Friday, 16 October 2009

Kinnocks have received over €8 Million

Several Danish papers and Romanian paper Gazeta du Sud cited Open Europe's calculations showing that Lord and Lady Kinnock between them received around €8 million from the EU in pay and allowances during their respective tenures in Brussels.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. They`re worth every penny!

bofl said...

eu corrupt

uk corrupt

Antisocialist said...

What mental gymnastics do these 'socialists' have to perform to justify this I wonder?

Anonymous said...

One of Kinnocks promises if he won the 92 election was I believe to hold a referendum on our membership of the EU if not take us out of it altogether. Does the EU simply just bribe politcians? Make them offers they cant refuse in the form of lucrative (no questions asked about expenses) sinecures.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Who says socialism doesn't work!

scunnert said...

Rab - this is capitalism not socialism.

Harri said...


Its just 'stepped up a gear'

Corrupt, Rich, Mendacious, Ginger and Total cunts.

And Welsh !

Its all gone horribly , horribly wrong ?

Ginger and Welsh !

All is most definatley fucking lost ?

Anonymous said...

scunnert said...
Rab - this is capitalism not socialism.

Wrong, capiltalism is using your assets and/or skills/knowledge to earn a living or invest.
Sometimes you may not have the skills or knowledge so you pay someone who has.

Socialism is where the state gives itself enough power that it takes what it wants, your wealth, freedom and natural born rights.
Always has and always will, they feel like they do a good job as they give your wealth to others whilst ensuring they get a large slice of the redistribution (ever wondered why the workers have always suffered under socialism? it's because they get screwed by the state and the business that basicly own the state{yes we are in a fascist state, business have had the control of goverment since we first lent money from what is now seen as a central bank}

Anonymous said...

So far as I know,the sum total of their achievements in office was
Mrs.... forced the EU canteens to serve up fair trade bananas
Mr.....sacked the bird who tried to expose the creative accounting methods of the EU (Now a UKIP mep,I think)
The square root of fuck all for their constituants.
Now they are richer than the Count of Monte Cristo

The Sun says said...

Sack the cunts and give the money to the TA.

Anonymous said...

As I believe Mrs K is about to don ermine after she's finished thieving off the EU, my earlier comment re Baroness Uddin appears to apply equally validly here. Personally, I think they both, along with a great many other British MPs & MEPs deserve to experience an example of Romanian Domocracy (25/12/89).

banned said...

Anon 17:56 "Does the EU simply just bribe politcians? Make them offers they cant refuse"

Not exactly, what it does is give lucrative pensions to its former members and servants; these pensions are forfeit if the pensioner acts in a way deemed Anti-EU. That includes voting 'against the EU interest' in their domestic Parliament. Thus all former servants of the EU have sold their loyalty to the foreign power that is the EU.
The Kinnocks have about 6,( or is it 8, I've lost count ) UK/EU pensions between them.

Lexander said...

Ginger is top of my list to smack a fist into his ugly face. And his wife bottom of the list to find in bed with me. They sum up what's wrong with GB.

Shades Of Ansel said...

When you say it SLOWLY to yourself...8 sinks in all the more.How can these Welsh Hillbillys justify this amount of money for being totally and utterly USELESS?

Rogerborg said...

>Rab - this is capitalism not socialism.

Living high on other peoples' productivity while producing absolutely fuck all in return sounds like classic Socialism to me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And what could we have done here in the UK with our share of this money?

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