Thursday, 8 October 2009

Tories prepare to start binge drinking

Boris gets a round in

Just two days after telling us that we must all be punished because the Police are unable to get off their fat arses and actually arrest a few violent drunks, theTaliban Tories are preparing to get a skinful, smash up Manchester and threaten to "do" anyone who looks at them funny on the train back.

I'm calling the Police to get them all ASBO'ed.


Road_Hog said...

More bollocks on drinking.

Tories plan drink levy on shops

Edgar said...

"I'm calling the Police to get them all ASBO'ed."

Waste of time, OH. The Police don't 'do' ASBOs. The Orders are referred to the magistrates by Local Authorities, or their agencies, such as housing ALMOs.

Go on, ask me ... what do the Police do? It's a good question ... a very good question. Why not ask them? Oh, yes, now I remember: they do 'breach of the peace'. So, best not to ask them, after all.

champagne tories said...

The Tories are even stealing the champers now.
Daily Mail reports one of them stole a £150 bottle and was banged to rights.

Anonymous said...

"Go on, ask me ... what do the Police do? It's a good question ... a very good question."

Where I live in the cotswolds they tend to spend most of their time fucking around in association with the council,trading standards and the enviroment agency. Their favorite sport is stopping van drivers, dangerous criminals that may be carrying half a bag of site waste inside their van. Obviously these people must be apprehended before disposing of the offending evidence in a bin, or god forbid,at the local tip.
Its good to know these filthy capitalist scumbags who dare to do an honest days work are being harassed at every opportunity.


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