Friday, 23 October 2009

Le Pen He Ain't

I watched the freak show that was 'Questiontime' and saw nothing edifying there for British Politics.

The 'selected' baying audience does not mean that the discussion over on mass immigration is over, and the political classes need to address this subject and integration of those that are already settled in this country. Shouting 'racist' is not a political debate.

The 'no platformers for fascism' whose brain dead policy has allowed the rise of the racist far left for the last thirty years should now shut up. Engage and argue your case. Not stick you fingers in your ears, saying I can't hear you. THAT IS NOT POLITICS, THAT IS JUST CHILDISH.

Huhne, just gets worse everytime I see him perform.

Who was the American import ? Could not the BBC find an articulate Black British person to pad out the panel ?

Finally to Griffin, Le Pen he ain't. I have heard Jean-Marie speak. He is a former paratrooper,(rather than my dad was in the RAF during the war), he thunders, he has conviction, he has passion and he is a leader of men- he is still talking bollocks of course. However he had charisma.

Griffin, well, just looked like a shifty estate agent trying to pass off a burnt out bungalow as a bijou residence.

He was uncertain, hesitant, smirking in all the wrong places, which is no substitute for humour. The canons of belief that go down well in the bierkellers of the BNP, just seemed trite. Churchill would be a member of the BNP now, what utter crap is that. In the 1940's ninety per cent of the nation were 'soft' racists, it did not make them overt card carrying Nazis . Churchill was a chancer at times, but was a consumate politician first and foremost. Nick , he would still be in the Tories, in some way he still is in spirit in the form of Soames. Slightly outdated but still bulking out the High Tories.

I have always argued that the BNP that is fixated on race as the scapecoat for all our ills is barking up the wrong tree.

The FN has faded away in France despite having the thunderous Le Pen as its leader, as economic conditions improve the BNP will go the same way here. BUT that does not let the political classes of the hook in addressing mass immigration and failed multi cultural policies, that are of direct concern to the white working classes competing for resources with newcomers.

The lazy days of shouting racist to close the argument down are over. That is Griffins small victory from last night. The Hain's and Huhne's of this world trying to inhibit free speech were the big losers, and rightly so.


Anonymous said...

Griffins performance was not his best, it was clear he was nevous from the outset.

However let us remeber that he had 500 screeming morons outside that wated to tear him apart, and a rigged audience and panel stacked against him.

Yes his nerves gaveb way to some awkward guesturs yet, despite the odds stacked against his he still managed to make several valid poits.

I am getting rather tired of the Libertariam rightous attitude of singing from the PC hym book only not so loud.

Their has been utter destruction in many areas of this country and that is what has created the BNP and such like.

It appears to be largely Libertarians and Tories who do not have to live in the non BNP created hellholes who still think we are going to all life together in peace and harmany under some form of Libertarian goverment.

I am sorry to say, that while it is a nice dream it is deluded and you are simply aiding in the destruction of society and our democracy buy playing the PC game you have unknowingly been programmed to play.

You are as much a part of the problem as the Labour party with your mealy words from your ivory towers ignoring the realities of natural race division.

One day you will realise just how duped you have been, same as you past ignorant stand on the NWO and it's totalitarian agenda.

ranter said...

Griffin certainly came over as weird sod, you wouldn't want to be stuck in a lift with him.

He should have told some of the panellists and questioners politely that some of what they were asking was irrelevant and none of their business and make his point. At his best when he had a pop at Islam. He'll have learned a lot through that though.

Interesting programme though.

The RAF and Dad jibe was a nice blow to Straw though, Huhne was a Hoon, Warsi came over as fairly reasonable, especially towards the end when she started to have a pop at Straw and Labour's policies on immigration - in fact that was when the real programme should have started with Dimblebore and the rest having had their baying time, established their anti-Nazi credentials.

The very smart young black man in the pinstripe lead things along nicely too.

As for the audience what a bunch of complete lefty tossers most were, even Tarquin and Penelope were awful.

Had to laugh when Straw was picked up on his use of Afro-Caribbean instead of African - Caribbean. He should have said 'Sorry love if that's all you ahve to worry about you're doing OK and anyway that's what I was told to say on my last enforced diversity course'.

Great programme, illustrated how the establishment are scared of the BNP but still used the whole thing as an opportunity to hide other important things or fail to enter into any real and proper debate.

Bonnie Greer - what a waste of space - just fuck off back to America darling.

word verification = goillyo !

Elby the Beserk said...

What tickled me was all the "anti-fascist" demonstrators outside, demonstrating against freedom of speech. Anti-fascist fascists. You couldn't make it up.

Anonymous said...

Considering the riots outside, the prospect of having to go out through them again, a clearly hostile audience baying for his blood & the fact that all the questions were aimed at the BNP, including a supposedly impartial Chair (D.Dimly) who was only too happy to display his right on PC credentials & act as Labour's attack dog & a panel of fuckwits I don't think Griffin did too badly. The only other panellist who came across with any sense was Baroness Warsi. Loved the comment about Straw's Dad being a Conchie - like father, like son apparently as Straw Jnr refused to enlist in the Cadet Corp at his school - obviously then extremely well placed to send other men's sons off to fight & get killed.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

I don't vote BNP, nor will I ever but Griffin the Underdog will score highly in the polls following this BBC/media QT shambles.

Apparently, next weeks panel will include the disgraced former Home Secretary Smith.

I wonder whether or not next weeks audience will be allowed to barrack Jacqui Smith as much as they were allowed to get to Griffin.

I wonder whether there will be any protest - rightful protest, in my view - outside the BBC about a woman who owes us £116,000?

I wonder if it will be the Jacqui Smith QT Show, as last night was clearly the Nick Griffin QT show?

Answers on a postcard.....

Yeah said...

I wish every second comment I read on this issue didn't start with "I don't vote BNP" (not just here, it's everywhere). It doesn't matter if you do or not. For all I know, you might not vote BNP because you disagree with voting.
Say what you think is right, I will tell you if I agree or not, that's how a debate works. Your voting preferences are no concern of mine, which is the point really isn't it. That's the point of democracy.
Not a personal pop at you killemallletgodsortemout, I just think people should keep their voting preferences to themselves. Don't be frightened of what people will think.

Griffin's Left Ball said...

Check this out:

ConstantFury : Full transcript of that #Griffin #bbcQT is here: -- (well, the CF directors cut, anyway)

V. funny version of events!

Griffin's Left Ball said...

Try again. Check this out:

ConstantFury : Full transcript of that #Griffin #bbcQT is here: -- (well, the CF directors cut, anyway)

V. funny version of events!

Shades Of Ansel said...

I agree with Elby ( Elby,by the way,is the name of our local BNP councillor ).Jack Strawback,for once,looked positivly beaming.For once,his failed Labour party weren't the focus of attention,and boy,didn't he just relish his chance.But here was no REAL debate.Race and sexuality were the main themes of the day.If they wanted Griffin to fall on his sword,why didn't they have a wide range of topics so the voters could descide who came out with the most appealing policys?No.This was a witch hunt.Stage managed,and not very convincing either.Aren't there laws in the classroom for bullies?Not,it appears,in this case.All this bullshit about social intergration where everyone takes a happy pill and we all get on and live happy ever after is such BOLLOCKS.It's time SOMEONE had the balls to stand up and tell it like it is,but Old Nick ain't that someone.

Paul Weston said...

Congratulations Guthrum

The most wonderful line, of a wonderful article, surely has to be this:

"Griffin, well, just looked like a shifty estate agent trying to pass off a burnt out bungalow as a bijou residence."

Anonymous said...

Disgusting liberal fascists of the metro sexual multicultural proponents of the E U gulag

I though Nick did well under the extreme circumstances

Jacks Straws father wouldn't fight against Hitler hey?

BNP guido refugee said...

as a BNP voter, I felt slightly let down last night by Nick Griffins performance.

Not that I didn't expect it to be a baying, bullying, leftist hate frenzy, I just thought Griffin wasn't accurate enough with the few blows he was able to get in.

I'm putting it down to a touch of nerves and lack of experience with that kind of baiting on TV.

What has picked me up this morning is the amount of blogging and commenting that has picked out the bullying tactics and the lack of any real debate on current political issues.

For a moment I almost fell into the trap of believing that a hand-picked audience at the BBC was a real representation of the people of Britain. Thanks for bringing me back.

The thing is that a lot of people WILL believe the audience spoke for the average Brit....a mistake that the liberal elite have been making since day one of the BNP's exsistence.

Which is why the BNP have 1 million voters and rising.
They just don't learn, do they ?

Anonymous said...

Griffin came across as an idiot most of the time, although he did score a couple of good points

The worst thing though in that program was the attempt by the PC fanatics to try and pretend native Britons don’t exist. Talk about rewriting history. As Griffin says, they wouldn’t dream of trying that stunt with any other group other than white people.

Fearless Frank said...

To all those delighted at Griffin's (alleged) poor performance, tell me this: What do you you say to the million-plus who have voted for him?

Anonymous said...

"as economic conditions improve"

You might have to wait a while

Fausty said...

I pretty much agree, OH.

QT last night was an own-goal for the BBC, Warsi, Straw, Huhne and Dimbleby. It was so obviously staged - even down to the location.

Melanie Phillips's superb essay (Spectator) yesterday captured the elements of the BNP/immgration issue that the idiotic chattering classes and political elites refuse to confront.

If these people don't wake up, the BNP will do well in the GE - and it will be their fault entirely.

Also, the chattering classes, lefties and pro-EU fanatics like to argue that we shouldn't mind workers coming here from Europe because we have the same option - to work anywhere in Europe.

They don't seem to understand that the working classes here can't afford to work elsewhere, if they aim to maintain a home in Britain. Our cost of living is just far too high.

Strawsdadwasacoward said...

"He who controls the present controls the past"
What was particularly frightening last night was the way the panel jumped on Griffin for having the temerity to suggest that the indiginous Briton was white, im sorry but ive looked through my parents and grandparents school photos and i cannot see a black face on any of them, as for Bonnie Greers comment that the Romans were multicultural! Didnt they feed Christians to the lions, did they not Romanise every culture they managed to annexe? A total farce of a progtamme, completely biased lefty bollocks.

Revolution Harry said...

Anon 9.52, wonderfully put. Couldn't agree more.

What caught my attention was the woman who said she wished the voters would realise that Nick Griffin and the BNP were 'wolves in sheeps clothing'. Oh the irony, if only she knew. The real 'wolf in sheep's clothing' was the sitting to the right of David Dimbleby, not the left.

pravda said...

Here's a comment on the Daily Mail I think everyone should see -

I was in the QT audience last night. Before we went into the studio for filming we were held in a holding room. (I was in there for over two hours) I was on my own and was never aware you could get multiple tickets. I arrived early and it became very obvious that groups of people were arriving who new each other. I spoke to three different people who worked for an agency who supplied audience people for the BBC.

Before the show the Chairman of the panel came into the holding room and encouraged us to boo and shout if we did not agree with certain things that were said by the panel. He said as we had Griffin on the show, we don't want to miss an opportunity.

This was an organised stitch up by the BBC.

- Peter, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 23/10/2009 10:56

Shades Of Ansel said...

Pravda...thanks for that.It's what we all knew but without proof.You were THERE.Nice one.Your words speak volumes about 'democracy' in this shithole.

The Establisment said...

Guthrum, the point of Bonnie Greer being a guest was to lay into Griffin when the pre-planned Ku Klux Klan bit came up.

Rogerborg said...

Guthrum, old stick, does liberty only begin once you're past Customs?

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