Sunday, 18 October 2009

Mandelson Is Still At It

The Dark Lord Of Industrial Death is at it again.

Unable to distinguish this time what is public money and what is Labour Party Money.

The First Division Association of Civil Servants has laid down a clear marker what public money can be used for.

Unaccountable, Unelected and Unpalatable


Lord Turdburgler of Cesspool said...

Listen to me, Gutbum, you irrelevant little person, you should know by now that I use public money as if it were my own.

I'm now off for a fact-finding trip to Morocco.

SO17 said...

Anonymous said...

Vile, amoral creature. His life WILL catch up with him one of these days - and I for one will revel in watching it happen.

Fausty said...

I'm glad top civil servants are getting nervous.

They know there will be job cuts after the GE and anyone associated with this fudge should be more worried than most.

Road_Hog said...

Hmmn..., why is it when I see that photo, I hear some music and the words YMCA jump in my head.

In the navy, Go West, Macho Man.

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

Back in the day
When he couldnt afford a decent shirt
(apart from the ones he Lifted)
Total fucking cunt

'sa proper rimming tash that is m8 said...

seriously, though, who could doubt that mandelson's 'secret sauce' is a personality and general disposition born of years as a predatory sodomite?

anyone at all?

AngryDave said...

The only way the labour party could use the phrase 'building Britains future' on a poster would be if it had Gorgon Brown was pictured dressed in islamic clothes (complete with eye patch and hooks) sat on a big pile of money, with a group of children breaking rocks in the foreground.
What a bunch of tossers!

fuck off mandy said...

building britains future?

out of what ?
more funny money?
£trillions in debt-
massive trade deficit-
8 million people not working!

12 years and all they have built is a massive pile of shit!

Diogenews said...

Look closer: "Building Britain's Future", and there, in tiny, tiny letters underneath you can just make out the fatal words:

"unelected, despotic ruling oligarchy.
Ein herd, ein Union, ein Blair!"

wv: disher - straight from the old polari argot

VotR said...

Destroying Britain's future. Because the UK is bankrupt, the pound can just about buy tins of beans in Europe, and the cash is going into the RBS petty cash bonus scheme.

Get the fuckkkk outta this country and get back to the Eurozone, Mandy, which is really what you are building here.

The Paragnostic said...

Fausty said:

"They know there will be job cuts after the GE and anyone associated with this fudge should be more worried than most."

Fudge? Fudgepacker, surely?

What an odious smarmy cunt that man is.

Anonymous said...

Dreadful little Israelite.

Iain Dale said...

I didn't realise just how handsome Mandy is.

I want a divorce

Anonymous said...

O/T just heard the Orange Orangutan AKA pitch ripper on the radio blaming the BNP and Griffin for stuff that happened in 1948!
Isn't it the North Koreans who are supposed to go back through the generations in order to meet out punishment?

Adolph Schicklelgruber said...

Use a current photo of me. I look far more menacing than this.

Mr. Jihad said...

Has Hitler lost his trimmer or something?

Anonymous said...

i need to stop reading this blog, it's having a bad effect on my blood pressure.

Alfred of Wessex said...

Don't think Hitler, think Stalin, or Stalin's equivalent of Goebbels, whoever that may have been.

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