Sunday, 25 October 2009

Race Hate

As a white person, I really don't expect to get my head kicked in for being born white. In the UK.

I'm wrong. Click to enlarge.


bofl said...

if you beat someone up who is white it is ok....just abh/gbh.........

if you do the same to a 'minority' it is a hate crime and you will be hounded to the end of the earth.....


So17 said...

My Mum, my brother, my ex fiance, several friends and their relatives including one whose mother in law died of her injurys.
assualt,robbery and murder.
none of the above have harmed or cause to harm any ethnic minority group.
All the perps were Black.

Anonymous said...

oops more BNP lies exposed!

Anonymous said...

Compare Kriss Donald with Steven Lawrence.

One was the right colour. One wasn't.

One became the media's stick to beat whitey down. One was thrown down the media's memory hole.

michael winner said...

dont worry.its all just an experiment-

dreamed up by that nice tony blair and jack straw.

Dick the Prick said...

Shit So17, am terribly sorry about your loss. I nicely got my head caved in about 6 years ago, mugged, bike, wallet & phone nicked. Assumed the jockey position when they fall off a horse as about 8 asian lads thought it funny to kick fuck out of me in broad daylight. managed to get away - phone the feds (and get a few further punches in the phone box. Living in a different place OH man to a lot of us.

as ever said...

nice to see it in, no pun intended, black and white, but has the truth which those figures expose ever been more than a matter of common sense judgement? ever more than a thing known intuitively, even by the most timid of thought?

tony's sodomaic dynasty and blue labour have ceded the truth to the bnp and have only themselves to blame for the thing they now decry.

Anonymous said...

I have carried out an in-depth forecast of racial crime expectations for May 2010 using an advanced rolling dice and tea-leaf predictor and the results are as follows:
Ethic Group: MPs (all races)
Expectation of Victimhood: 0
Actual Victimhood: 646

ranter said...

I doubt Jo Brandt has ever seen these figures.

Dick the Prick said...

Ranter - Jo Brand can take her odious, bigotted, necrofying bacteria coated flab, ghastly, contemptuous, vulgar, indolent, crass, maleducated, myopic, piss stained, felching horseshit and stuff it in her arse from whence it came.

Anonymous said...

Well you well get duffed but it wont be an act of racism! Jo Brand said so,

Once more unto the breach, dear friends said...

Are there, does anyone suppose, the figures available that would show the ethnicity of those comitting the attacks against each particular ethnic group in the figures shown above?

Corrugated Soundbite said...

The figures probably don't show the full extent of anti-white racism. It can obviously only go on the reported incidents. How many white people have thought it pointless to report it? Could bump the "Actual Victimhood" stat up closer to 75%.

Equally as important to the mindset is, when the next ones are published, I wonder what the comment box will say. 500 times more white victims than expected? More than likely.

Anonymous said...

If I was a right-on liberal leftist then I would say that the data has clearly been distorted for racist reasons.

I'd ask how "Expectation of Victimhood" and "Actual Victimhood" are measured. What is "Actual Victimhood" and why is it so high? Because out of all the people I know, the number of who've been victims of racist violence is hardly 68%. In fact I don't know of any. I want to "see the working".

Mark Wadsworth said...

Assuming the raw statistics to be correct (which is doubtful), the maths is all completely wrong.

There are about times as many white people as black people, but white people only suffer ten times as many 'racist' attacks. So pro rata, they are four times less likely to be the victim thereof.

Anonymous said...

The same thing--actually probably worse--from America.

And to really scare yourself get in the comment for a comment by John Galt July 24 at 6.58 AM

Coming to your 'hood shortly.

Anonymous said...

go and google the green arrows the fallen list?
also liars,buggers&thieves

SO17 said...

Just to add,my mate and his wife both worked so his mother in law was his young sons main carer.
The poor little sod was so traumatised by the loss his hair fell out in clumps.
I did not know the poor woman peronaly Dick but thanks for your concern.

Crap said...

I'm amazed "I am Stan" and that odious McEgan are not here shouting RACIST at you yet OH.

Maybe there's a UAF meeting or they're busy praying to Mecca.

Katabasis said...


I've been in at least a dozen punch ups I can think of that started with me being called a "white bastard" or worse.

I've never mentioned it before because I assumed I was in a tiny minority.


PC Maniac said...

This incitement Mr Holborn. I shall be coming round to take you in.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

SO 17 - so sorry.

I know from personal experience of an attempted attack whilst walking along Sarfend seafront one evening, that the saw blade on a Swiss Army penknife inflicts a terrible injury when drawn through the eyebrow of a darkie who is intent on robbery.

Perfectly legal to carry, and the blade doesn't dig in your leg, even when unfolded in your pocket.

These cunts are so arrogant to think that people will meekly hand over their hard-earned.

Resistance - it's the only way.

Anonymous said...

Mark Wadsworth says the stats are wrong the maths is wrong. Mark you are wrong, but then you are a lefty.

The quantity used in the stats is "expectation of victimhood" can't you see why?

A racist crime requires a victim and an attacker from different racial groups.

Consider a country with 500 whites and 1 black, If both groups have the same propensity to commit racist attacks say 1 attack per year then the black would be attacked 500 time and only 1 white would be attacked in the year.

Hence the use of "expectation of victimhood"

So Mark the fact that the victimhood of whites is 32.6 times greater than expected shows that the groups that attack whites are 32,6 times more likely to commit racist attacks than whites are.

I do not work for ONS so my comments are based on deduction, but I think it is easy to work out and I am just a Knuckle dragging BNP supporter.

Dick the Prick said...

Anon 16.12 - Mark ain't a lefty. I think the maths is a bit shit but I think gangs are not just overtly racist but the whole fucking psycho and we have stratifications of 'communities' (proper fucking lefty word if ever there was one) that could not give a flying fuck about anyone and just because 'whitey' is more populous, just means more targets. It ain't personal - it's racist.

Rogerborg said...

Suggesting that non-whites can be racists is worse than anything Hitler ever did.

Anonymous said...

The quantity used in the stats is "expectation of victimhood" can't you see why?

Well, quite honestly, no. What the fuck does it mean? How is it calculated?

I wouldn't say the maths is shit... because I can't see any maths at all.

a different anonymous, making the same point said...

@Mark Wadsworth - So pro rata, they are four times less likely to be the victim thereof ...

Looking at other papers by the same bloke, he's focusing specifically on racially motivated crime where his hypothesis is that the number of offenses by one ethnic group against another should be proportional to the size of the group from which offenders can be drawn, not the size of the group from which victims can be drawn.

i.e. given that whites make up 92% of the population, a propensity amongst whites to commit racially motivated crimes against non-whites should give rise to large number of such crimes due to the size of the population from which offenders of that type can be drawn. Conversely, it is the very small size of the non-white groups which should give rise to a very low number of racially motivated crimes against whites.

Some model derivation given in:

More info in:

Anonymous said...

Dick the Prick
The data has nothing to do with gangs it is a statistical table of racist attacks.
Consider your comment that because there are more whites than other groups then more white should be attacked. The attacks are not initiated by the victims but by the attackers.
A measure of racist attacks by race has to take into account the number of potential attackers and the number of potential victims. Hence the use by ONS of the term "Expectation of victimhood"

As I said before I do not work for ONS so I can not discuss the methods of calculation used, and my comments are based on deduction, though I think the terms used are almost self evident.

Anonymous said...

.... Hence the use by ONS of the term "Expectation of victimhood"

The analysis wasn't done by the ONS. It was done by Tony Shell on the basis of Home Office statistics.

Not that is matters who did it, only whether the data, methods and conclusions are sound or not.

Crap said...

I knew the non-white-racism deniers would troll this page in large numbers before long!

Anonymous said...

I regret that I must remain anonymous but as the White victom of a racially motivated attack I must state that the incompetents od Greater Manchester Police Farce simply asked "how had you provoked them" the clear implication being that being attacked by a gentleman of colour (black since you ask) was entirely my fault for asking him not to attack a group of CHILDREN in my care at a bus stop. It seems to be a fact that ONLY WHITES are racist despite the clear racist connotations of such a statement. I do not consider ALL black people scum, but the vermin that attacked me and the children definitely are. How do I consider the attack racial? Well not somply by the FACT of different races but the comments those vermin made in throwing their ethnically protected weight around. In retrospect, I should have used my training rather than simply blocking their attack and hospitalised the scum that brought such dishonour to our society.

inquiring minds said...

Mark Wadsworth, your comments?

Anonymous said...

I knew the non-white-racism deniers would troll this page in large numbers before long!

Personally I think it's very racist to suggest that only white people are capable of racism. We are all equal therefore we are all equally capable of racism, right?

But I'm still very suspicious of these statistics. They look like a load of balls. Toby Shell(?) should elaborate further on how they were calculated and what they actually mean, because it looks like their only purpose is to allow people to say "See! Told you so! Whites are the real victims of racism!" which is... doubtful.

Crap said...

And I suppose you think 6m is a bullshit statistic too Anon.

Dick the Prick said...

Anon 17.20. To clarify, I was pushing forward that racism isn't usually a mano e mano event. That people are more likely to be racist in groups (probably a better word than gangs). I accidently was an intelligence analyst for years and the number of racist crimes, whilst significant are certainly not that high. To qualify as a racist incident (usually repeat victimisation) has to be a bit special. The cops have made huge advances in recording.

These do represent a pretty juvenile dataset and recording standards are undoubtedly up for dispute (as is criminal damage vs attempted burglary). However, there are political aspects which should be borne in mind - namely, if niggers have co-opted niggers as a term of affection and whitey has been repeatedly told that they can't use the term nigger etc etc.

Fun & games.

SO17 said...

The crimes against me and my kin were probably not racialy motivated but in the context of the advantage/disadvantage of immigration they must be taken into account.
How many immigrants will have to be let in to work and pay taxes just to cover the costs of crime commited by previous immigrants and their descendants?
Even the left wing are having to admit the economic benefit of immigration is negligable and that wont include the cost of crime and terrorism.

Harri said...

"Race Hate
As a white person, I really don't expect to get my head kicked in for being born white. In the UK."

That may well be, but you had better get used to it ?

Its, multiculterism.... ( in all its glory ) innit !

Anonymous said...

@Toby Shell(?) should elaborate further ...

Tony Shell is elaborating further, here and here.

DtP: The analysis isn't pointing to especially high absolute levels as such - although you rightly point out that much can be gained or lost purely on the basis of definitions - but the fact that, given it's much smaller size, the non-white population is "punching above its weight" in such matters.

Also, the analysis, as far as I could tell, isn't concerned with whether a given offence was officially classified as racist or racially motivated but only whether the ethnicity of the victim differed from that of the convicted offender.

Perhaps the key concept here is "conditional probability". The figures given, for instance, of the number of crimes against whites are those crimes, and only those, where the perpetrator was non-white. On that basis, and the fact that the non-white population is so much smaller, relatively speaking, the suggestion is that the recorded figures are actually very high indeed.

Anonymous said...

Frightening stats!

defender said...

The muslims will be marching on London on 31/10/09.
downing St, Buck House, parliament and Trafalga Sq.
The call is for ALL muslims to show.
The plan is to bring about sharia law for all in the UK.
Bring posters, FUCK OFF UK, Behead the infidel, jihad time and all your old favourites.
Dont worry about the police, they know the score.

Dick the Prick said...

Anon 18.19 - yup, that's why I got out. Head fuck for fuck all point. Best thing is to put your finger in the air, check which way the wind's blowing and hail a cab.

There's loads of studies about how victims become victims too...blah blah blah but, to be fair.

Anonymous said...

Defender - Everybody's going up to Leeds that day.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the real world!

Antisocialist said...

'And I suppose you think 6m is a bullshit statistic too Anon.'

Perhaps it is. What do you think?

"Poland has cut its estimate of the number of people killed by the Nazis in the Auschwitz death camp from 4 million to just over 1 million.

The 1.1 million victims included 960,000 Jews, between 70,000 and 75,000 Poles, nearly all of the 23,000 Gypsies sent to the camp and 15,000 Soviet prisoners of war.
This detail of history was intriguing, since, after all, history books had said for a generation that of the 6 million Jews who died during the Holocaust, 4 million died at Auschwitz alone. Thus, if the new facts were correct, the actual overall number of Jewish Holocaust victims had to be considerably less than the much-talked-about figure of 6 million. Put simply: subtract the former 4 million Jews dead at Auschwitz from the popular 6 million, and that leaves 2 million Jews dead. Simple math-and a controversial conclusion indeed."

Not simple enough it seems. If the numbers at Auschwitz have been reassessed to be around 1 million then that would, of course, leave a new total of about 3 million.

I can't remember seeing any of this in the press. Maybe the reason why is that the '6 million' figure has occult origins.

"Thus, it is numerologically predetermined, and through various dark conjuring rites, supernaturally imbued with power. As a result, it can never, ever be changed. This is critical, central to the hex. 6,000,000 is the number. There are never more deaths; there are never less. 6,000,000 is the number. It must be ritually repeated and publicly acknowledged."

Indeed it's not the first time the number 6 million has been mentioned.

Just to clarify my position on this matter. Great suspicion must be raised when investigation and questioning of a particular subject is forbidden by law and the threat of imprisonment. Whatever the truth about the 'holocaust' the official version is not it.

It's my opinion that the world is in the grip of a cabal of deepy wicked occultists attempting to create a 'New World Order'. This has both a temporal (world government) and (for want of a better word) a spiritual aspect. All of humanity has suffered at their hands including the vast majority of ordinary Jews.

Antisocialist said...

Here's a very good assessment of the government's own statistics on racial crime.

"That is to say that, according to the Home Office's own figures, in 1999 whites were over 90% of the population and yet they made up about 60% of the victims, put the other way round non-whites amounted to less than 10% of the population but were committing 60% of the race crimes (probably considerably more given the number of race crimes involving two different ethnic minorities and no whites)."

Mark Wadsworth said...

@ Various, OK, that's a good point about the maths, thanks for clearing that up.

I take back my earlier comment.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@I take back my earlier comment

It's a rare thing to see a point, any point, conceeded - you are a cut above the rest, good sir.

John Steed said...

I'm not racist at all. I hate all races equally.

Apart from my own of course. I mean, I can't hate myself now can I?

Ron Broxted said...

I would be interested in reading the current stats regarding racial crime, but sadly some thieving illegal Somalian rent-boy kicked the shit out of me last night and stole my manbag containing all my make-up along with my job avoider allowance and my national health specs.
I almost forgot..and my large Smurf butt-plug.

Brendan O'Brien said...

Don't worry Shanghai, I will buy you a new one and gladly replace it ;-) I see the multi I/D scumbags are out in force on My Telegraph tonight sweetie, I hope you are soon feeling better. X X X

Anonymous said...

An article in the paper about the predominance and increase of black on black gun crime being investigated by Operation Trident was accompanied by a photo of a white scrote?????

Just for balance?

Is it bollocks.

Mind you, the more 'nigga gangstas' that shoot, stab and maim each other the better, as far as I'm concerned.

banned said...

The Police are more than happy to report attacks on whites as 'racially aggravated' since it bumps up their total stats for reporting those crimes and thus gains them brownie points.
A while back two white chaps had a dust-up in a local hotel bar; the Police arrested the aggresive one for assualt but later upped it to 'racially aggravated assault' because he had shouted " Paddy Bastard " at the Irish Pilot who was his victim.
He was convicted of that.

Anonymous said...

theres also massive cruelty to animals in th U S, mainly perpetrated by Blacks and Hispanics

what does that tell yo about there relations to others / animals

Ron Broxted said...

I haven't got a problem with animals, apart from being banned for life from keeping them. This being due to my penchant for beastiality and a brief engagement with a female chimpazee when I was working at Huntingdon life Sciences.

I am Stan said...

Crap-15:11.....indeed that is exactly what you are talking when you are suggesting that, i am involved in th UAF, which i am not or ,that i am a muslim, which i am not or ,that i shout racist at people which i do not..perhaps you could give an example of where i have but you will not.

Fact is crap i do not give a fuck what peoples reasons are for attacking other people they are still cunts!

Oh .....stop kissing Holby`s ring..he`s not here to make friends..

Lucy Temerlin said...

Ron you bastard, I'm not giving the ring back. How dare you throw me over for another primate.

Crap said...

Stan you wanker.

What's it like to hang about with a bunch of butch lesbians all day calling everybody Nazis?

I am Stan said...

Crap...perhaps you should go back to being
anonymouse ,

then you wont make such a tit of yourself.

I am Stan said...

As a white person i really don`t expect to get my head kicked in for being born white in the UK.

Hahahahaha shit happens guys...all races get beat up...grow a pair or see if mummy will make you some milk n cookies.

Anonymous said...

You just don't fucking get it Stan.

Fuck off and die.

Anonymous said...

Stan is about the only dude here telling it as it is.I see Miss Faversham from the Torygraph here too. Been banned again hun? WCZ 1401 Grey Ford.Unmarked PSNI Sandy Row. Tsk tsk tsk.

Anonymous said...

‘Hahahahaha shit happens guys...all races get beat up...grow a pair or see if mummy will make you some milk n cookies.’

Don’t remember too many leftists and liberals saving that sort of thing after Steven Lawrence was murdered in a racist attack by whites.

But if you point out there’s a problem with racist attacks on whites, we get generic waffle like the above.

I am Stan said...

Attacks on anyone are a problem...period..

so get some nuts and stop whining like a spoilt girl...

Anonymous said...

Stan, don't insult us with the us the pretend concern.

All you care about is defending immigration.

Go to hell.

I am Stan said...

Anoy-mouse...i`m going to say this one more time then i`m going to ignore you because you are obviously stupid and you are very boring...


Anonymous said...

You don't know when to give up!

Dead Eye said...

¨go to hell¨

There is a place for the Wrathful in Hell.

Anonymous said...

I think a party for when Thatcher dies is an excellent idea. Remember the Miners strike constable?

Anonymous said...

Remember the three day week?

Fuck the miners!

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