Thursday, 29 October 2009

PC versus Reality

For all the attempts of the Righteous to turn the world on it's head and tell us that black is white and lies are truth, there is one last bastion of sanity, where kowtowing to Politicians or special agenda groups are simply ignored because not ignoring them could cause death.

The National Blood Donor Service.

I am a blood donor. Everytime I give blood, I am reminded of the following rules

There is a lifetime ban on giving blood to:
  • any man who has had sex with another man, even safe sex using a condom
  • anyone who has ever worked as a prostitute
  • anyone who has injected themselves with drugs - even once
  • anyone who has ever had syphilis, human T-lymphotropic virus, hepatitis B or C

Potential donors are also banned for 12 months after having had sex with:

  • a man who has had sex with another man (if you're a female)
  • a prostitute
  • anyone who has ever injected themselves with drugs
  • anyone with haemophilia or a related blood clotting disorder, who has received clotting factor concentrates
  • anyone of any race who has been sexually active in parts of the world where Aids/HIV is very common(Black Africans basically)
Fair enough. I don't want to be responsible for infecting an innocent person with fatal diseases.

Oh no, here we go.

But gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell says a government that opposes homophobic discrimination cannot possibly uphold the ban.

"It is based on the stererotyped, irrational, bigoted and unscientific assumption that any man who has had oral or anal sex with another man - even just once 40 years ago with a condom - is high risk for HIV. This is nonsense.

This is also a man who wants to sleep with 14 year old boys, mind.


AngryDave said...

I too am a regular blood donor, and understand the rules are there for a reason. They are not there for the fun of it.
If i was getting a transfusion i would want the blood i was being transfused with to come from people who had been very strictly screened and checked.
I dont want to be gambling with my health and my life.

If anything the rules should be made tougher. I know plenty of heterosexual people who sleep around, and have unprotected sex with multiple partners.
Although gay men are at a higher risk of contracting HIV, it is in the heterosexual community at which the numbers of those becoming infected are growing the fastest. It isn't just HIV we need to worry about either. There are all sorts of diseases that can be transmitted easily. It is also worth mentioning that people do not tend to have transfusions when they are at their strongest and healthiest, meaning their system would most likely be compromised and prone to infection anyway.

Cleveland Steamer said...

After the amount of people that got the AIDS after transfusions in the 80's, you would think this was a non-issue.

Why don't 'The Tatch' have another pop at Mugabe?

In other news, Oaten is on the radio defending some bloke caught with four keys of Coke in China. The guy's defence is he thought these total strangers paid for his fare so that he could have a no. 1 hit and bring around world peace!


Anna Raccoon said...

Here in France there is also a lifetime ban on any person who has ever been a British citizen giving blood - not quite sure which aspect of 'being British' they are most concerned about not passing on!

Ian said...

This is interesting. Tatchell is right in certain respects, because if the govt do oppose "homophobic" laws then by all logic we will see these rules being dismantled.

However, anyone can be injured and as the result of an accident and need a blood transfusion. So will we see the architects of cultural marxism open themselves to the possibility of receiving blood at risk of contamination or disease?

This could be a defining issue. It could be the turning point, where society starts to push back at gay militancy and some common sense prevails.

moorlandhunter said...

I would love to give blood, but I’ve had cancer twice and would never dare potentially inflict cancer on the recipient of my blood so I have good sense not to donate blood. The Blood transfusion service also request me, indeed barred me from doing so no matter how much I wish to help.
Am I being discriminated against?

Usukh Dikh said...

Let them do it.

However let the statistically-significant-increased-risk-of-being-dirty blood be traceable back to them, so if some poor sod does get some poo-bum disease, they know who to sue!

Teach them for demanding the right to play 'last one to come on the biscuit has to eat it' with the free tea & biscuits!

Also would someone please punch this dirty perv in the face for wanting to legalise shagging boys under 16. Filthy child abusing shit poker.

And breath...

Greg Repressed said...

Good thing too because it's not just HIV/AIDS. You can also catch gayness from gay blood. Gay blood also smells of poo and is full of girl hormones and hairspray.

Brew Wales said...

As a blood doner I always wonder when filling in the form how many members of the cabinet would be able to donate blood under the current rules.

Dead Eye said...

I`d give blood...but i don`t have a pulse.

Anonymous said...

Haven't donated for a very long time, but isn't there, or wasn't there once, a weight restriction? If you were under eight stone you could not give blood until your weight increased. Mine was always borderline as I'm quite small, and I gave up for that reason. Yay, fatties! Life savers.

Barnsley Bill said...

Somebody should have let all of tatchells blood out decades ago.
Anyhoo, with regard to your banned from giving blood list.
Down here in NZ, if you are a brit who lived in the uk IN THE 80'S OR 90'S you are not allowed to give blood at all.
We are all incubating mad cow apparently.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on this topic.

Screech said...

"It is based on the stererotyped, irrational, bigoted and unscientific assumption that any man who has had oral or anal sex with another man - even just once 40 years ago with a condom - is high risk for HIV. This is nonsense."

Wrong twat-face, it is based first and foremost on concern for the safety of recipients. They say it is wrong to blame gays for AIDS, but there is no denying that outside the African hot-spots, it is/was mostly rampant amongst gay men...any explanation for that one Tatch....hmmmmm? Go and shove your head up your arse.

Tarquin said...

Hmm, while I agree with you OH, I have myself experienced some pretty daft rules on this

Did you know that we Brits cannot give blood in many countries - in Australia you are banned if you lived in the UK between 96 and 200-something, because of BSE, even though I've been a donor back home, can't say I'm without sympathy for these healthy gay men

Anonymous said...

What shocks me is that there aren't tests carried out on all donor blood to check for AIDS/HIV, other sexual diseases & CJD. I know AIDS & CJD can lie dormant for 10 years but surely there must be some markers that can be tested against?

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