Thursday, 1 October 2009

Lords And Ladies A Leaping

We now have a situation where the Business Secretary the 'Lord' Mandelson and 'Baroness' Scotland are going to take BAE systems apart with an SFO prosecution just as they leave office in a few short months.

Anybody who has their business subjected to scrutiny by these two fine upstanding characters is advised to reregister their company abroad. If BAE had bought a yacht and hung around Corfu, none of this would be happening.

I recall that somebody else ordered the destruction of the economic base of his country before he left office through committing suicide in the Bunker.


Can you afford a £21 000 watch on a 'public servant's' salary ?

More bangles,beads and fake Ermine for the faux unelected Aristocracy at our expense.


electro-kevin said...

electro-kevin said...
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Road_Hog said...

BAE quoted in the Telegraph today saying that it would be in the best interest of the shareholders if the investigation were to continue.

Not interested in doing a plea bargain. I think they've got something on this government and their view is, fine, take us to court and we'll spill the beans. Just want Labour don't want before an election.

Anonymous said...

Think they should have left it as 'I came into politics to help me' - just about sums the conniving cunt up.

woman on a raft said...

If Tony Blair and Lord Goldsmith had not decided that it is alright to pay bucksheesh to the Saudis, there might have been some point in continuing with an investigation in another arena. This amounts to saying that it is alright to bribe Arabs, but not Blacks, because they'll only spend it on gold plated toilets. Unlike the Saudis, who use it to buy idiot baubles(*) for English princesses.

It's a right old tangle, but perhaps the SFO are acting unlawfully in discriminating in their investigations? It depends on somebody managing to work out what "unlawful" means according to s.34 of Labour's showpiece legislation Equality Act 2006. Maybe we should ask Hattie Harman what it means - Gordon said this Act was a testament to her towering vision of equality.

(*) Scroll down approximately 1/3 through the file, to SAUDI ARABIAN DIAMONDS AND SAPPHIRE SUITE. Yes, I am just jealous.

Under the Westway said...

Anyone who has ever done business in the Middle East has offered incentives to their customers. You just aren't taken seriously otherwise. We might regard it as bribery; they regard it as evidence of being serious about wanting a contract and the solidity of your company. Doesn't mean they don't still go for the best deal they can get with someone they can trust. If Arabia and Africa want to sort out the terms on which their rulers exercise power, fine, but until they do we have to deal with the world as it really is. We ought to be applauding anyone who manages to get overseas contracts, not wasting public money on prosecuting them.

Anonymous said...

Is Mandy supposed to look like Hitler without the moustache in that clip?

AP said...

The watch shown is not a Patek Philippe annual calendar which would cost about 21k, but a triple date with stopwatch which is four times that.I can see him buying the former, but the latter?

Which one is Lord Mandelsons?

Earthlet Nigel said...

So where Blair et al are involved it's ok. I reckon this could well come back and bite Mandies-Bum, and a good few others. Investigations are one thing, they are not 100% controllable, just wait for the righteous loose cannon to expose information that they wanted suppressed.

Dogs, sleeping, lie, let, spring to mind, but the righteous won't. Cunts

Anonymous said...

The Cameron Crowd need to hire sharp legal drafters fast and prepare
a) the Great Repeal Bill (work already ongoing in a wiki on the web) to annul 4000 pieces of marxist dogma now on the statute book thanks to the scum
b)obtain injunctions to prevent binding legislation and prosecutions such as this Mankybum/Scotchbottle stitchup from moving forward on the even of an election.
Bet they could find an appropriate nuliebour law they could invoke!

polaris said...

Labour, good for business? What a bunch of unrealistic and hypocritical clusterfucks (flibbertygibbets?).

My take a few days ago

Mugabe's solid gold toilet said...

I imagine that BAE moves in the kind of circles where they find out all kinds of interesting things about our higher-ups.

Unlike Teflon Tony, shit sticks to Mandy like glue.

I hope BAE have Clifford and The Sun on speed dial.

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