looting of the Baghdad museum.

• Thousands of Bosnian Muslim and Bosnian Croat civilians, including women, children and elderly persons, were detained ... for protracted periods of time. They were not afforded judicial process and their internment was not justified by military necessity. They were detained, in large measure, because of their national, religious and political identity. The conditions in the detention facilities were inhumane and brutal.

- Abu Ghraib

• In many instances, women and girls who were detained were raped at the camps or taken from the detention centres and raped, or otherwise sexually abused at other locations. Daily food rations provided to detainees were inadequate and often amounted to starvation rations. Medical care for the detainees was insufficient or nonexistent and the general hygiene conditions were grossly inadequate.

- Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and extraordinary rendition to countries where torture was authorised and undertaken.

• Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic, individually and in concert with others, planned, instigated, ordered or otherwise aided and abetted in the planning, preparation or execution of unlawful attacks against the civilian population and individual civilians with weapons such as mortars, rockets and artillery.

- Blair and his generals plotted an illegal war

• Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic, individually and in concert with others planned, instigated, ordered or otherwise aided and abetted in the planning, preparation or execution of the destruction of sacred sites, or knew or had reason to know that subordinates were about to damage or destroy these sites, or had done so and failed to take necessary and reasonable measures to prevent them from doing so or to punish the perpetrators thereof.

- The destruction of Babylon, the Iraqi museum and sites of ancient history.

• Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic, individually and in concert with others planned, instigated, ordered or otherwise aided and abetted in the planning, preparation or execution of the taking of civilians, that is UN peacekeepers, as hostages and, additionally, using them as 'human shields'.

- Blair allowed British troops to go to war under equipped, with sub standard kit and equipment in vehicles not suitable for their role in the theatre of combat.

Therefore why is Karadzic being prosecuted but Blair isnt?

surent said...

The British Government 'believes' this.

Gordon Brown 'believes' that.

How can that man, and his peers in the modern political arena, possibly be leaders? They display irrational beliefs when what we want is knowledge. Imagine for a second Brown actually wanted Blair to get the job - would it kill him to be certain for once in his life and say 'Tony Blair is the right man for the job with his past experience on the highest stage'.

These cretins don't do convictions, not even criminal ones.

Fausty said...

Once Lisbon is ratified, the EU will have sufficient power not to care about pissing off the Brits by appointing Blair. Their desire to tax us all directly, is evidence of that.

surent, they assert "belief" because when the truth comes out, they can't be said to have lied.

Why interviewers and journalists don't challenge them on this evasive measure, I don't know. They're not naive, surely.

Talking about evasiveness, here it is on an epic scale. A nauseating performance.

Edgar said...

If Blair is installed quickly, Brown will still be PM. Mandelson will still not snub Brown because, as PM, gordon brown can still sink the whiole European ship by announcing a referendum on Europe. It WAS promised by Blair, and it IS what the people want, so Brown still has some leverage here, ESPECIALLY if his hated enemy Blair is installed as President. Very interesting times!

Anonymous said...

It is in the entire political classes interest that Blair should not face any kind of prosecution so I am thinking, are they pushing this to provide Blair with some kind of Presidential immunity? The conservative party`s opposition to Blair as EUSSR President is just to distance themselves from it and to create the usual theatre of false opposition.

Anonymous said...

I really can't see any difference between the man accused at the Hague & Tony Blair.

If Radovan Karadzic is a war criminal so is Blair.

If anything, Radovan Karadzic is the less guilty of the two as there may have been quite legitimate concerns about the effects of the growth of Islam which were already being demonstrated in his country - just as people here are now becoming concerned about the growth of Islam in the UK. Unfortunately, he tried completely the wrong & most evil approach to deal with it.
Don't like my views Blair? Go fuck yourself!

Antipholus Papps said...

Have you considered that Bambi's paramount war criminal credentials might be a positive boost to his bid to be fuhrer? After all, with a new combined European rapid 'response' force, he can launch all manner of 'humanitarian interventions'!

I don't generally approve of capital punishment, but if Blair were to be shot in the face at point blank range, I'd buy tickets. I wouldn't waste my piss on his face.

thelunaticarms said...

Welcome to fascism.

It doesn't matter who is the EU President, they'll only be a puppet for the real power, and they're well hidden. They've seen what happens to those that stick their neck out.

We are literally screwed. Orwell was right. Face, boot, forever.

We may have a chance at freedom one day but it won't be achieved peacefully or legally (self-preservation is lawful but only if successful).

Interesting times we're living in.

Anonymous said...

Edgar said...
If Blair is installed quickly, Brown will still be PM. Mandelson will still not snub Brown because, as PM, gordon brown can still sink the whiole European ship by announcing a referendum on Europe. It WAS promised by Blair, and it IS what the people want, so Brown still has some leverage here, ESPECIALLY if his hated enemy Blair is installed as President. Very interesting times!

29 October 2009 20:08

Bollocks! Dooms job is done, opperation destroy Britain, started by Heath the Tory, finished by Doom.

Then like Phoney they line up for their glittering prizes in a fascist Europe.

NWO Doom knows he has to play ball or he takes a walk in the woods or gets destroyed by the controlled press.

Doom knows who butters his bread - the NWO. He also knows what happens to those that get in their way.

Anonymous said...

There is only one party that has the balls to tell the NWO where to shove it and it ain't the corrupt wasters in UKRAP!

Oh well democracy was nice while it lasted! said...

I remeber trying to warn you guys of the NWO and Phoneys objectives as he left office.

Everyone laughed.

There were just a handfull off us scattered over the web, Guido was deleting our posts and then mocking us when we would just reprint out posts.

Headbangers he said!

Even up until very recent times you ALL laughed.

Are you laughing now?

YOU create this mess, YOU aided and abetted this mess and YOU and unfortunately your children will suffer.

Freedom has just gone down the drain. You are now owned by the international bankers and a small collective of heads of state.

Yes, the second that treaty is ratified - it's over.

Gulags, yes you laughed, snatch squads - you laughed even louder.

Reds and blues you cried out for as your saviour.

Guido played the red blue smokescreen too and you all lapped up his red herrings and trivia.

You took your eyes off the ball, the real ball called democracy and the erosion off.

Only the nationalists were screeming at you to wake up.

Mass immigration was a con.

You laughed, you sneered and now your freedom is gone.

Well done each and every one off you, how proud you must be.

but at least as you are marched to your gulag you can hold your head high and say, you helped them do it!

Anonymous said...

The sheep bleated about the non existant Libertarians! save you did they?

So when are the Libertarians going to come to the rescue?

You have about 8 weeks!

Do they even have a single councilor at this late stage?

Don't tell me daniel Hannan will come to the rescue.

Hannan a Tory fed by the EU?

Where is Jury team?

did they save you?

All bollocks in the big sceme.

Your only hope now is for a rebelious uprising in the Tory party spured on by the people and in particular a huge swing to the BNP.

What chance do you think that has, seeing as they are all whipped and looking to the EU for their burnt out MP luxury retirement home in Brussles!

Democracy will be round up and any democratic resistance will be brutally crushed USSR style.

Then get your kids ready for the big conspription drive.

after all someone has to be the NWO cannon fodder as they try and coquere Russia, China and Iran as the elites lust for a global empire demands.

You have only seen the tip of the iceburg that is comming our way.

As can be seen on `V` black bagging, police state and neighbour snitching will soon be the norm.


Who can stop them doing anything they like to maintain perpetual power when democracy and accountability is gone?

We will still have an elected goverment in our police state, only it will be a token goverment with no power whatsoever.

Your current council will have more power than a future `UK` region goverment!

Red lines, clauses etc - not worth the paper they are writen on.

Everyone of them can be over ruled by the unelected burocrats at any time.

Strange how the media kept it largely quiet - why is that?

Cylon said...

The real problems is not whether Blair should be El Presidente or not.

The real problem is the whole idea of a EU President, of a EU foreign minister. Hell... the whole EU parliament.

I was never asked if I even want any of that. My government tells me that a vote of the people is not necessary. That's the real problem.

We're being told that this is done to make the EU more democratic... Well, then why am I not allowed to vote on it?

Because it's not necessary, say our so called "leaders". Because they know what's good for us. Yeah, right.

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