Saturday, 10 October 2009

Never mind the rapists, hang the litter louts!

His Righteousness the Lord High Inquisitor Sedley.

This lunacy is beyond parody. Nobody could make up stuff like this.

The dingbat in the picture insists that littering is a far worse crime than assault or theft and wants fines for litter to be double those imposed on violent yobs. He believes he's in charge of the country, too. Oh, and he's fond of the environmentalists' idea of how science should be done:

'But environmental crime, if established, strikes not only at a locality and its population but in some measure too at the planet and its future. Nobody should be allowed to doubt its seriousness.'

Thou shalt not question the Green God. Question His Word and thou shalt end thy days in the carbon-capture Green Heretic Burner.

Consider this, next time you are approached by the smug and loathsome face of a council busybody.

If you drop litter, it'll cost you £600.

If you drop the officious git, it'll cost you less than half that. In fact, you can pound him twice and it's still cheaper than the fine for dropping litter. Plus you have the satisfaction of seeing him point you out in court through two black eyes.

Don't drop that cigarette. Stub it out on a council official. It'll save you money.

I am not in favour of littering, before some Righteous pops up with that simple-minded pseudo-logic they love to spout. But is someone dropping a sweet wrapper more of a threat to society than a violent mugger? If the answer is yes, I expect to see some very good reasons.


Twisted Root said...

Justice is about business not fairness. Always will be.

enter the drag queen said...

what a monstrous, sickening old fag - and, one can readily infer, bulk purchaser of gerbils.

steady convergence to a wholly inverted system of justice, is that our final step on the road to universal serfdom?

banned said...

Shoplifting gets you an on the spot fine of £60, so it's only 10% as bad as dropping a fagend ?
Let's go liftin' but be careful where you dispose of the incriminating price tags.

I'm told that the first govt. Global Meltown propaganda ads appeared on Corie last night " It is real and it's all your fault ". Bet that went down well with the viewers, if they noticed.

scunnert said...

UK cities and towns are a disgrace. But if you're happy to live like a pig in shit - go for it.

Chris said...

I've now got two lots of unpaid fines and am looking forward to doing battle.

I think I have already scared Marstons bailiffs off by emailing them:

"I am not paying your demand - what's more I am seeking the return of the £90 I foolishly paid to the court .

Be warned that I will have no regard whatsoever for the Health and Safety of any court personnel (including yourselves) if you choose to invade my privacy.

Your attendance at my premises would be an acknowledgement of the truth of the above statement.

Your operatives will be photographed if they attend my premises. If you do choose to attend, why not send the bailiff who killed the old man in Accrington earlier in the year? "

Deafening silence since then - funny that.

Marstons and HMCS are just private companies and they can fuck right off.

Aiden said...

This would be the Stephen Sedley, former tutor in the Communist University of London? Stephen Sedley the civil rights lawyer who favors blanket DNA sampling of the UK population and all visitors to the UK so as to avoid racial bias in the database?

Anonymous said...

How much do they charge for lamping that twat in a wig?

yangdoodly said...

as an utilitarian argument it is 100% correct.

Rogerborg said...

Socialist Dogma #1: Offences against principles are far worse than offences against people.

Socialist Dogma #2: The good of everybody is greater than the good of any individual.

Socialist Dogma #3: The good of nobody is greater than the good of any individual.

Kick this old fossil in the woolsack and see how quickly he realises that offences against the person also cover offences against his person.

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

He is also a fucking Yid
Hitler was right to shoot himself
The cunt really fucked up the job

Dick the Prick said...

@Beast - can always rely on you to give a wide angle view. Obvioulsy this judge is a deranged cunt but in Halifax there are a shit load of bins and the amount of cunts who just drop stuff next to them is unfuckingbelievable, and there are even some cocksuckers who put litter on top of bins - wtf is that about?

Sentence should equal crime - drop litter then pick up 100 times more, twat some innocent cunt in the face then get twatted with decent restrictions. Utter cunt.

GCooper said...

Aiden (above) has it right. There has been a silent coup in this country that has taken place over the last thirty or so years.

While the dumb kids went into politics, the really smart ultra-Left entered the Law, made fortunes and now govern without, as they might say, let or hindrance.

These Marxist fossils are going to be harder to get rid of than ZaNuLabour - and every bit as deserving of a walk along the plank.

Elvis Parsley. said...

He is a communist and looks like the local paedo.

jailhouselawyer said...

I remember Sedley selling me out in a deal he did with Woolf, although a victory the effect almost rendered it a hollow victory.

At 69, I think it is time this senile old fart retired...

Rogerborg said...

Well, duh. If he wants to keep busy, he can sweep up in his local Tesco.

Bodderick said...

here is what I think of him. What a cunt he is.

Anonymous said...

As a 'celebration' of that old fart, i shall go out today & drop 69 pieces of litter.

hangemall said...

The first comment (Twisted Root) got it spot on. It's all about revenue for a financially and morally bankrupt government. And country.

Anonymous said...

when you get a visit from the debt collectors they will speak in a east european english dialect and will not give a shit?
welcome to europe

Chris said...


It's sport as far as I am concerned - if they're stupid and reckless to show up at my place (or elsewhere) I'm not the sort who gives a shit.

Black, white, east, west - all the same to me if they interfere with my lifestyle or privacy.

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