Friday, 16 October 2009

Man points out HUGE elephant in the room

Now then Lord Ahmed, where are the 10,000 Muslims storming Parliament you threatened us with?


Meanwhile, a Taliban group also sent two letters to the Lahore Press Club – one on October 12 and the other on October 14 – warning that if the media “does not stop portraying us as terrorists ... we will blow up offices of journalists and media organisations”.


ranter said...

It's only the EITR to some, most people are quite happy to agree with this man's views.
To disagree with and have concerns about the spread of Islam, leaving aside the terrorism that now
accompanies this ghastly religion isn't bigoted or indeed racist. It is common sense.

ranter said...

What is a fucking disgrace is that the thieving fat whore who fraudulently obtained over one hundred thousand pounds of our money on expenses is the person who banned this man in the first place and instead of seeing the inside of the pokey and ending her career in a humiliating manner is likely to be ennobled!

Anonymous said...

After watching the film here: I can't see what the fuss is about, let alone grounds to ban the bloke from entry.

Some of it is gruesome but not as bad as some DVD's available in the shops. The idea behind it is far LESS sinister than the messages we have afoten sen delivered by preachers of hate who are actively given platforms to preach their views.

I am Stan said...

Geeeerty has a right to his opinion and i would not deny him that..

But you could say that passages can be found in most religous books to demonstrate how war like they are or to encourage war just depends on your motives ie for or against.

And lets be honest Western ideology and Christian culture aint perfect...

Fact is Utopia is an impossible dream.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100% Ranter. Though I disagree with the description 'fat whore'. I'd suggest 'troughing fat pig' - with apologies to real pigs everywhere, naturally - whores are usually hardworking ladies who earn their money honestly - so unlike dear Jacqui, who is a thieving piece of shit (again, apologies to genuine faeces for the comparison).
I do hope Mr Wilders is aware of the public perception of Jacquie - thieving cunt & Queen of Porn - here in the UK.

libertyscott said...

Geert Wilders is somewhat libertarian, wants drastic cuts in tax and bureaucracy, reduced role for the EU and despises Islamists who want to destroy liberal western democracy.

My cut on it here

Anonymous said...

Agreed Stan,

But let's be honest, there's one group (the elephant in the room) who are using the texts literally at the moment and are carrying out savage acts.

You don't get CofE vicars chanting for death to anyone who won't join their congregation, but we do get the preachers of hate.

Utopia is an impossible, but surely civilised conduct is an entirely reasonable expectation?

Dungeekin said...

My feelings on Shari'ah can only be expressed in song....

As for Wilders - he's unpleasant but he has a right to speak, no matter what the fundamentalists bleat.


Anonymous said...

Ahmed's 10,000 Muslims

1,000 have been deported as illegals
2,500 are currently in Belmarsh awaiting terrorism trials
1,000 are busily sodomising underage kids as per their prophet's example
4,000 are busily working at whatever job they do & contributing to the country
The remaining 1,500 are down at the dole offices, signing on for benefits

I am Stan said...

Anonymous...yes i agree civilised conduct is an entirely reasonable expectation if you want your views to be taken seriously whatever they are and they do their cause a great deal of harm..but hey thats the extreme end of sharia law for you...

In the war situation that we are in right now savage acts are carried out by all sides i believe..war is war..

Killing is killing ... by drone or knife its brutal and merciless.

Anonymous said...

Stan, I think we're on the same page here because I agree that, as you say, war is war.

The difference is that the war we are fighting is against perpetrators of violence (note I am not justifying the cause - whatever that REALLY is!), the point is that if the Taliban didn't fight we wouldn't fight. Fire when fired upon etc.

Contrast that with a will to wipe out anyone who disagrees with your opinions with the most savage, terror inducing means you can think of.

Anonymous said...

"Freedom go to hell" says chap who's freedom in order to protest.


I am Stan said...

The Taliban brought this rain of fire down on themselves by harbouring and facilitating terrorist groups which was a big error of judgement on their part..

I suspect they thought the west would not have the balls to come after wrong were they!....but the Taliban etc are a waring nation if not between themselves then united against invaders basically there as hard as fuck and they have time on their side

The whole thing(the war against terrorism) is an almighty mess with smoke and mirrors everywere you care to look..personaly i see no end in sight for a long time.

Anonymous said...

McEgan is hoping to have sex with that very same elephant...

Andrew said...

More of this sort of thing on the way on 31 October:

Stuart said...

If muslims stopped fighting us there would be peace.

If we stop fighting them we will be wiped out.

JD said...

Well said, Stuart.

Anonymous said...

"Freedom go to hell" says the protester. Little wonder they are revered by new labour. But what about the UAFs and new labours concerns for wimmin and gays? How do they reconcile their erstwhile concern about these "victim" groups with their panderering to Islam?

Kaygee said...

Watched this live on sky news during my dinner break. The ticker at the bottom read "12 killed in Pakistan explosion" as the interview ran. Switched over to BBC news and they had some cleric or other claiming that the koran doesnt incite violence. Very next story was "five muslim men convicted on terrorism charges in Australia".

I didnt know wether to laugh or cry...

I am Stan said...

Thats a fair point Stuart...were all basically stuck between a rock and a hard place...fully engaged in a war without end..

The Nato allies,without any clear definable objectives are throwing as many troops as they can muster, as much cash as they can scrape together and as much military hardware as they can afford at warrior tribes hiding out in a vast battle field.

The Taliban with centuries of war experience on their own turf entrenched in the villages ,towns ,cities,deserts and mountain ranges..basically everywhere with an endless supply of willing volunteers ready to take up arms
and fight to the death whilst their commanders develop new ways to cause maximum casualties to the invaders

Al q aida an ideology spread all over the planet hell bent on destroying ¨The Great Satan¨ America and anyone who stands in their way, elusive unpredictable and merciless not caring wether their victims are men, women children,civilians,military,rich, poor,white,black just as long as people die in large numbers..

This war is a war without end...its going to last one can win but we all can lose...

Delphius1 said...

Its not the religion, nor the race of people following the religion that are the problem.

Its the people that pervert religion to their own ends that are the problem. Always has been, always will be.


Irony Overload....

Anonymous said...


That is the best summary of the situation I have ever heard.

Cylon said...

"And lets be honest Western ideology and Christian culture aint perfect..."

So what?

It's not about Western "ideology" or Christian "culture" (I think you mixed those up.)

It's about islam.

And your reaction shows clearly where you stand. "Oh yes, it's not good, BUT..." No, we're not perfect, but we're NOT the issue either. You're classic appologist.

Islam is the problem. Always has been. Take the crusades. Years and years of islamic provocation were finally answered with the only language islam understands: force.

Everyone who says it is not the problem has never read the koran, has never read the hadith.

The koran is absolute. If the koran says the earth is flat, then the earth IS flat. No discussion. Sura 3, verse 7 clearly states that. It states that some verses of Mohammed's "Mein Kampf" are plain, clear, while some have hidden meanings and only allah knows the meaning of those hidden meanings. And since it's all from allah, it's all absolute. No discussion allowed. Allah knows it. Case closed.

Surah 3 also mentions what islam is not. Islam is not Christianity, it is not Judaism, it is not anything else.

Just like there is no "extreme" end of sharia law there is no "extreme" islam. There is only islam. And wherever islam goes, what do you have?

Oppression, murder and other such "nice" things.

Show me one muslim country that is even remotely like the US, Japan, South Korean, Taiwan, Australia, Germany, the UK, or any other democracy. Show me one. You won't find one. Not one.

Of course not.

Islam is absolute. No other religions or ideologies are allowed. Non-muslims are always second-class citizens. Women are always oppressed (except those handful women coming from the families of the rulers.)

Fact is, islam is a danger for our way of live, because islam is intolerant to the bone and our "leaders" are too tolerant. That's a dangerous combo.

I don't want islam on my doorstep. I don't want my daughters having to hide their hair and faces. I don't want 10-year old girls being married off to 80 year old goat herders. I don't want fascist sharia law. And thus islam can piss off.

Islam is peace?

Yeah, the peace of the grave, the peace of death for all those who either don't follow it or who're not male.

I don't want this backwater death cult on my doorstep. If that makes me a nazi and racist, fine, then I'm a nazi and a racist, but my children will grow up free.

Btw, "islam" doesn't mean "peace", it means "submission".

Anonymous said...

thnx stewy

salfordian said...

pretty spot on there stuart..

Phil Free said...


Very well put Sir.


Old Holborn said...

It's very, very simple

Show me an Islamic country where there is peace.

There aren't any.

End of argument.

Maturecheese said...

Here is a man who should be EU President unlike that arsewipe Blair.

I am Stan said...

Cylon-if your so frightened,and are so sure the end of Britain is so near do one of 4 things

1 Join the forces ,go to Afganistan and start shooting.

2 Move yourself and your family to a small desert island in the middle of nowhere

3 Start ethnic cleansing.

4 Cower in your wardrobe and wait for the nasty man to go away.

Field Marshall Watkins said...

Cylon is accurate in his description of Islam.

There are two types of Muslim. 1. Those who claim it is peaceful etc (and have never actually studied it.) 2. Muslims who know it is all about Dar al Islam and Jihad and LIE, saying it is peaceful in order to push their agenda.

Allah is the greatest deceiver of all, didn't you know.

Islam hasn't been perverted by anything. There is a constant, unending stream of violence, oppression and all round HATE from Muslims, following Islam since its inception. As OH says, search for a free, peaceful Islamic nation on Earth today.


All of them, the whole fucking Muslim world, must all be 'misinterpreting the Koran' right?

Along with Mohammed and his very fucknuts 1300 years ago. They must have had it wrong too.

No more fucking excuses, accept the reality of Islam there you are one step closer to curing the DISEASE.

Arkan said...

"3 Start ethnic cleansing."

Sounds good to me

adam said...

islam is shit

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

So how many Muzzies did show up outside of the Hoc? Lucky their employers could let them off work. Oh, they don't work? They're all illegals or benefit claimants? Why didn't Plod start asking them for id etc the way that they do to white protesters?

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