Thursday, 22 October 2009

Question Time Audience list leaked+++ exclusive++

Spot the cat

Audience list for tonights Question Time

Some Holocaust survivors
Members of the British Legion who can be trusted not to use the word "Darkies"
The cute kids from "Slum Dog Millionaire"
Zulus - Thousands of 'em
Billy Bragg
White Liberals from rural Surrey who support multiculturalism for the wide range of cheese.
Muhammad Ali
The Nation of Islam
Polish builders looking for a quote.
The Zimbabwe War Veterans
Wood Green Mosque
Lefties who don't need till sign on till next week
Nelson Mandela
Martin Smith of the UAF and Doctor Who Appreciation Society
Lenny Henry
The man who finds him funny
Keith Vas
Asians who vote for Keith Vas
Asians who are actually on the electoral role who vote for Keith Vas
People who hire Keith Vas
Shahid Malik
Shahid Maliks accountant
The Jewish Board of Deputies
The Muslim Council of Great Briton
The Prophet Mohammed
The Black Police Officers Association
The Black Lawyers Association
The Jedi High Council
The blokes who sell Socialist Worker
The one bloke who's actually bought one.
The Mad Marhdi
The Rebel Alliance
The Polish Infantry Historical Recreationist Society
Anyone who saw "Roots" the Nineteen Seventies
Simon Wiesenthal
The Tower Hamlets District Council (via Satellite from Bangladesh)
The Taliban
A restless lynch mob
Barrack Obama
Martin Luther King Jr
The Head of Diversity at the BBC
Peter Hain
The laywer that got him off the bank robbery charge -H. Houdini
Labour MPs scared that people will vote BNP
Members of the UAF who sneaked in
The Communist Party of Great Britain.
Weyman Bennet of the UAF (or failing than any inarticulate black man with a chip on his shoulder)
Lots of inarticulate black men with chips on their shoulder
The Gay and Lesbian Alliance
Morgan Freeman
Ugly Feminists who hate everyone who isn't an ugly feminist
The Jamaican bobsleigh team form the film "Cool Runnings"
And for the BNP two skinheads played by Tim Roth and Steven Berkoff


subrosa said...

What no Stonewall? Surprising.

BNP guido refugee said...

You had me up until you claimed someone found Lenny Henry funny.

I knew that bloke personally and he died in 1985.

I am Stan said...

¨Zulus thousand`s of em¨

Where the fucks my invite....

Morgan Freeman said...

You've listed Morgan Freeman but forgot to add that he will actually be narrating it!

Oldrightie said...

Same audience as every week! Hand picked for their pro-government/Labour credentials. As for the panel, one member is a thieving, lying, corrupt bully. It's not NG!

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

"The Tower Hamlets District Council (via Satellite from Bangladesh)"

Come now, the only reason that they are out there is to make sure nobody has been left behind. You wouldn’t want anybody abandoned, would you?

Anonymous said...

What about the african president from 'The Wild Geese'?

Dave Cameron said...

Why don't you fucking well mention the fact that I will be there with an AK47

Should be entertaining

Kcila said...

"The Tower Hamlets District Council (via Satellite from Bangladesh)" love it!

What about the black sherrif from Blazing Saddles?

Anonymous said...

I did actually see a serious quote on Guardian comment suggesting Lenny Henry should be on the panel as he had the political nous to take Griffin to task.

Other (serious) suggestions included Hardeep tit feeler slum landlord Kohli, and Frank fucking Bruno

Boiling Fucking Anger said...

Jesus Fucking H Christ:-

BBC accountable if racist attacks follow BNP leader's Question Time appearance, says former London mayor Ken Livingstone

Were you responsible for all attacks on Jews in London after your concentration camp joke Ken?

What fucking world do these cunts live in?

Concerned said...

I don't see Fred & Dolly Smith from Blackpool on the list.

Ansel said...

Don't forget O.J. Simpson.If he pulls a gun and shoots Old Nick,they won't even bother arresting him.They know he'll get off so what's the point?

Norton Folgate said...

Inspired list OH

Although I have got to say i'm a little disappointed the Jedi High Council have fallen prey to the tide of "correct think".

Is nothing sacred?

SO17 said...

One way or another I can see my telly being smashed up tonight.
Socialism or facist socialism will be the winners while the Conservatives will learn nothing except how to keep their heads down.
No taxation without representation Cameron you cunt.

Anonymous said...

re the guardian link ..

they are so excited they forgot to censor the fucking lyrics

bofl said...

'zulus-farsends of 'em- do you realise they'd have won if they kept their eyes closed'?

eddie hitler!!!!!

as the bnp have been forced to open their membership i wonder if other groups will have to change?

black this or that/muslim council etc?

what about the mobos?
not all fucking music came from black roots.......

how the hell can it be quantified?
western scales go back a lot further than robert johnson!!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry it was a click on to Anti-BNP protesters arrive at BBC where they forgot to censor

court of public opinion said...

according to kens logic then any muslim act of violence or terror is DIRECTLY accountable to TONY BLAIR!!!!

come on-lets hear it for the oppressed ken.

bofl said...

oh dear-

all screaming about democracy!!!
in a land where the mps,lords bankers steal our money and do not give a shit about tommy atkins....

in a democracy the bnp are entitled to speak.they have a lot of votes...

why arent all these people at work? who has paid for 16 buses?

any guesses?

Captain Ranty said...

Call me a pedant if you must, but Spot is a fucking stupid name for a cat.

Particularly a ginger one.

I would have called it Justin.

Each to their own, I suppose.

John Steed said...

I am in the U.A.F and wasn't invited. Quelle faux pas. Fuck the BNP.

Maturecheese said...

BNP supporters are supposed to be skinhead knuckle dragging thugs so I suppose that makes UAF supporters Longhaired yeti multicoloured knuckle dragging thugs.

Daves mum said...

Dave Cameron said...
Why don't you fucking well mention the fact that I will be there with an AK47

Should be entertaining

22 October 2009 15:14

Stop bluffing Dave we all know you bottled going up against the Griffin.

Anonymous said...

John Steed said...
I am in the U.A.F and wasn't invited. Quelle faux pas. Fuck the BNP.

22 October 2009 16:16

They might be dirty, desparate, missinformed, brainwashed, self hating, trustfarian, middleclass, lice infested stooges of the NWO corporate banking elite dynasties or war and murder, but their not `that` desparate, missinformed, brainwashed, self hating, trustfarian, middleclass, lice infested, stooges of the NWO corporate banking elite dynasties of war and murder.

Steed, rejected buy Unite against freedom!

How low can you go!

UAF official said...

John, we would have invited you - despite the smell, which I presume was coming from the used condoms you always seem to carry around with you?

but the bus was filled with BNP people who wanted a lift, Eyes blacked out as they were embarised to be with us,

we were going to ask them to get off and pick you up but to be perfectly honest John, they are really nice guys and we prefer their company.

Try not to kill yourself - again!

woman on a raft said...

I've found who that cat is working for.>

(Go down to comments 4 & 5)

Anonymous said...

BBC just covered a brief "back door" interview with Griffin, or rather a couple of questions were fired at him. The BNP leader was asked if he expected such an amount of demonstrators.

"Yes I was rather expecting that, Labour party financed groups from all over the country are bringing groups here today," he said.

Anonymous said...

The news at 6 was a total hatchet job, 'how can we all defeat the BNP?' Eh what happned to impartiality. Nick Robinson doom laden tones. 15 fucking minutes on a man appearing on TV.

Anonymous said...

Bread and Circuses,

Anonymous said...

Apparently Richard Bacon has made it to safety. He has been escorted by security to an office with the head of digital and interactive at BBC 5 live.

Coke head.

And fuck you McEgan you rent boy!

Name/URL (Optional) said...

Hey Bastard, do you mind if I use your prénom? ....OK cool.

What I wanted to say was *clears throat and pees slightly à la a nervous nellie Question Time audience member asking a question*:

You forgot to include Team America - World Police.

Rogerborg said...

Don't forget Glasgow Central MP Mohammed Sarwar, plus the son(*) that's he's handing the dynasty on to.

(*) Crib notes: it's the son that's not in jail. Yet.

Anonymous said...

Team America - World Police

Fantastic film!

Anonymous said...

Wheres Vera Lynn ?

Road_Hog said...

It would have been nice it you'd given me the hat-tip having posted in the BNP article comments earlier rather than claiming it as an exclusive for yourself, especially since it was lifted from Usenet politics.

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