Monday, 12 October 2009

Let the slaughter begin....

"Two Dinners" Binley stealing a child's lunch yesterday


The Conservative MP claimed more than £57,000 to rent a flat from his company, despite Parliamentary rules forbidding such an arrangement.

Mr Binley was allowed to continue with the controversial arrangement for more than three years while he launched an unsuccessful appeal against the rules. It is not clear why this was permitted and he has since refused to repay money.

The founder of BCC Marketing also claimed £3,700 for cleaning costs in 2007-08.

Mr Binley’s case will provide a test of Sir Thomas’s stringency as his claims were permitted by the House of Commons fees office despite clearly being against the rules.

The honourable thing to do Mr Bingley, would be to render yourself down for soap.


Custard said...

You'd get an awful lot of bars out of that fat cunt.

Nick said...

Stupid bugger.

If he's rented elsewhere his company could have let out the property and made a profit.

In this case, he's going to make a whopping loss.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Fuck him. I want Jacqui Smith's fucking head on a stick.

"Apology to parliament", my festering bloody cock.

bofl said...

honour?- none left old boy......

in the new world of equality and caring?

it's everyone for themselves!!!!!!

remember tories eat babies.....

time to take a leaf out of the soldiers dads' book.........

just so no........

no more more more more trips to foreign lands for 'research'.
no more giving money away.

no more taxes.

no more non-jobs.

no more wars.

no more eu+ the money we pay in!!

no more QE.

and no more unaccountability.......

bofl said...



just say NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick said...

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson said "on one level" he could understand the reaction as MPs had "honestly and fairly" made claims within the rules as they existed at the time.

So he's finally getting it as they shove the red hot poker up his arse.

That's a little payback for doing the same to the rest of us for the last 12 years


Matthew Hopkins said...

they really do not seem to understand how hated they are......

how can anyone that thick (including jacqui,harriett,mcsnot,mandy etc) be allowed anywhere near parliament?

Jacqui Smith said...

"Fuck him. I want Jacqui Smith's fucking head on a stick."

No No. Im in the clear. As Constantly Furious says 'Dont Worry : Be Jacqui'.

Lutney Chocker said...

Don't let them throw you off the scent of the bigger game, with a few bumbling pond life heads on sticks... they'll say "Oh you've had enough scalps now, it's time to move on", just before you get to the interesting ones.

No, don't take the bait... knock out the shepherd, and the sheep scatter.

David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

These peple, and I don't know who that one with the forked penis is either, will all have to go.

If they will not go at any allowed election, then they will have simply to be killed, barbecued and eaten. We shall all be starving anyway and I don't suppose they will taste worse than organic pigmeat, if there is any left by then.

David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

They are what the french, who invented civilisation (and the word for it) " 'Orribul litterl pipperl"

Christ only knows what the poor little Bangaldeshi-boy, stage-right, is thinking.

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