Monday, 26 October 2009

Quote of the Day

Kamikaze Banking

“The bankster’s that caused the Economic Pearl Harbour have been completely and utterly let off the hook by inept, incompetent mainstream politicians that are still more interested in seeking to maximise the amount they can defraud tax payers of in expenses, the price for which is being paid in Britain by the rise of the far-right which has risen in support from 3% of the electorate to about 8% today. During the week the far-right were given airtime on the BBC flagship political debate programme Question Time. Britains Great Double Dip Depression ensures the next few years are going to be tough both economically and socially as governments fight to prevent the OTC Derivatives Pyramid from Imploding into Financial Armageddon”

Sums it up, don’t you think.

Brown 'promises' that we will be back in growth by the end of the year. You can only make promises like this if you are running a command economy. He commands nothing !

We are heading for a double dip recession ( a 'W' recession ) as sure as eggs are eggs, the insolvent banks should be broken up as soon as possible into regional banks to inject some competition into the system.

Stop spending on pointless Quangos and end our foreign entanglements


Maturecheese said...

I've been trying to point out to members of my family that the hard times haven't even begun yet but they seem to think I am a Harbinger of Doom.
What they do get though, is why people are voting for the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Fuck me the B&P were right about letting the banks fold and then bringing them back into life as local banks ploughing the profits back into the country.

Guthrum said...

Hmmm- perhaps you ought to check out what is going on in the Hague this morning, if you think that racist policies can fix the economy.

Anonymous said...

What the racist about letting the banks fold?

Crap said...

"More than 13 years after the slaughter of 7,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys at Srebrenica, one of the late 20th century’s worst alleged war criminals finally faces justice today."

War Criminal my arse. Give the guy a medal!

Have any Muslims been put on trial by Blair's before?

Thought not.

Guthrum said...

Nothing Racist about letting Bankrupt Banks go under, its the State direction of pumping money into the local economy. That is called nationalisation and is socialist command economics, with added racism using the BNP model (I have read your 'economic policies' which includes protectionism.

If you are not white you can refuse to lend to non white enterprises, refuse banking facilities. Its been done before.

bofl said...

gordon keeps spending because he and the rest the cocks are comitted (or should be ) to wrecking the uk.......

as has just been disclosed re immigration.......everything these men do is an act of sabotage.

we have had communism for years.look around you..millions working for the govt.producing f/ may new traffis lights,fences,zebra crossings etc?

all done to keep people in work......

manufacturing only makes up 11% of the economy.the devaluation of sterling was supposed to help........but may of the raw materials have to be imported so any gains are wiped out..........

gordon says there is no inflation????????

practically everything is going up and the commoditie index set a record last week!!!!!!

this cunt will never do 'what is right' because he wants to fuck us all and save the world.......

he couldn't even save a quid let alone the planet!!!

bofl said...

excuse the typos-livid!

Anonymous said...

Wait so because the BNP would let the banks fold and then HAVE THE TAXPAYERS MONEY be used to STOP THESE FUCKING BANKERS LINING THEIR OWN POCKETS its racists

daft cunt

we are fucked, we owe 180 BILLION, not MILLION, BILLION and are borrowing/printing shit loads every day and the CUNTS in the banks are going to pay themselves 2-3BILLIONS in "bonuses" for what spending out tax money and charging us to use our tax money.


banned said...

Guthrum "If you are not white you can refuse to lend to non white enterprises, refuse banking facilities"
Wasn't a good part of the toxic debt problem caused by Jimmie Carter forcing institutions to end disclusivity by lending to those who could not afford to pay back mortgages, ie poor blacks ?

SO17 said...

The buck stops with Labour and Gordon fucking Brown.
His first act as chancellor was to hand over the setting of interest rates to the BoE.
(Plausable deniability)that was his aim.
Historicaly low interest rates ensured historicaly high house prices, which made people lie about what they earned to willing banks who lent money they didn't have.
Add to this heady brew a dislocated financial regulation system (set up by Brown)and the whole clusterfuck can carry on unchecked.
Labour learned that by keeping the masses transfixed on property they can win elections and do the real work of fucking us up.

GCooper said...

The banks (however vile their practises) didn't do this unaided. As Banned says, in the USA they were virtually forced to create the bad loans bubble by the social engineering of Leftists, while here McBean did all he can to encourage our boom so as to hide his own inanse spending regime.

When it comes to The Great Accounting, the bankers should certainly take their place in the dock - but after the politicians.

GCooper said...

More typos in the above than you can shake a stick at. Apologies!

Guthrum said...

The banks (however vile their practices) didn't do this unaided.

No it was Government Policy & Brokers who were not Bank employees who have all disappeared into thin air taking their commissions with them.

It was just one large Ponzi scheme.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown's knowledge of economics = fuck all. Gordon Brown's knowledge of anything - apart from lying & thieving from the taxpayer = fuck all. Thick, useless, delusional cunt.

Anonymous said...

the insolvent banks should be broken up as soon as possible"
Yeah as soon as you fine feather on a frog they will.

The Paragnostic said...

The big fuck up was leaving M4 (debt) out of the money supply calcuations, and leaving housing costs out of the inflation figures.

The combination of the two meant that we operated for the last 12 years without a clear picture of where our money was - hence the inevitable crash and the hyperinflation that will hit early next year.

Thankyou Gordon - 2010 will be a year to remember.

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