Friday, 23 October 2009

Thanks, Guys!

The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and "rub the Right's nose in diversity", according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.



GCooper said...

Thus admitting what we had long known.

When ZaNuLabour was elected in 1987, its acolytes vowed to change this country in ways that no succeeding government would ever be able to undo.

The immigration policy spearheaded that attempt to bring down the temple. Pretty successfully, I'd have said.

Pay attention at' back said...

GCooper - "When ZaNuLabour was elected in 1987"

Not a freudian slip surely...

SO17 said...

Who would have guessed the political elite were in on the post war immigration scam.
What with our thousands of miles of unguarded desert land borders to the south and arctic woodland to the north.
Hang on thats America not Britain,an Island with only three ways in, sea/air and small tunnel.
These cunts are Traitors to us Abos.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the BNP were telling the truth all along.

How mad are people going to feel when they find out how Labour have manipulated us all & changed the make up of Britain unnaturally?

GCooper said...

1987? It just feels that long.

Ampers said...

Why do I believe this implicitly!


one party state said...

It has NOTHING to do with left or right and everything to do with undermining the natural indentity and cohesion of the country in order to undermine it's democracy.

To hand it over with far greater ease to a foriegn power base NWO/EUSSR with the least resistance.

The British were destined - as were ALL other white countries to ethnicide and minority status through mass immigration and the destryuction all national identity, simply to ensure that no nationalistic democratic group could ever resist as a unified nation of single identity, the NWO international bankers as they take conrol for what they hope is eternity with their dynasties.

One party state said...

P.S Dave will continue the plan for the NWO as while Whites are destined to become a minority within perhaps a a hundred years, this is not fast enough a genocide for the NWO who believe they are on the last lap of the destruction of national democracy.

Dave will ensure Turkey joins the EU and that the country then gets several million more immigrants - job done.

No more democracy or national identity to resist it.

Anonymous said...

One Party State is right. Traitorous lying bastards should be strung out on lamp posts down the Mall and the last sight they see should be a Union Flag.

SO17 said...

'I am third generation immigrant'
Jack(I am the law)Straw kept saying.
Well it has been established that by the second generation his father didn't think his adoptive country was worth fighting for and by the third generation war is ok as long as mainly white working class lads do the fighting.
Not a very good example of immigrants are you Jack you cunt.

Anonymous said...

No surprise there. They are now well known treacherous rats.

Anonymous said...

How apT that they should end up heamorrhaging votes to the BNP

mungle said...

Longest recession since records were kept. Pity that the treachery isn't offset by at least one area of competency.

huggle said...

For as long as the Labour Goverment performed the pantomime that immigration wasn't about wilfully changing the face of Britain* we have not been able to have grown up discussions about what immigration does to this country and whether we are doing it right or not. And that's before you start considering the poisonous effect of EU border controls.

* What a bizarre starting point though - to change the face of Britain as a stab at the 'Right'? What is the 'Right'?

I fear the Labour policiy makers are as blinded by their emotions as the likes of UAF who have ended up being fascists to attempt their crack down on fascism. The 'Right' Labour believed had something against immigration is an utter phantom.

There are pockets of xenophobic anti-immigration types all over the political spectrum. There is a much larger group who think immigration ought to be more balance and should definitely be policed thoroughly and effectively. Labour seem to have mistaken the latter with the former, seen a much bigger battle ahead than was the case and ripped apart the fabric of this country as their solution.

Anonymous said...

One in five 'would consider voting BNP' after Nick Griffin Question Time appearance

Katabasis said...

UnFUCKING believable.

Powerful arguments can be made on economic, and occasionally ethical, grounds for relaxed immigration criteria.

But for the purposes of "social engineering"!!?? There's something so sinister about that I can't really find the words to describe it.

Stop Islam Now. said...

Starting with the League of Empire Loyalists, via all the splinter groups formed over the years, to today's BNP, the so - called and vilified "Right" have been proven to be correct in their warnings about immigration and consequent miscegenation.
This plot has been a long time in the making, but it's progenitors are sniffing success, particularly with the latest floods of militant Islam aliens in our country.
The latter, at least, are making no pretence about their intent to "Islamise" Britain.
The clock to Doomsday is ticking!

Anonymous said...

You have to laugh really.The daily mail have an article about Jack Straws cowardly father, they have Jack pictures as the pround son standing in Wandsworth Prison were hsi cowardly father hid from hitler.

picture titled.

Jack Straw visiting Wandsworth Prison in south-west London, where his pacifist father was held for refusing to fight in 1939

No comments on this article,wonder why?

Read about the cunt here:

banned said...

"huge increases in migrants were due to a politically motivated attempt to radically change the country"

That was my opinion in the 1970's.

Bodderick said...

Margaret Thatcher:

Thus the utopia of multiculturalism involves a bureaucratic class presiding over a nation divided into a variety of ethnic nationalities. That, of course, looks awfully like the old Soviet Union.

Rogerborg said...

My, my. There's only one question that we absolutely must know the answer to now:

When's his book out?

Anonymous said...

At last we've got one of the cunts admitting what multi-culturalism was all about.
Re the detention centre - why didn't they encircle the place & force all the firestarters to live (or rather, die) with the results of their actions? Group4 always were a pack of useless shits anyway - remember all the prisoners escaping in transit - not once - not twice but almost any time Group4 drove prisoners anywhere. Completely wrong decision - Group4 fuck up badly - someone else pays for it - story of life in Labour Britain.

Harri said...

Anonymous said...
At last we've got one of the cunts admitting what multi-culturalism was all about.

Maybe, its just me, but i have spotted a flaw, in Zanulabores/EU cunning plan !

They, seem to have forgot to invite the rest of the British indigenous population, to partake in their ' doomed social engineering' experiment !

Its, all going to end in tears ?

Don't, it always ?

Anonymous said...

They, seem to have forgot to invite the rest of the British indigenous population, to partake in their ' doomed social engineering' experiment !

They arrogantly assumed we could be taken for granted. They forgot that those being given a good "enriching" were the voters they previously relied upon, not fellow politicians living away from it all

Alfred of Wessex said...

Add a little "Common Purpose" (google it) and "Euromed" (google "Eurabia: The Euro Arab Axis") and it all starts to make horrible sense.

BNP guido refugee. said...

It's too late.

I've said for years that the BNP only ever had to get one MP in Parliament and it would be enough to make Lib/Lab/Cons sit up and start listening to the people about immigration.

I was wrong on two counts.

1) It only took the BNP to get a million votes in the Euro elections and two MEPs to make Lib/Lab/Con take notice.

2) they have decided they do not want to listen to the people. They have decided to destroy the instrument through which the people have spoken.

The BNP will be destroyed.
Griffin and his party members will be targeted in a way never seen before in modern British politics.
QT was just the start.
1 million voters will become meaningless when they have no party left to vote for.

The three party state, which in reality is now the same party with three sections, which they fool us into thinking we have a choice between, will not be challenged.
Britain WILL be part of an EU superstate. Turkey WILL be allowed to join. Immigration into Britain will be cranked up even higher.

The British WILL be invaded, outbred and ethnically cleansed from the pages of history.

The fight is over.

Sorry, but that is the way I see it.

Reefknot said...

The silence of the MainStream Media is deafening. The BBC seem to have virtually ignored it. If the story was about say, the Thatcher Government, we'd still be hearing about it. It is possibly the biggest story of the decade but nobody is carrying it - a few desultory pieces earlier then...nothing. Have they been trodden on ?

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