Friday, 23 October 2009

Nick explains


Anonymous said...

Very funny. Although sadly it looks like the Youtube comments have been entirely pwned by UAF cretins, no doubt "liberals" who don't see the contradiction between repressing freedom of speech and opposing the Nazis. Step out of line and you're modded to minus infinity - Goebbels would be proud.

And finally, Adolf Hitler.

lilith said...

Brilliant :-)

Scrobs... said...

If I wasn't outside a few tinctures, I'd reckon that this piece had been cut and pasted from a cine film of the show!!!

Blimey, whoever heard of people clapping after Mr Dumblebore said something witty!

Or was Mr Manofstraw to blame - well, I ask you...

The Paragnostic said...

Funny as fuck OH, but may I present a very different view?

I was out drinking with some British Jamaican friends today, and one of them broached the Griffin subject. He was disgusted by the way that everyone treated Griffin, and was disappointed that policies weren't covered.

Look, you stupid bastards - by vilifying the other monocular mentalist (hat tip to Obo lol), all you have done is piss off decent people of my generation and of all races.

Thankyou, you PC idiots.

torch-wielding bein pensant said...

@Paragnostic: Silence! Less of this critical thinking and la-di-da, fancy dan 'logic'; more burning the crazy as a witch!

Griffin has been proven in the court of public innuendo to be giving our cows the murrain. He must be pelted in the stocks. The AUFquisition demand it!

The fact he is just a symptom of the sickness in British politics, rather than the cause of said malaise, is immaterial and unhelpful at this time.

Anonymous said...

School boy amature stuff - yawn.

What's next someone shouts `dick` Griffin and everyone laughs!

Quite sad really, ethnicide is such a big laugh, innit?

Anonymous said...

State sponcered racism amd genocide and everyone applauds, clapping like seals looking for approval to their worthless lives, even if it means self destruction and misery!

Ironically the same propaganda methods were used to do the same in Nazi Germany - No one dare be the heretic and face down the big lie from the totalitarian police state.

Looking for the real Nazis and their collaborators?


H said...

Sorry - I giggled!

Pavlov's Cat said...

I liveblogged my watching of it on iPlayer, trying to be as ironic as possible, and was pretty sick at the lynch mob aswell; still, reposted this for maximum hilarity.

Anonymous said...

the question time audience and panel were unremittingly determined to humiliate him. NG was set up to be made a dick, he was nervous under the intense hostility, but he survived, with a few good points made. he wasn't allowed to speak on normal issues, as offered to the panel in the usual QT format.
if you like the BNP this was an outrage. if you like the old-fashined concept of fair play, again an outrage.
NG's comments on Islam were fair, with for-and-against examples, and his desire to remove our troops from Muslim countries were likewise sensible, to the benefit of our people and the Muslims.
i will be sending a small donation to the BNP on the basis that anyone so remorselessly kicked by the current establishment must be worth supporting.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

This kind of crap is doing so much good for the BNP.

Like it or not, vote for them or not, a platform has been given to a party that seems to be unafraid to say what the mainstream parties are afraid to say, i.e., what ordinary people want to be said and issues that need to be raised in public.

It's all very well whingeing about the number of immigrants, but at least someone has now stood up and said what millions of us want said to the crock of shite that is NooLayber.

QT "The Nick Griffin Show" has got to be NooLayber's biggest shot in the foot - ever.

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