Friday, 9 October 2009

Kinder,Kuche & Kirche

Or in the case of the Flim Flam man Cameron- Family, Community & Country.

I had read the full text of the Cameron Speech, it is a monumental pile of warm fuzzy nonsense.

In six months we are going to have a General Election, that the Tories are going to win hands down. They will have a 'landslide' in the House of Commons with about 37% of the vote. A huge minority will not bother to vote, because they know it will not change their lives one iota. This is wrong.

Cameron's speech has been replicated by various hopefuls since WW2, Wilson's white hot technology speech, as his Government sought to prop up the rust belt. This is what will happen here, meaningless words and less than meaningful action.

Radical Reform was needed to end the problem at source, Massive Government, Massive Taxes, Massive Corruption. Instead we have a 1950's Tory who wants to lead a Great Britain. He may not have noticed but the Tories are largely non existant in Scotland,Wales, the South West and the North.

We will continue to have Massive Government, I saw no mention of Economic Devolution, all power will stay in Whitehall, we will have massive taxes to bail the banks out for sixty years. The Poor will not pay taxes, the Rich will go off shore. Economic serfdom beckons in the name of patriotism.

I see nothing that mentions the end to endemic corruption that is the rotten Parliament.

No prosecutions, no impeachment, no inquiries into illegal wars. In short no accountability. Even The Italians have removed the scam of a Law that protects their leaders from prosecution. We don't even pretend that our 'leaders' can be held accountable for their actions.

It is unreasonable for me to expect turkeys to vote for Christmas, but there is nothing here, certainly no change. Just more Nanny knows best.

I do not want leading thank you very much, if we are going to have a representative Democracy, lets have one not this half baked gerrymandered system that gives a 'choice' of Labour or Conservative. In my eyes that is Hobson's choice.

A minority Government will not get the country behind it, I will not be convinced that change has occured until I see thousands of Quango's closed down, Tax men laid off in droves, and a legal system that can be used by everybody not just the State and wealthy Corporations. Together with a written Constitution that protects my Liberty and Property from the likes of Brown, Cameron & Clegg

And yes, Dannatt is a huge mistake.


Oh Dear God- they have given the Chosen One the Peace Prize, he has not even served a year yet ! FFS

More awards,trinkets and ermine as they stamp on your face.


Anonymous said...


Les Battersby said...

For anybody near Manchester on Saturday, as the Tories leave :-

Police warning over city protests

Police have said they are determined to maintain order when the English Defence League stages a demonstration against Islamic extremism in Manchester.

Trouble broke out when the league held a protest in Birmingham last month.

Supporters are due to gather in Piccadilly Gardens on Saturday, prompting a counter-demonstration by the Unite Against Fascism Group.

A spokesman for the Council of Manchester Mosques has called for Muslims to stay away from the protests.......

This quote amused me:-

"Any people that intend to attend any counter-protest against the far right anti-Islamic propaganda are to be advised that their attendance may only serve to undermine the image of Muslims as a law-abiding and peaceful people"

That cunt doe not get out much.

All in it together-cept them said...

So,the old buggins turn of British democracy continues as usual,and most seem to have forgiven the blatant theft by all concerned,with the exception of Cantona's sardines thrown overboard,and are happy to resume business in the traditional manner.
I'm of the opinion that all present MP's should be disqualified from politics,due to their corruption,and i shall vote BNP on the basis that they are the only cunts that frighten those arseholes in Westminster.
Cutting off my nose to spite my face? perhaps,but the shit might as well hit the fan now,rather than later,when it will be impossible to retrieve the situation.

Anonymous said...

OH you can't deny their was, on surface value, lots for Libertarians to be happy about. The end of the surveillance state for one, and the endless references to the end of big government.

Not that I believe it, but there was a great deal to be hopeful about if it comes off.

Seems like a step in the right direction to me. I think the real problem is if we are sold into Lisbon, then it doesn't matter one iota what Cameron thinks, or what the British voter thinks, for that matter.
I'm even shit scared of a referrendum here, can you imagine how much propoganda would bombard us, and our children?

Guthrum said...

OH you can't deny their was, on surface value, lots for Libertarians to be happy about.

Must have missed the bit I was supposed to be happy about!

All I heard was big State solutions and this indiot wants to lead me ! I don't want leading

General Stiltskin said...

You know what, I don't think he's gunna do it.
I think he's "peaked" too soon.

There's 6 months to go, and he's been stuck on around 40% for the last two years.
The only thing that's changed over that time is Labour descending towards 20%... all of a turnout of at best 50%.

If he can't make 50% by now with this bunch of toadstools in office, he ain't never gown do it.

You could sum up the three main party speeches in a sentence: we're all gunna do roughly the same thing, but with varying degrees of competence.
They may as well all three have stood up their, pulled a moonie, and farted at the audience, for all the good their repetitive, patronising, carefully-designed toss is.

You've got the unions on Labour's ass; the EU on the Tories' ass, and complete indifference on the Libdums' ass.

I think so many people are so fucked off and at their wits end, that many of 'em 'll vote for anything different.
The low turnout can only help in increasing the chances of the dreaded "Others" at least splitting and messing up the vote, if not occasionally and randomly getting elected are better than they've ever been.

Certainly, I and people I talk to round where I live are of the opinion that the only thing that will piss off the establishment and force them to listen is a vote for the caricatured evil party (the vote that dare not speak it's name...).
I don't really care what they stand for, I just want to see their faces when one of 'em get's elected to Westminster - it'd be so funny... better than having a button and every MP wired up to the mains.

Marchamont Needham said...

wake up, grow up and smell the coffee.

He's offered hints to the bond markets - that was needed.

And he's offered hints to the voters - maybe needed.

But he can't spell it out as he'll frighten the turkeys.

Rogerborg said...

I'm sure your "prepare for government" speech will be much better, Guthrum. When are you giving it?

Anonymous said...

Guthrum - Rhetoric such as endlessly repeating "big government doesn't work" is right up our street, is it not?

Also, "the end of the surveillance state"??? Didn't you hear that?!

You should be happy that it's tipping a fraction the right way. I was literally punching the air to hear a potential PM make these statements, it's been a long time since any politician said things like that.

I don't believe it, but if you take it on face value, it's looking better than Broon!

Anonymous said...

If this can't be acknowledged in any way, then UKLP is looking just like any other partisan political entity.

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