Monday, 5 October 2009

Tories Don't Get It Either

How do we restore confidence in Policing- Hosted By ACPO at the Tory Fringe.

Simples ! To start with- wind up the private limited company that is ACPO. How can you have the Police run by a private limited company that is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, yet the taxpayer foots the bill ?

Accountability and stop acting like robocop for a second.


JuliaM said...

It's like the punchline to that old Irish joke about asking for directions: "Well, I wouldn't start from here.." isn't it?

Of course, the Tories aren't going to rock the boat with ACPO - they want to portray themselves as the 'law & oder' party.

Anonymous said...

Spot on article Guthrum however, turkeys voting for Christmas? I dont't think so! Far too much money to be made, [owers to be gained by the members of ACPO the way it is. LauraNorder is merely a side issue - power & intimidation & non-accountability is their raison d'etre.

Dixon of Dock Green said...

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

I know from correspondence with the Tory shadow spokesman for police that their perspective on policing is already presumptive of a cosy relationship with ACPO and the police hierarchy. They show a naive trust in police expertise and professionalism whereas the past 12 years should have demonstrated that the police have fundamentally lost the plot and need reining in.

Unfortunately it looks like any future directions with policing will be subject to the same vested interest lobbying by ACPO rather than the critical root and branch independent review that is required.

You are quite right that they just don't get it. The govcernment should be holding the police to account on behalf of the people not jumping in to bed with their empire builders. Rather like government itself accountability in the police has been eroded to the point of arrogance and disregard for the people they are supposed to serve.

electro-kevin said...

The really big issue of the day surely has to be Europe, nay ?

Without a concerted effort by everyone ACPO will be a total irrelevance ... as will our whole nation.

FTAC Watch said...

The Conservatives also plan to continue to use the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC), a joint venture between the police and the NHS, to abduct ‘undesirables’ and hold them without human rights or a fair trial. I am not sure just how they are going to get the doctors that have been so willing to cooperate with a Labour government to provide the same lies for them.

Outed said...

Ahh the ACPO canard. Should they have a talking shop? Yes of course. Should it be a business? No of course not and it should be wound up. If they want to meet up, fine, get a room, have a meeting. It is at least a step up from the old days of rolled trouser legs. ACPO has a website and spokespersons and everything.

Back in the world, abolishing ACPO would accomplish the square root of nothing because ACPO is not the disease and abolishing it is not the cure. Going after ACPO is chasing the chaff. The existence of ACPO is just another symptom of the rise of a public service management norms based around
1. The need to demonstrate constant change and improvement
2. A model of leadership that involves lots of soft skills in implementing received policy from above but precious little of actual leading.
3. An inflated idea of self worth and entitlement that has manifested itself in grossly inflated wages and conditions of service during employment and a seat on the next gravy train to Quangoville after retirement.
4. An inability to accept personal blame or responsibility for anything, ever.
5. An attempt to reduce everything good and noble in public service into the gibbering cowardice of three ring binderism. All is risk and community impact assessed. Processes are defined and mapped and oh how safe that feels when everything is written down. You can read a manual to become an effective manager or a great leader.All you have to do is what you are told to do.
6. All is Disneyfied. If you can dream it then apparently you can have it. Any dream can come true. The ugly talentless child can grow to be anything they want to be. It is just a matter of believing hard enough.

There is more but what the heck, I hope people get the picture. There's the best part of a generation of public service managers.

Outed said...

that are entirely bought into a way of working that will deliver, at best, mediocre services and at worst services that tick every audit box without producing any product worth spit in the wind.

Barry Stonham said...

It may be an idea to stop extrajudicial killings, (de Menezes Tomlinson et al), stop wasting time going to art exhibits (Spiritual America hoo ha) and perhaps less time sending 2 vanloads of armed twats to Iraq war pray ins and more time catching burglars, muggers, chavscum like the Simmons babboons of Leicetershire.

GCooper said...

I think Outed has got that just about 100 per cent right.

ACPO must go. But just as a start.

hangemall said...

I agree with Captain Ranty's comment to a previous post Where he said that statute laws are laws of the sea and do not apply on land.
I further suspect that the smart lawyers of the smart set (and football players) know this and are getting their clients off by pointing this out before it ever get to court in most cases. After all, we can't have the riff-raff knowing that we don't really have to pay those fines, can we?

I further further suspect that most of the new laws that NewLab have introduced are designed to increase revenue rather than ensure that the peace is kept.

At one time you recognise a tax- gatherer by the fact that he wore a pinstripe suit, a bowler hat, carried an umbrella and drove a posh (at that time) Rover.

Now tax gatherers come with stab vests, a different type of silly hat, batons and drive noddy cars.

Do the police care that they are now just glorified tax gatherers? Probably some yes and some no, but when (as I seem to remember - can someone confirm or disprove this please) the police budget is around 55 percent in pensions with nice early retirement ages one begins to wonder on which side most of them stand.

I could go on and on and on but I'll save my energy for now and go for a pint. (I finished work at 4am in case you were wondering what I was doing at the keyboard during working hours)

TheBigYin said...

Not worked it out yet OH but are you at the Tory conference fringe meetings in Manchester? I am going tomorrow to meet a couple of F2C'rs and that esteemed author Chris Snowdon.

If you are there how will I recognise you, will you be the one dressed up and asking for a 'penny for the Guy?' lol.

Old Holborn said...

Nope, I don't go "ooop North" without an armed guard. I'm also not a Tory

Dick the Prick said...

@Outed - did I hear directly elected police chiefs in there? Bloody too right. I don't give a monkeys if they are BNPers - they better be bright to deal with the bureaucracy but if not - they'll get fucked quicker.

And OH - most Northerners couldn't give a fuck about global warming - live in fucking caves on hills dont ya know?

General Stiltskin said...

Ooh get her! Lives in a cave! Fuckin' posh cunt.. when I were a lad we used to live inside the broken dreams of baby orphans thrown ont' fire wit pitchfeurk, tha knows; now we've moved up in the world, and live inside a rancid kebab ont side ut streeyut, yer spoilt cunt.

Anonymous said...

@Outed. Agree that ACPO Ltd must be wound up, not sure I agree with your logic about the disease/cure.

On the front page of the ACPO Ltd web site is their claim to work in EQUAL partnership with Government. To my mind, that is the most offensive thing about the organisation, that they should have an equal say in the matters that they decide are important to them. This leads without any doubt to their instruction to Chief Officers that they should not destroy the DNA and fingerprint records of innocent people as required by the recent court judgement.

It is such arrogance on the part of ACPO Ltd that makes me think it a real possibility that ACPO Ltd will be our next government. They have the fire-power to force the issue.

General Stiltskin said...

I think I would enjoy having the military police the police... ruff 'em up, push 'em around a bit, have the odd accidental discharge into a police firearms officer.
Get rid of ACPO, and replace it with the Adjutant-General of the Army... hold meetings "Full Metal Jacket" style.

Works a treat in Thailand, the Army kicked shit into Toxin Chinkyrat and his police when they tried bringing in a police state.
Remember, the military serve the monarchy, not the government... whereas HMIC is responsible to the Home Office.

Frankly, there are some parts of the country where a military crackdown might do some good... the grotty dens of liars, buggers, and thieves in inner city London boroughs, such as Westminster, for example.

banned said...

Why is it that within the past couple of days I have seen two cars that looked like Police Cars, all that shiney blue/yellow/white livery that turned out to be Private Security firms Dog Units patroling the Queens Highway ?

WTF is that all about ?

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