Friday, 16 October 2009

Liberty will not descend to a people. A people must raise themselves to liberty." --Emma Goldman's Epitaph

This morning I am mostly beyond angry !



Balthazar said...

Also, memorably, on the North Block of the Secretariat in New Delhi:
"Liberty will not descend to a people: a people must raise themselves to liberty. It is a blessing which must be earned before it can be enjoyed".
Do we still deserve liberty here in the UK? Will we raise ourselves to liberty once again? Or do the masses just not give a fuck?

JuliaM said...

"Or do the masses just not give a fuck?"

With Stephen Gately's funeral coming up, and Leona Leewis being punched (not often enough, mind..)?

The answer's almost certainly 'No', isn't it?

Spartan said...

"Or do the masses just not give a fuck?" .... only if you take away their X-Factor, Eastenders etc.

Cylon said...

I'm not an anarchist, because I think anarchism is a load of crap (and simply doesn't work, just like communism and socialism in general), but what we need is small government, not those socialist monsters that destroy our tax money in the billions.

Hmm, actually, some of the shots in the video seem to be taken from Germany, where "Anarchists" are usually referred to as "Autonome" (some sort of left-wing autonomous group) and these folks want to kill German police officers and soldiers. They want to destroy Germany as a nation. And their "demonstrations" are usually just riots, not because they're angry (what would they be angry about anyway, people like me feed that useless lot with our taxes), but simply because they like rioting and violence.

Mind you, German police is a joke these days. They have been castrated by the politicians and can't do anything anymore. De-escalation is the order today. Not "enforce the law" or "protect the citizens". Police in Germany and Austria advises you to either run away or cooperate should you be robbed. Defend yourself? BAD! Even using pepper spray in self defense can land you in court these days in Germany.

So yeah, anarchists can simply sod off in my book. I'll never side with them. Why would I support someone who'd burn down my house, my car, rape my wife, maybe even kill her, and simply destroy my life?

Andy Arbuthnott said...

Happy Diwali.

Graeme said...

For Balthazar/Julia M: Do the masses give a fuck? Let's see.

From Today's top searches

1. Leona Lewis
2. Peter Andre
3. David Beckham
4. Sienna Miller
5. Boris Becker
6. Pamela Anderson
7. London Film Festival
8. Weather forecast
9. Couples Retreat film
10. EastEnders

From Editor's Picks

* Cheryl bans friends & family
* Leona attack: man charged
* Space debris hits Hull house
* Win! X Factor tickets
* Dog attack toddler critically ill
* Play Euromillions tonight

Most viewed:

1. Hunt for boy after US balloon drama
2. House roof debris 'fell from space'
3. Dog attack toddler fights for life
4. Police arrest woman for Facebook 'poke'
5. Man charged with Leona Lewis attack

From the BBC:


* Balloon boy father denies TV fake
* Sugababes' Amelle 'in a clinic'
* M5 closed after power cables hit
* Woman injured in car bomb attack
* 'No post-jab paracetamol' advice
* Student on public decency charge
* Halifax estate agents sold for £1
* Drivers pass 'phantom roadworks'
* Soldier mocked over loss of legs
* Delay formal lessons 'to age six'

Without even going near the Sun/Daily Mail sites, that'll be a "No", then...

Guthrum said...

Bread & Circuses

Maturecheese said...

Reading the above comments, I can do nothing but agree. It really is sad but the response I always get when I am ranting about the latest pisstake by our politicians etc is, don't stress out about things you can do nothing about. The overwhelming attitude by most people is apathy.

Off topic, but is it just me or is this country getting a little bit like Germany in the twenties with opposing factions demonstrating in the streets regularly. BNP,EDL,WDL and the casuals in one corner and Islamic nutters and the UAF in the other.

I am Stan said...

Fuck me if all the masses did all day was read political blogs there would be mass suicides.....ever heard of FUN...

Yes Leona is young,gorgeous and talented
isn`t she.

Anonymous said...

"Andy Arbuthnott, 16 October 2009 11:10

Happy Diwali."

Fuck Off, McEgan.

You slimey, communist, self-hating cocksucker.

WV: peratioc - sounds like one of McEgan's prescriptions

Anonymous said...

Emma Goldman was a Marxist cunt. I'm glad she's fucking dead.

Anarchism - the Gap Year plaything of smug middle-class trustafarian cunts.

End of.

Andy Arbuthnott said...

Anon 13.30. Slimy (sp), commie, gay? Three outta three wrong! Apres moi les fuckwits!

Phil Free said...

Cylon - Automonists or the "autonomen" are not anarchists. Mostly they're marxist, communist types. Huge difference, though I suspect, and respect entirely, that that's a distinction you dont make or care little about. :-)

Anonymous fucktard at 13.33. Well she was fucking born in 1860 odd so she'd be doing friggin well to still be around. Stupid cunt.

"Someone has said that it requires less mental effort to condemn than to think" Emma Goldman.

Old Holborn said...


I spent 12 years living in Frankfurt. Anybody who questions authority or doesn't have an "erlaubnis" scares them shitless.

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