Saturday, 31 October 2009

Thorneloe- Sacrificed For What ?

For a corrupt Government in Kabul and another one in Whitehall.

The officer, who was commander of the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, said in a memo to the Ministry of Defence, classified "Nato secret", that the system for managing helicopter movements in Afghanistan was "very clearly not fit for purpose" and there were not enough of the aircraft.

One of his dispatches headed Battle Group Weekly Update, which was leaked to the Daily Mail, said: "I have tried to avoid griping about helicopters – we all know we don't have enough.

"We cannot move people, so this month we have conducted a great deal of administrative movement by road. This increases the IED [improvised explosive device] threat and our exposure to it."

The 39-year-old father of two died on 1 July when his convoy was hit by an IED in Helmand Province, north of the town of Lashkar Gah. Trooper Joshua Hammond, 18, did in the same explosion.

The Guardian

There is no point fighting and dying for no purpose, there is no point the Government continuing to dissemble and lie, for brave men to die.


subrosa said...

Oh but they will continue to do so Guthrum. Military lives are ten a penny to our politicians. All the PM has to do is stand up and say he sends his condolences to the family.

What utter barstewards the lot are. All these folks out there, fighting to save each other's lives while Brown & Co sit a Chequers having their family dinner.

Really I can't express how I feel, I'm so disgusted and furious.

Anonymous said...

"We are fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here"
Total and utter bollocks.
We import,clothe,house and feed hundreds of thousands of them so they can vote ZaNuLab.

England Expects said...

I hate the welsh. I hate everyone who isn't English. Every time some jock or taff or stinking paddy gets killed by the Taliban, I laugh. I hope more of the dirty fuckers get killed.

England for the English.

Anonymous said...

One can only hope that in the very near future McSnot & his Oiks - but particularly McSnot - has the opportunity of an 'up close & very personal' meeting with some of the disaffected Afghans - preferably those armed with a sub-machine gun.

Anguished Soul said...

I cry for every life shed and every life wounded in this terrible waste of a war.

My heart goes out to the relatives and next of kin of those affected.

May the Lord give you peace in your suffering.

But oh! That someone in power, with a bit of sense, would see that it's not a war worth fighting. We certainly won't win.

Bring our boys home.

Die for a NWO lie said...

Don't worry the NWO has plans for Iran in the next 6 months.

next step Pakistan, next step Russia - all part of the plan.

The NWO have done their best to destabilise Iran (again) but it failed (again) they are doing the best to destabilise Pakistan, and they are lining up on the border of Russia and poking it with pointy sticks.

It will all end in tears, unfortunately the MPs and global bankers will just regroup and plan for more cannon fodder to `die for a lie`(tm).

mungle said...

Total and utter bollocks.
We import,clothe,house and feed hundreds of thousands of them so they can vote ZaNuLab.

31 October 2009 19:20

They import them and sustain them then exhort us to be vigilant. And they remove our privacy as a precaution. Can't be too careful you know.

Harri said...

An extract. from Mc Dooms ' book of courage '

What a total cunt he, ( Brown ) really is !

"Fearlessness may be a gift but perhaps more precious is the courage acquired through endeavour, courage that comes from cultivating the habit of refusing to let fear dictate one’s actions, courage that could be described as `grace under pressure’ – grace which is renewed repeatedly in the face of harsh, unremitting pressure.

Within a system which denies the existence of basic human rights, fear tends to be the order of the day. Fear of imprisonment, fear of torture, fear of death, fear of losing friends, family, property or means of livelihood, fear of poverty, fear of isolation, fear of failure . . . It is not easy for a people conditioned by the iron rule of the principle that might is right to free themselves from the enervating miasma of fear. Yet even under the most crushing state machinery courage rises up again and again, for fear is not the natural state of civilised man."

What a worthless piece of garbage, ( Brown ) really is.

I really, do hate, each and everyone of them.

BNP shake up politics said...

The BNP is likely to improve its share of the vote in some key regions by 50% at the next general election, a leaked Whitehall report has forecast.

A study of the growing influence of the far-right party found that 18% of those polled in three areas where it is strongest said they would vote BNP.The report says that would be an increase from 12% in previous polls.

The study, for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the race watchdog, is the most comprehensive official analysis of the BNP produced.

Supported by polling from ICM, it was based on three samples of 1,500 people in Blackburn, northwest Leicestershire and Stoke-on-Trent.

The three areas were chosen because they are among those where the BNP has developed some of its strongest support.

This weekend Phil Woolas, the borders and immigration minister, said the analysis showed the BNP now posed “a significant threat” to the main parties.

bofl said...

this is funny.........

The iron curtain is coming down and this time we are on the inside. said...

The EDL is state, It was set up to monitor active nationalsts, and people who it feels may play an active part in rejecting the NWO as it dismantles our democracy.

The state will eventually mount a flase flag opperation much like the burning down of Reichstag and then outlaw all nationalist parties and hang the leaders.

The iron curtain is coming down and this time we are on the inside.

Taffy Bastard said...

England expects = Dickhead.

There are a fair few English that are assisting in the destruction of your nation.

tundede said...


There is a peculiar air to Brown's writings. There are two things I take from that excerpt: 1) Whatever shit is thrown at him so long as he remains calm (in public) he will see himself as courageous. 2) No matter how tough he and his ilk make our lives they think we will be improved by it. He has made himself the shackles we must throw off. How terribly courageous of him.

Dick the Prick said...

England expects - pretty fucking stupid aren't ya considering the Welsh are some of the finest warriors this earth has ever known.

This Abdullah Abdullah thing just fucking stinks but if it keeps our lads and lasses out of harms way then fuck it. The whole region is utterly fucked and apart from the oil, it'd be wiser to get the fuck out and let India, China and Russia have a pop.

England Expects said...

The welsh are a bunch of sheep-shagging coal-mining choral-singing poofters. They need to fuck off back to their shitty rain-sodden wasteland and get the fuck out of my country.

The only purpose of the taffs, the jocks and the paddies is to fight in England's wars. Why the fuck did we ever let these lesser races have the vote? That's what I'd like to know.

I think I'll go buy a pint for the Argie that put a bomb into the Sir Galahad. A few less taffs that day.

Rogerborg said...

Come on, England Expects, you can do better than that. What about Northerners / Southerners? What's your positionon Cornwall and Norfolk?

Be honest, old chap; surely anyone who doesn't wear the same fake trainers and football shirt as you (doubtless for a Russian owned club) is a soft inbred chutney ferret.

Cylon said...

And rope around Col. Klein's neck is getting tighter. Klein is the German officer who called the airstrike on the Talis who attacked a convoy of fuel trucks (and massacred the crews.)

Klein, apparently, wasn't de-escalating enough. That he had them bombed to kingdom come right away was BAD. He should have de-escalated by sending the airstrike into a low pass over the target (some leftists in Germany have argued that he should have warned the "civilians" in the area, not that there were any.)

Do your duty as soldier and you'll get pissed on.

Klein did the right thing. Throneloe did the right thing.

Good men and women are sacrifized by incompetend buggers in our parliaments.

How long are we going to watch?

beness said...

It would be useful to know how many cabinet ministers have family in the military.

I think Jack Straw has more family in the penal system than the rest could muster in total for military service.

Anonymous said...

England Expects = Agent provocateur leftist troll.

Piss Off.

England Expects said...

Fuck off, you anonymous tosspot. You can take your union jack and stick it up your arse.

Fuck you and fuck your britain. England first always.

Rogerborg said...

Aw, wook at him shake his widdle angwy fist! Isn't he cwute?

Anonymous said...

Who knew there were so many Jock-Lovers on this site?

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