Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Stand Firm President Klaus

Dear President Klaus,

As a staunch defender of democracy, we urge you to stand firm by delaying ratification of the Lisbon Treaty until we have had the referendum we in Britain were promised!

Not a great believer in petitions to our misbegotten rulers, but the above is a petition of support to President Klaus of the Czech Republic

Please sign here. Its at nearly 1000 already


killemallletgodsortemout said...


SHIT! I hope I'm not on the gummint database, as a hate crimer!

Gallimaufry said...

How shameful to rely for our freedom on a far-away country whose own freedom we did nothing to aid on three occasions.

Harri said...

Not a chance of President Klaus 'holding out'..... none.

The Czech Republic, broke away from The Slovak Republic, because they believed that the Slovaks were holding them back, the Czechs have been manipulated into a corner, by the Nazi EU monsters, in exactly the same way as the Irish were.

The Slovaks took the EU Shilling, as did the Irish nation, and have been manipulated into re-joining the EUSSR (Money really does talk ) whilst the Czechs are in serious financial difficulties.

Czech businesses and the Czech economy can not hold out any longer to the EU nazis !

And neither can President Klaus.

All hail Presidente Bliar & the first lady of Europe.... Cherie Bliar ' A la Rose'

Sickening, i know ! but that is where we are at. and NOTHING can stop it now.

Whats the chance ' Turkey ' will be the 28th EU nazi controlled member state.

Pretty rock solid, and a sure fire bet, as far as i can work out.

Edgar said...

Who knows but the Czechs are better people than we.

caesars wife said...

Looks like president Klaus is enduring plenty of carrot and sticks , it will be ironic that if his courts do allow ratification , that gordon brown will be the man who cheated democracy , broke a nation and birthed the BNP into full respectability .

You dont lie on important issues like peoples democratic rights , is the lesson I think

bofl said...

i drove from frankfurt to prague for a weekend when i worked in germany....

there was just a single road (motorway now i believe)......in the fields were rusting machinery and en route i passed thru pilzen.where the beer comes from.........a socialist nightmare...grey buildings,crappy trams and very very bleak.........

in prague however lots of german money had flooded in and things were on the up...........

seduced by the eu they have swapped one master for another.......

the uk will soon be like the old czech sham(bala)........no food,shit towns and cities and secret police watching our every move.........

why the fuck do we put up with it?

useless shits like brown and mandy!!

i need a lie down (again)

Old Holborn said...


I too lived in Frankfurt and drove the same road in 1990. Marlboro and Russian Sekt sold by the side of the road fo a pittence, a nuclear power station in the middle of Pilzen and a safe parking space for my Citroen BX19 "bought" from the Police for three days (20,-DM) in Wenceslas Square.

They are now utterly sick and tired of Germans. Utterly. They now own huge swathes of the bohemian countryside and consider the place to be theirs (along with the local women) once more.

defender said...

Two points,
1 In 1939 we sold the Czech's out to Hitler in return for nothing.
2 Since when have the British had to depend on anyother country to decide our fate.
This is a decision for us to make for ourselves. Without the conscent of the British people this EU malarky is going to end in pain and suffering on a massive scale here in this country.
I for one will fight any attempt to submit this country against the will of the people.

Bob said...


Harri said...

Edgar said...
Who knows but the Czechs are better people than we.

27 October 2009 17:07

The women are stunning, and the men have absolutley no fucking sense of humour whatsoever... or dress sense !

And that has fuck all, to do with President ( Ex President Klaus )

But, very true all the same !

Oh , and on a lighter note, This ' multi-culterism shit, the Brown stuff, will hit the whirrly thing, big time ! it, ( Multi-culterism ) bullshit, might have caused ' mayhem' in the UK and several other EU Nazi states, but it will not 'pan out' in quite the same way here !

I have said it before, and will say it again, it will all kick off, in the Balkans?

Mark my words on this one !

Old Holborn said...


It ALWAYS kicks off in the Balkans.

Churches, Temples, synagogues. No problem

Add a mosque however....

Harri said...

Old Holborn said...

It ALWAYS kicks off in the Balkans.

Churches, Temples, synagogues. No problem

Add a mosque however....

27 October 2009 18:13

"See Austria, for further details "

Islam, appears to have reached ' Vienna' but has been stopped in its tracks !

Islam, will go no further than this.

They know it, i know it, and so does approximatley 13 million Eastern Europeans know it also !

The march of Islam, has hit the ' Balkans' brickwall !

" It might have started in the West"... but it WILL end in the East !

And, not a ' righteous ' in sight !

Rogerborg said...

I wonder how many hundred million in subsidies it'll take to persuade Klaus of the principled merits of Lisbon?

Harri said...

Am i ( Harri ) classed as an ' Immigrant ' i hear the ' righteous' ask !

Fucking ' A ' Righteous....

But, i have taken it upon myself, to respect my host country, i am married to a Slovak National, i have six... yes SIX ' righteous ' SIX ' Slovak/ English Cheeldren... i have taken the time to embrace, the Slovak language, the Slovak culture, and the Slovak mindset !

I, ( Harri ) owe them ( The Slovaks ) nothing...( And they owe me, nothing, apart from a safer place to live ( Other than England ) i abide by there rules, and i respect there culture and way of life, other than my English one.... !

I expect ' nothing' from them ( The Slovaks )

I am English, married to a Slovakian wife, living under Slovakian rule.... So, that is the rule of law, i will abide by !

Over to you ' righteous '

Now, who exactly is the Bigot, amongst us ?

Old Holborn said...

The Czechs learned a very important lesson when Soviet tanks rolled down their streets. It was less than a generation after German tanks rolled down their streets.

It's no wonder they're holding out. I would.

Old Holborn said...


I was in Bratislava last year (and 1981) and smoked in a restuarant.


I even got my own "escort" in 1981. He introduced himself, was courteous and showed me the Soviet cemetery overlooking the Danube whilst recording every word I uttered. I was 19 and a communist at the time.

corti said...


That sounds like the beginnings of a beautiful relationship. I had Simon Bates' Our Tune music running through my mind as I read it. Are there pictures of the two of you in the bogs a la Tom Driberg? Do not fret OH, you were just another face/arse/tape to him. It meant nothing.

Anonymous said...

As someones thats being prosecuted for whispering "bomb", I no long give a fuck about complaining :(

Im broken now and no longer want to have a voice

Ian said...

2 stories in the press today caught my eye.

1 EU approves Northern Rock breakup. BBC. My first thought - what the f**k its got to do with them. Then I imagined thats the point. The headline is letting us know they're in charge. Its subliminal.

2 EU approves ING breakup. Telegraph. Same thing.

After Neathers story and the expenses scandal I now believe that on the whole the British people are too apathetic to do anything.

There may be a few kicking off but against the Euro Police when they are invited in, well...

I often wondered how Nazism could have taken a hold in Germany. Now I think I know.

Anonymous said...

Klaus is a bigger bollock as the rest of themn.

Anonymous said...

All smoke and Mirrors.......

Anonymous said...

I even got my own "escort" in 1981. He introduced himself, was courteous and showed me the Soviet cemetery overlooking the Danube whilst recording every word I uttered. I was 19 and a communist at the time.

Iain Dale would love it!

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