Friday, 2 October 2009

Under New Management

I follow the Labourlist blog avidly. It is a rich seam of piss boiling authoritarianism written by an ever dwindling number of delusional crackpots and weirdos. It gives me great pleasure to sit back and read the utterly breathtaking weapons grade fizzy bubble poo that spouts out of the mouths of the last few remaining Labour supporters in the land as they struggle to justify what has happened to this country over the last twelve years.

Then I read the polls and see that nearly 80% of the voting population, some 20 million people will not vote for Labour. They'll be lucky to get 5 million votes in May 2010.

Why? They are desperate to find out over at Labourlist.

Well, over the past 12 years, who has actually profited from Labour?

The poor. Fair enough, you got your minimum wage. What has actually happened is that anybody who is so unskilled that their labour is not worth £5.80 an hour is unemployable. Resulting in millions sitting at home on their arses. They'll never work again and they know it. To keep them placated, you've introduced a massive hike in benefits making it impossible for them to find work and profit from it. They don't care either way. Using Danegeld, you've bought their vote.

Immigrants. An open door policy has allowed every Dick, Tomascz and Mirek to arrive here and take up the jobs you are paying UK citizens NOT to do. Germany were smart enough to block EU new members from seeking work in Germany. You weren't. So millions sit on the dole, whilst Poles and Latvians work the fields and send the money home. Not counting the million illegals who are currently thoroughly enjoying themselves on out stayed visas.

Minorities. From Lesbians to radical Islamists, you've paved the streets with gold for them. You draconian laws and bizarre equality rules means they can shout as loudly as they want, incite violence, demand quotas, funding and "special" allowances that no one else can touch and we sit back and watch them abuse their new rights with a gusto.

The Feckless. Yup. Families ruined, lawless streets, downs syndrome kids with O Levels, feral animals beating us to death, a powerless judicial and legal system, overflowing prisons. Have some tax credits, working family credit, whatever. Just vote Labour.

So there's your vote. The five million you've made life fantastic for. 12 years and you've helped 5 million people to "improve" their lives. Non jobs in the State, the unemployable bribed with Stella and benefits to behave themselves (they aren't) and you expect to win a fourth term?

What have you done for the other 20 million who are paying for the 5 million?

Nothing. Except treat them with utter contempt. You've legislated our rights away, you monitor our every move, licence our lives and tax us till we bleed. You regularly insult us, abuse us, search us, spy on us, prosecute us, deride us, laugh at us and then sneer at us.

You are about to be reminded that four out of five of us absolutely detest you for the last 12 years of your "power". We don't dislike you, or slightly disagree with you. WE HATE YOU. 80% of the electorate wants you GONE. We don't care what you say anymore. We don't care what you do anymore. We just want to be represented again.

So cuddle the poor, the unemployed, the feckless, the worthless, the unemployable and the immigrants, the weird and the wonderful, the "oppressed", the Islamofacists, the "culturally different" all you fucking want. They're going to be the only ones voting for you and try as you might, they still only represent one in five of the British Electorate. 20 million of us are going to put you on your bastard arses for treating us like something you walked in. And then we're going to start undoing the damage you've wreaked on this country and it's hard working, honest, decent citizens who didn't deserve any of this.

You can stick your CCTV, Police State, wheelie bin Stasi, DNA, WMD, "Social Cohesion", benefits for all, guilty until proved innocent, don't do that it's illegal now, can't say that, ID cards for all, where are you going, what have you been saying/doing/reading, can't photograph that, how very dare you, golliwog banning, we know where you live, we're watching you Soviet Utopia up your arses. Sideways.

I have put down three bottles of very good Champagne to celebrate your demise on May 9th. I intend to party all night. 4 out of 5 people are invited.


Rogerborg said...

Hear hear. At least about getting rid of Zanu. But since it'll be Camerbrown that gets the gig... urgh... I don't see much hope for improvement. He doesn't have the stomach to deal with the 5 million when they come for their next tranche of Danegeld.

Well, fuck 'em all anyway. I'm going to put a 150cc piston in my 125cc bike and not tell the DVLA. That'll show the bastards.

NorrieC said...

"What have you done for the other 20 million who are paying for the 5 million?"

No, no, no, its a lot, lot worse than that. In a country of say, 60m people, 40% (c.24m) are gainfully(sic) employed, the remainder being too young, too old and simply unemployable. Of the 40% who are working, 40%(c.9.6m)(in England, 50% in Scotland ) of those work for the state (local or national). Since state employees are non-contributory to GDP (i.e they don't make and sell anything) they appear on the 'overhead' side of UK plc's balance sheet. The fact that they pay income tax and NI is a misnomer since you could just as easily regard their net income as their pay and ignore their gross income. After all, why pay a state employee tax out of the public purse only to pay it back in to the public purse as tax? It makes no sense.

What that means is that 45.6m people in this country are living off the backs of the other 14.4m who are the true wealth generators. The other 45.6m are simply an overhead.

Ed P said...

Great rant!
The only problem is Dave's gang not seeing eye to eye with you.
I just hope the police and army will be ready for the uprising - take away all those benefits and the feckless sofa-trash might just stagger onto their little-used feet and waddle outside to protest. Still, what harm can a few fat chavs cause?

Marchamont Needham said...

You beat me to it NorrieC. Great analysis.

But you should also add in all the private sector employees who are providing goods & services to the state sector, because they're effectively state dependant too.

This election will only be a landslide if the turkeys vote for xmas.

now the working poor said...

brilliant, but brilliant, I owe you a pint sir!

Edgar said...

Everybody, ultimately, works for the State. The State allows your private businesses to do business. That will be no different under Cameron. Have a drink by all means, but nothing has been gained.

I am Stan said...

Mr Holborne, i am a proud man,,never asking for anything from others..all my life i work hard ...spend only what i can afford..

as i look..and listen... i see anger..fear and pain in the British tribes..

is it too late for hope to return..i hear no hope from any other chiefs.

Stay safe friends.

Ampers said...

My latest blog - Heading "There's nothing more to say really, is there?

Body: Link to this page!!!

Ampers (Need I say more?)

Anonymous said...

Just superb. Says it all.

Gigits said...

Have you been drinking, OH?

I rant like that when I'm pissed.

As rants go, it was a fucking good one!

microdave said...

An absolutely brilliant post OH. And still up on Liebor Lost as well!

They really don't get it, do they?

@ Rogerborg - I hope you're going to bore the cylinder out first...

Anonymous said...

Loved that.

We hope that the new government will undo much of the damage and give us back our dignity, freedom, sense of shame as opposed to sense of guilt, etc., etc. Will Cameron be a force for redress or will we be left disappointed?


Anonymous said...

Faggots have done well under labour. Elavated to hero status.

woman on a raft said...

"You can stick your CCTV, Police State, wheelie bin Stasi, DNA, WMD, "Social Cohesion", benefits for all, guilty until proved innocent, don't do that it's illegal now, can't say that, ID cards for all, where are you going, what have you been saying/doing/reading, can't photograph that, how very dare you, golliwog banning, we know where you live, we're watching you Soviet Utopia up your arses. Sideways."

Whistles. Stamps. Trys to work out if that can be fitted legibly on to a t-shirt, but if not will be printed out and made in to a greetings card.


Leg-iron said...

That has to be a red wine rant. It has all the hallmarks.

I'd only crack open the champagne if all those who don't vote decide to do so. If none of them voted Lib/Lab/Con, those three parties would pop out of existence.

They know it, which is why they keep up their 'vote for a minor party is a wasted vote' line. Don't waste your vote, they say, vote for wasters.

I'd love to see them all come in below the Monster Raving Loonies on election day. If it did happen, I'd have drunk myself to death by the following day but it would be worth it, just to die laughing that hard.

Old Holborn said...

Vodka and Orange, followed by home brew bitter (Nelsons Revenge), followed by a bottle of St Emillion Grand Cru.

And I'm STILL bastard sober.

GCooper said...

Fine stuff, OH!

And yes, contemplating ZaNuLabour does have that effect. Drink more!

Dick Puddlecote said...

Not just me having a rant about Labour tonight then?

Quality stuff, OH.

Dazed and Confused said...

I'm waiting for the absolute nadir posting from one of the Labour List hoons, where-by they instruct their readership that next Years elections should be delayed indefinitely, as David Cameron will ruin everything they've "built" over the last decade and more...

It's coming...

Ivor Bigot said...

I can think of a couple of die-hard Labour voters not a million miles from me. Ten kids, two council houses (one sitting empty), one minibus, one people carrier, three motor cycles, numerous fiddles, toys galore, and not a single fucking days work to pay for it.

Labour's legacy. Glorious stuff.

Thud said...


hangemall said...

Bravo!!!! A tour de force.

Rogerborg said...

Piddle in the Hole for me. Then copious cheap nasty scotch (not Broon, the drink). Might as well enjoy it while we can.

Oh... nobody tell the DVLA about my bike mod. I'm way too pretty to go to gaol.

Anonymous said...

Yes to hell with New Labour, New Label, New Liebore, New Lowbar, who cares what they call themselves. It has been an economic Chernobyl in which boneheads with only the vaguest notion of how the thing works have tested the system to utter destruction. They are unreconstructed socialists and they still sing the Commie anthem Red Flag at their conference so why would any sane person even consider voting for them in the first place?
Well, they didn't. At the 2005 election only 22% of the electorate voted Labour. The other 78% didn't want Labour or didn't care anyway. In England alone more people voted Conservative than Labour. Even so they got 55% of Commons seats. Unbelieveable. In other countries the population would be rioting. It's the utterly undemocratic FPTP voting system that allows these ideological dimwits to wield such power. Opponents of PR say it brings weak government. After this rabble who would ever want a strong government ever again? It's a strong opposition we need and I haven't noticed one yet. Glad I left the UK 32 years ago (to get away from the last Labour government !).

banned said...

Love it, concise and precise.

You can stick your CCTV, Police State, wheelie bin Stasi, DNA, WMD, "Social Cohesion", benefits for all, guilty until proved innocent, don't do that it's illegal now, can't say that, ID cards for all, where are you going, what have you been saying/doing/reading, can't photograph that, how very dare you, golliwog banning, we know where you live, we're watching you Soviet Utopia up your arses. Sideways.

Nicked it.

Mitch said...

I have a 25yr old Glen Morangie put aside for the great day.
The day we throw the yoke of nulab tyranny off our collective necks and consign their ideas to the cesspit where they belong.

Catosays said...

I've just returned from a three week sojourn in Oz. Took 24 hours to travel 12,000 miles. I get to Heathrow, pick up the car, and it takes me over 4 hours to travel 120 miles home via the M4, North Circular Road and the A1. That, to me, is a graphic illustration of what this bunch of twats have done to this country. And don't say I should have used the M25 'cos I'd still be travelling.

Bloody good rant OH

Dick the Prick said...

Bravo! Cheers man.

Harri said...

Wild applause OH

Now for the revolution, prior to introducing the 646 to the meet mr lampost and a length of piano wire, it would be 'fun' to tattoo your brilliant rant onto their foreheads... will it fit !

We will make it fucking fit !

"You can stick your CCTV, Police State, wheelie bin Stasi, DNA, WMD, "Social Cohesion", benefits for all, guilty until proved innocent, don't do that it's illegal now, can't say that, ID cards for all, where are you going, what have you been saying/doing/reading, can't photograph that, how very dare you, golliwog banning, we know where you live, we're watching you Soviet Utopia up your arses. Sideways."

We wil just have to make sure the bastards don't frown ?

Anonymous said...

Outstanding stuff.

As for the election, cant fucking wait.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, there's still people who will vote for the cunts. Two of my friends say 'at least we know what we're getting with Labour' - FFS! Incidentally, 'getting' doesn't mean benefits as they work - it means laws, taxes etc - FFS - again!

T England said...

Nice one OH.
I think I’m going to print this off & rattle it off to any Labour bods that knock on my door :o)


dickiebo said...

Brilliant stuff. I've put the whole blog on to mine today.

defender said...

Steaming OH, so is the leg-iron,

"I rarely swear on this blog. When I talk to my whisky pals, every other word starts with F. In my street live a banker, a joiner, a plumber and a builder supplier - the last three are self-employed. The plumber and the joiner never swear, at least I've never heard them do so. The banker and the builder supplier do. A lot. I modify my language to suit who I'm talking to. If you want to get a message across you have to speak the lingo and if you're too shy to say 'Fuck' once in a while, there is a whole mass of the population who will not listen. My favourite is still the sheep farmer who looked at a dead sheep and said 'Fuck the fucking fucker, the fucking fucker's fucked'. Verb, noun, adjective, all one word. I was in awe. But can any party suit talk comfortably to that guy in his own language? I can. Can you?

There is no point explaining national budget statistics to the voters. We vote you lot in to deal with that because we don't want to do it. All we care about is - are we in the red or the black as far as the money goes. Well, most people don't even care that far. Most people are worried about themselves and their immediate family. Now. Today. Not tomorrow.

Real life still has no link with the internet. As for Twitter, don't make me laugh. That is a geek toy and will remain so.

Real life is people, and people, for the most part, care nothing for the detail of government. You want to talk to them? Easy. Just talk.

You want them to listen? You want to get back out of there with your fingers unbroken? To achieve that. you need to listen as well as talk. Political parties don't listen.

Politicians, here's a look at the sort of people you expect to convince with big words and browbeating."

Some here can afford to put a good bottle aside for the future, me I just neck it. You know what, we are going to have to fucking fight the bastards, fight. Talking has not worked and will not work against the rightous.
In the past year which one of them have been banged up, the bankers, no, the troughers, no, the stassi police, no, the social workers who oversee childrens death, no, the lawmakers, no and all the rest. But if you were to make a stand to protect you and yours even a 70 odd year old pensioner you will be banged up.
What we have is more of the same on the way and worse, can you see where its going, Blair as fucking president of the EU, UK skint, Camarhoon PM, Afganistan, the UK a group of regions and you will pay, by god you will pay for it all. Those with a way out of here get your skates on, for the rest of us, whats it to be, submit or fight, thats the only options left on the table.

Angry Old Man said...

Great stuff.

LabourAreReallyVeryEvil said...


Anonymous said...

Fine words O H. Sums it up perfectly.

Anonymous said...


Concluding para ("You can stick your CCTV, Police State, etc) on a Christmas Card please so we can buy packs through your website.
Bring some Cheer to the nation this Christmas.

Dr Evadne said...

Thanks for reminding me about getting the champers ready.

And as other commentators have suggested, can we have the second from last paragraph on a t-shirt. And how about a donation of any profits from sales to Guthrum's legal costs? Drop in the ocean but it might be of help.
Crikey, here's me getting all charitable!

Ian said...

Absolutely agree with everything you've written here except that there are alot of people out there who have voted 3 BLOODY times, for this mob and thats alot of guilty people.

It was only around 4 years ago they last got in. And most of what you've written predates the last election.

What I'm saying is to (unfortunately) paraphrase Clinton - its the economy stupid.

If it wasnt for the recession theres a very good chance they'd get in again, because alot of people are selfish, greedy, myopic and egotistical who dont honestly give a fu** as long as their house price increases and their car is bigger than their neighbours and these are the people that deliver the govt they deserve.

Its the rest that have to suffer.

Fidothedog said...

Agree with what has been said, but need to point out that Labour have increased the number of poor whilst in power.

Many of these had jobs, had homes, had cars all now with the banks/bailiffs etc.

Yes, they are on benefits but they are pissed, pissed with Gordon, pissed with looking for work in ghost town's where all the businesses have fucked off, pissed with being grilled by smug cunts in the DSS every 2 weeks.

They would much rather be working again earning a few hundred notes a week rather than just over 200 quid a fortnight for a married couple.

A lot of the poor want to improve themselves but know "things can only get better" when this worthless bunch of quasi Soviet/Nazi statists fucks are kicked out.

Richard said...

Outstanding post, and duly linked to. Top man.

Billy Blofeld said...

The worst of the worst are the 1.1m healthy people who have been unemployed and on benefits for more than 12 years......

Labour's dole scum

Sir Rupert Murdoch said...

The Gorgon has just agreed to a live debate ( according to Sky ). Would you be able to attend OH ?

Custard said...

Bravo OH. See you on 5th November.

Anonymous said...

Fucking A !!!

Quality rant.

I'll be celebrating these cunt's demise with a good bottle myself.

And I'll also be voting BNP - again.

Fuck 'em, fuck 'em all....

Rogerborg said...

Hmm, it looks like Westminster is almost completely irrelevant now though. Welcome to the United States of Europe, under the benign dictatorship of Emperor Blair I, courtesy of the bloody Paddies.

Nice work selling us out for the chance to keep suckling at the Euro-teat. I hope you choke on your subdidies, you pathetic sub-nation of pikey scroungers. I woke up this morning embarrased to be Scotch, but now at least I can console myself by thinking: it could be worse.

Katabasis said...

*Stands and applauds*

Outstanding OH.

Demetrius said...

Someone has pointed that whilst an election has to be held, it is a convention that a government has to resign or summon a new Parliament. So if under delegated powers arising from the Lisbon Treaty, the President and Commission of the European Union decide that Brown etc. should continue, with perhaps Lord Foy as Europe's appointed Governor, there is nothing to prevent this, other than the Queen, who would need the support of the Army. The squaddies have already voted by a very large majority to support the Queen in this event. Watch this space.

polaris said...

< Standing ovation in my household. Splenetic and beautiful OH.

Some do take a stand - but organising free thinkers is like herding cats. So we are faced with a binary choice in May - righteous red reprobates or righteous bullingdon bastards, neither will stop this onslaught.

defender said...

Very good link polaris, more like that will be needed real soon.

electro-kevin said...

Bang on the money !

If the Lisbon Treaty goes through then they've won. This last eighteen months hasn't been about running the country but about getting Blair elected EU President.

Rogerborg said...

"elected"? Funny use of the term.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Can you post that to every MP, OH?

If not, can I send it to my fucker, please?

Fausty said...

Superb post, OH.

Gloria said...

A most entertaining dissertation with some enjoyably colourful language.

tris said...

All true, but what will Cameron do differently?

Shades Of Ansel said...

I suffer from Polyneuropathy,which is a desease of the central nervous system which results in nerve damage and acute muscle wasting.I have no lower leg or hand nerve function,and the muscle wasting in my hands makes me unable to even hold a cup of coffee.I also have arthritis down my entire spine,which means I hardly ever sleep.My life is 24 hour pain.BUT,I DO NOT CLAIM DISABILITY.I do not want to burden the taxpayer with looking after me,but as a result,live in practical poverty.I claim the BARE MINIMUM.I know of a family of 3 who claim disability,but there is NOTHING WRONG WITH ANY OF THEM.They've just been on a cruise,had a brand new fitted kitchen and have someone come in twice a week to clean for them.They milk the system dry for all they can get.I have a GENUINE disability,but get NO help at all.They give people like me a bad name.But Labour has made it easy for them.I had the humiliation of having to sit in front of a tribunal court to PROVE my disability for the few poxy quid I claimed.There were three sections to the tribunal,and I got enough points on the FIRST section.This other family know the system.The father reads books on it.He knows it back to front.why can't he be given an MRI scan for example,and if he's proved to be lying,have to pay the price of the scan ( about £600 )back to the NHS.If Labour had thought of a policy like this,wouldn't there be less people on the con,and genuine people would not feel this terrible persicution that I have felt?Labour has made me feel a useless,lying,second-class citizen in my own country.I don't hold any hope out for the CONservatives either.

Rhymer said...

A man walked into a very high-tech bar. As he sat down on a stool he noticed that the bartender was a robot. The robot clicked to attention and asked, "Sir, what will you have?"

The man thought a moment then replied, "A Martini please."

The robot clicked a couple of times and mixed the best Martini the man had ever had.

The robot then asked, "Sir, what is your IQ?"

The man answered "oh, about 164"

The robot then proceeded to discuss the theory of relativity, inter-stellar space travel, the latest medical break through, etc.......

The man was most impressed. He left the bar but thought he would try a different tact. He returned and took a seat. Again the robot clicked and asked what he would have? "A Martini please."

Again it was superb. The robot again asked "what is your IQ sir?"

This time the man answered, "Oh about 100". So the robot started discussing Coonation Street, the latest football scores, and what to expect in Eastenders this week.

The guy had to try it one more time. So he left, returned and took a stool...... Again a Martini, and the question, "What is your IQ?"

This time the man drawled out "oh...... bout 50".

The robot clicked then leaned close and very slowly asked,

"A-r-e? y-o-u-r? p-e-o-p-l-e? h-a-p-p-y? w-i-t-h B-R-O-W-N ?????

General Stiltskin said...

I think we need a campaign to organise the biggest piss up the world has ever seen... for when Labour gets kicked seven shades of shit out of at the ballot box next year.

I want to hear "ding dong the wicked witch is dead" ringin' throughout the land as an antidote to "D-ream" [blueak... vomit].

Term Paper said...

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Doc Trough said...

By God, I Wish I'd said that!

Their removal from power should only be a start though. Then the persecution and revenge should start...

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