Tuesday, 13 October 2009

John Prescott bidding on Ebay

NOW I know why Labour are trying to raise a few quid


Anonymous said...

Hope the bastards choke on them!

BNP guido refugee said...

OT but.....New audio tape released from Majorca home of Stephen gately..... Stephen and his "husband" were playing a sex game.

" I'll put this plastic bag on my head," said Stephen. " And you can time me on that new watch Alex Ferguson gave you."

Anonymous said...

Fat Annoying Cunt:

It's the climate, stupid!


Anonymous said...

Prescott goes back to school on climate change


Looks like the white pupils didn't attend, or something?

nemo_sum said...

I thought he'd eaten them all - he certainly looks fat enough!

Edgar said...

Fruit pies? for Prescott? What do you think he is? Some kind of southern pansy nancy-boy? Fucking fruit pies ... for Prescott. Grow up!

Anonymous said...

Dirty fat cunt.

I hope his fucking son dies very slowly before he does.

Watch the fat cunt weep.

Traitor. Filth. Scum. Prescott.

Faux Tudor beams. Parvenu. Slavering dirty adulterous Labour mong.

Fuck your genes in perpetuity you cunt.

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