Friday, 23 October 2009

Jack Straw hides expenses from FOI

Naughty Jack.

It was not Mr Straw 's only contact with the fees office over the years. At one stage he wrote asking for permission to install a £7,500 kitchen, saying it was necessary because his daughter had complained that the old one was worse that her student digs.

Between 2005 and 2009, he also claimed for two beds, redecorations costing £1,300, a £3,635 bathroom refit, garage doors at nearly £2,000, and an LCD television.


bofl said...

jack can do whatever he likes as he is above the law........

Oldrightie said...

Our "Lad" makes Fagin seem very loveable, ghastly little shit. Still it's Labour, what do you expect. His lecture to the Nation last night was despicable clap trap.

Anonymous said...

Thieving little bastard - however, there'll be a lamp post along the Embankment ready & waiting for him when it all comes home to roost.

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