Saturday, 31 October 2009

No Inquiry into Tax Fraud Flipping at Parliament

Dear Nick Clegg,

Thank you for your letter of 14 October concerning the ACA review, which was forwarded to me as Chairman of the Members Estimate Committee by Sir Thomas Legg.

At its meeting on Monday, the MEC considered your proposal and whether Sir Thomas Legg should be asked to extend the review of past ACA payments. It was able to discuss the practicality of it with Sir Thomas himself. Any claims for non-existing mortgages are of course already covered by the review or by police investigations. Extending the review to cover changes of home designation for personal gain and the payment of Capital Gains Tax would unquestionably involve significant retrospective changes to the rules on allowances, although some cases of extensive property renovation may be identified by the review as being in breach of the rules and standards in force at the time.

What concerned the MEC most was that your proposal would require a major new exercise in gathering evidence, since the evidence needed is not within the records of the Department of Resources. Indeed, investigating the payment of CGT would go well beyond the responsibilitie sof the Department of Resources, which does not have authority over Members’ tax affairs. Agreeing to your proposal would, therefore, considerably lengthen the timescale of the review, and the MEC did not feel it could support this.

The MEC does of course recognise the seriousness of the issues you raise, and hopes they will be fully dealt with by the Kelly Committee.

Yours ever,

John Bercow

Hooray. They can keep their Capital Gains Tax defrauded money. Flip this, flip that and get flipping rich. No one can fucking touch the 646.

Join me on November 5th and let's see how close we, the people paying for it all can get.



Anonymous said...

John Bercow Is just another lying c@nt.

MPs who 'flip' their homes WON'T be punished, says Commons Speaker (who is a serial 'flipper')

Fausty said...

I would prefer that these flippers/tax-evaders were dealt with properly, in civil courts, after the general election, and not before.

If the Kelly report does indeed result in sanction, and if the CPS/police do properly investigate all of the suspect cases and prosecute the evidently guilty, then Bercow's stance is reasonable.

But I doubt many of us believe justice will be done.

Revenge is a fine dish, served cold.

Anonymous said...

Speaker John Bercow attacks 'evil' BNP

John Bercow Speaker John Bercow launched an extraordinary attack on the "evil" of the BNP.
At the end of an historic day's sitting, which had seen the Commons benches occupied by non-MPs for the first time ever, Mr Bercow said the BNP was a "poison which we could well do without".

The Speaker is traditionally expected to remain impartial while chairing sittings of the House and he acknowledged this in his impromptu comments.
But he insisted: "I'm under absolutely no obligation whatsoever to be impartial as between the forces of democracy on the one hand and the forces of evil on the other."

I think he has it the wrong way round! how many countries have the BNP invaded john? How many houses have the BNP flipped John?
How much of our democracy have the BNP handed to Europe John?

Sad little subversive is John.

Anonymous said...
the loony left are out in Leeds, it appears

Anonymous said...

But how rich a revenge would it be after the election if the incoming Government launched tax inquiries into those members affairs we all know about? You can be done for the past 6 years. That would be the whole of this parliament after April next.

They might have Bercow's head if the voters don't.

A dish best served cold?

Raving said...

Agree wholeheartedly with Fausty

Still amazed that parliament can continue as if nothing has happened whilst the public have no credibility in these pigging bastards.

Recently sent mail to my MP regarding some correspondence we've had. Asked for his view on all of this suggesting that if it was ordinary joe they'd be in court/gaol by now - guess what? NO reply

Anonymous said...

Afraid I can't be there on the 5th Holbers - don't work - don't get paid - greatest incentive for workers ever.

Do you get dressed up on the train or go in the bogs in the pub and emerge as 'V Man' to a fanfare or what??? I'm intrigued. Also, do you wear your specs under your balaclava under your mask or over it?

I shall visit Braintree station that day and look to see the 'V Mobile' in the car park.

What a hoot ! Pip, pip !!

Old Holborn said...

See you there Anon.

Anonymous said...

What would happen if each & every one of us entered every tax avoiding MP's details into the HMRC's 'shop a tax evader' webpage? Surely if 100s of people report a person (e.g. John Bercow) HMRC will be forced to take action? Single complaint, even 10s of complaints they might be able to ignore - but 100's? Particularly if every blogger reports on it & emails about it are sent to all the MSM?

Anonymous said...

Tis only fraud if it's illegal. Alas the CGT dodge is so well known there is not a lawyer in the land who does not know of it, and who won't advise his two home owning client to use it where appropriate. Bercow is probably safe, mores the pity. Amusing that he takes the blame instead of his committee. Sir George Young, Harperson, who would have thunk it! Since between them Young and Bercow were the final options for the job, looks like it was inevitable.

Me suspects the only reason it came up is because MPs who claimed illegitimate business expenses (a trouser press?), don't like being told that they are worse than people who use the tax system in exactly the same way as their constituents.

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