Friday, 16 October 2009

Starving For Freedom

To mark World Food Day, IPN’s Executive Director Julian Morris argues in the Wall Street Journal that famine cannot be defeated by foreign aid and cuts in carbon emissions.

These fallacies, he says, “are echoed by the World Bank, Oxfam, Christian Aid and that bellwether of bad ideas, Gordon Brown.”

History shows that famine was overcome by free trade—leading to specialisation and an end to subsistence farming. Since the 1920s, for example, global deaths from drought-related famines have fallen by 99.9%.

Yet oppressive, socialist governments in Africa have continued to enforce subsistence farming on the least fortunate populations.

The lessons of Nobel Economics Prize-winner Elinor Ostrom must be heeded: property rights and liberal institutions should be allowed to grow from bottom up, not stifled by kleptocrats in receipt of “foreign aid” from misguided Western governments.

Julian Morris IPN in the Wall Street Journal

To put it bluntly Brown is not saving the World, he is condemning Africa to subsistence farming, poverty and starvation.

Aid to Africa comes in two forms food and arms, just enough food to keep people alive and to act as a disincentive for local farmers and traders to grow food, and enough ammunition to keep Africa unstable.


Old Holborn said...

Africa is a basket case. Throwing money at it keeps it that way

Field Marshall Watkins said...

Absolutely true. The money props up regimes, and the foodstuffs etc, dumped on Africa from say, the EU's CAP, just destroy local businesses, leading to more poverty.

But I think that is exactly what the elitists want. Money is power and they want it all.

And the West is next.

Cut all foreign aid straight away. People can donate in their own time to the cause of their own choosing, if they can afford it.

Fuck the governments and fuck the bankers. Freedom or death. Fuck em all. It's booze o'clock, so fuck the health and safety nazi's while I'm at it.

Anonymous said...

Whats the problem? Money is no object, and I should know as I have a 100 trillion dollar (100,000,000,000,000) banknote from Zimbabwe. As for aid try telling the poor sods trying to sell rice etc they have grown when Oxfam and co are giving it away free.

banned said...

We are told to feel guilty that 1-2-3billion people ( take your pick ) are "starving" like it's our fault that they live in shit places and have piss poor human resource management skills.

A generation ago The West gave the Third World a post colonial gift by way of the Agricultural/Green Revolution. Some emerging economies like China, India, Malasia, South Korea, latterly Indonesia and many others chose to follow the Western way by making things and creating wealth while others chose to procreate, guess which ones are fucked again?

My Fault ? Not a chance, they can starve.

scunnert said...

This year's starving are tomorrow's refugees and terrorists - moving to a town near you. It's all horseshit.

I am Stan said...

¨let them starve¨

Banned- What a spiteful ,cruel comment to make by a supposedly grown man....

As you sit in your underpants on your fat ass in front of your computer screen,clicking between blogs and porn with your tissues near by,no doubt stuffing your fat face with a ready meal for one again, the best comment you can come up with is ¨let them starve¨.

What a sad little man you are, ......desperate to be seen as tough and uncaring by other bloggers ...people out in the REAL world are dieing for want of a bowl of rice and thats the best you`ve

Only a childless,loveless ,empty vessel of a man could think that comments like that bring him any kudos...

Why dont you open your eyes to the world man,stop kissing the arse of the most wretched in blog land and develop some spine and character,instead of jumping onto any bandwagon that you are led to try growing a pair of bollocks.

Enjoy your meal...loser!

Old Holborn said...


99% of the worlds poor sit under a fucking tree all day cuddling an AK47, fucking anything that moves and selling their genitally mutilated daughters to the highest bidder for more AK47's. That's why they're poor.

Ampers said...

As someone who is from Africa, I think we always did this aid thing wrong.

I would suggest that we don't give aid without strings attached. To do so is irresponsible!

We could afford to double, or even treble the money we give Africa if we made it conditional.

They should receive vouchers. Those vouchers to be redeemed by British goods, or British expertise, and if the Africans politicians like driving new cars around, let them drive British cars!

If all this money never left Britain, it would never end up in Swiss Bank accounts. There would be work for British Manufacturers, and British experts.

Nobody could condemn us, because the Africans could either spend the money helping their people, or refuse to accept it. Either way two things would happen.

1. We would not lose the money.

2. The money would not end up in African Leaders Swiss Bank Accounts!


I am Stan said...

Holby-you have obviously emmersed yourself so deeply into the world of blogs,fancydress,and the persuit of celebrity that any genuine compassion or empathy has long gone...

far too many sycophants and bottom pats means you have lost touch with what it means to show any emotion, other than anger,bile and bitterness towards others who are not asking you if you want your arse wiped.

Too much anger and raking around in the shit of the world,surrounding your self with the morbid and cruel has brought you to a place were even the most vulnerable,weakest and short lived on earth are fair game for your bitterness

Do you need a lie down..tata.

Old Holborn said...

That's really good Stan

You should start a blog.

Field Marshall Watkins said...

Stan you say alot and don't say shit. Are you a politician?

Africa must be kept poor by the WTO, the World Bank and other elitist orgs because of the resources Africa has. They can't plunder them so easily if people have so much to lose. Right now they have nothing, thanks to these bastards and our bastard government.

Cut the aid, cut the red tape and let them trade. Their economies will develop, their lifestyles will hopefully improve and as they because industrialised the birthrate will drop. On top of that, they'll stop swamping the western world to escape the cesspit their homes currently are.

Everything those do-gooders want.

One problem though.

Such a system will drag power and money away from the global cabal, due to competition 'the sin' according to Rockefeller.

By the way, anyone have good links for Vendetta outfits? I may have to make do with the mask.

Gareth said...

One of the reasons the West pities Africa rather than give it a fair crack at the whip is that opening up vast tracts of fantastically productive farmland in hot countries with cheap labour would obliterate our native farm sectors.

It would be the great redistribution of wealth the international socialist set constantly talk of, except done wholly with consent at both ends. Trade is the answer. It always was. It always will be. Africa gets richer, developed nations see a drop in living costs. Simple really, but as with the deflationary pressure from cheap Chinese goods was combatted by letting rip with credit, Governments would feel the need to do it again if there were cheap food imports. As far as GDP is concerned the only way is up and the past decade that has been achieved through stoking inflation and borrowing.

The Cynic said...

More food for them = less food for us. Simples - let 'em starve.

I am Stan said...

Marshal Wadkins/Gareth

Interesting comments, i may have actually learned something there
which for me is the point of comments

And i`ve no doubt the problems of starvation are caused by many factors which i will not pretend i know all the answers too.

One of the problems that i do know of, is the infantile,smug,self absorbed "let em starve" posse ,bloated and spoilt by soft living who think it big and clever to disrespect those in no position to defend themselves..cunts!

adam said...

Dambese Moyo was on QT last week

She holds a Doctorate in Economics from Oxford University and a Masters from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. She also has an MBA in Finance and Bachelors degree in Chemistry from American University in Washington D.C.

Her big contribution to the world is to claim that actually trade is better at relieving poverty than aid.

This is how bankrupt the western education system. I could have told you that at 15. Dont need a fucking masters from Harvard. Only lefties need that crap caus theyre so fucking thick

banned said...

Ampers, nice set of suggestions but I think you will find that it is specifically illegal for Britain to tie Aid to Trade, unlike the Americans for whom Aid = Trade.

Field Marshall Watkins said...

adam, thanks for that, I've read a few of her articles in the past.

Few people dare to take on the likes of Bob Geldof on the issue of development and aid to Africa — but Dambisa Moyo, who joined the board of the brewing giant SABMiller on Monday, has done just that.

Dr Moyo, who was born and educated in Lusaka, Zambia, has challenged the orthodoxy on aid with Dead Aid, a controversial new book which argues that, contrary to bettering the lives of impoverished Africans, the $1 trillion aid directed at the continent over the past 50 years has made matters worse.

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