Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Scorched Earth

As much as I enjoyed 'Criminal Justice' last week (watched back to back, Sunday) the idea that the girl in the case had a flock of social workers ready at hand was laughable. They were more likely to be sorting out their pension entitlements of £1.5 m

The fact that senior Police Officers were 'scared' not to search Damien Green's office and arrest him, shows the moral backbone of the Police and the vile nature of those that say they 'rule' us.

Labour have laid waste the governance of this country in twelve short years.

We cannot have the Police answerable to polical pygmies, and all Chielf Constables should be directly elected and accountable to their electorate. Perhaps there would have then been a chance of Cash for Peerages being heard in open Court.


Simon said...

When they weren't sorting out their pensions they were at Ascot as guests of Wilmott Dixon........who recently admitted bid rigging on Government contracts.....and can be seen building social housing projects all over London. Trebles all round.

SO17 said...

Why did this Shoesmith woman think she was getting paid £100 grand plus?
Her brain,size of a planet.
A feeling of entitlment for passing the right exams.
It is because her job is where the buck stops when things fuck up.
Because this shabby woman fails to see that shows she was shit at her job and had to go.
I rest my case your honour.

ronnie and reggie said...

just why is everyone so gutless nowadays?

all it takes is someone to say no!!!

what the fuck would the fat poof Brown or mandy or harriett do?

not exactly like saddam and his sons are they?

one punch and it would all be over!

electro-kevin said...

She has a face like a Spaniel with a size ten boot up its arse. How do I know ?

I have size ten feet and I used to have a Spaniel before it died of a prolapsed rectum.

She deserved to be sacked.

Sidsid said...

...and she has such a soft and gentle appearance. Just the sort of person to put in charge of child welfare.

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