Saturday, 17 October 2009

+++Iain Dale fails for the third time to become an MP+++

Shame, eh?

The winner and a guaranteed recipient of £250K a year, plus a huge pension and 20 weeks holiday a year

Philip Lee lives locally, is a GP and lists his vision as:

· the value of small government
· the value of low taxation
· the importance of personal responsibility
· the value of liberty
· the supremacy of the Nation state.

Can't think why Iain, from Tunbridge Wells (and Sky News 6.30 am, Radio 5 live 11.10, GMtv 11.35, Daily Politics 13.30, The Archers 19.10, Radio Kazachstan 20.45, Pink News 22.45, Sky News 23.30) didn't.

UPDATE: My spies tell me Iain might report EVERYONE in Bracknell to the Police as homophobes.

Quote: "Why don't they love me? Sob! Bastards! Stephen fucking Gately gets a State funeral"

BINGO: Iain pulls the "gay" card.


Self serving Tory turd watch! said...

All that bias arse kissing of a war party selling out to a foreign undemocratic totalitarian big goverment EUSSR and for for what - nothing!

Self serving turd watch!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I wonder when someone will shout out 'homophobia'.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I hope history repeats itself, but this time while the house is in session

Edgar said...

Tears of utter joy ... I wept tears of joy.

Old Holborn said...

I'm opening Champagne.

The last thing a new Parliament needs is a media whore who had inside access to all of the troughers and said nothing as an MP.

Dick Puddlecote said...

· the value of small government
· the value of low taxation
· the importance of personal responsibility
· the value of liberty
· the supremacy of the Nation state.

Oh yeah? I shall be watching this guy closely if he gets in.

However, if that was how he sold himself to the electorate, and he won, it would tend to show that the current dozy collection in Westminster have got something very wrong.

Leave us alone to live with an element of freedom of choice, you fuckers!

Mitch said...

All that ass licking for nowt hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah tosser.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

What a shame!

I was hoping that we would all see Iain suck seed.

killemallletgodsortemout said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Under the Westway said...

What a surprise, considering that bloke off Burning My Pension was canvassing for him. Looking forward to his list of Hundred Most Embittered Bloggers.

Anonymous said...

The best news of the week indeed. What a relief!
Better be careful what you say, though, otherwise you'll get a swipe from her handbag.

Guthrum said...

· the value of small government
· the value of low taxation
· the importance of personal responsibility
· the value of liberty
· the supremacy of the Nation state.

He is on the watch list- for when he follows Cameron

With Big State solutions
With Big Tax Rises
No defying the whip once
Not calling for a vote on Lisbon

GCooper said...

Excellent news!

Long may he continue with this run of form!

Anonymous said...

The fat poof. Desperate to lick arseholes in Westminster on more than a press pass

What a wanker. Respect to Bracknell.

polaris said...
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Anonymous said...

Bizarre isn't it?

Electors didn't choose someone who makes such a deal of their sexuality, they chose someone that they thought might put their interests first.

I don't car whether Iain is gay, or not. Not being gay myself, his sexuality is supremely irrelevant to me. I'd rather he kept it as a private matter, not something to be brought up on a regular basis.

People want MPs to represent them and their interests, not people seeking a public platform, Iain.

My sympathy died when he started talking about homophobia when he was the only one raising the issue (again)

polaris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Let's hope the selected PPC lives up to his vision. Good for him if he does.

The Ghost That Is Jan Moir's Career said...

It's because he's a gay, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

OH you are a sad cunt. I shall look elsewhere for the revolution against the righteous. Goodbye from a previously devoted reader.

WV: fessings. Yeah fess up man. Those who shout have the most to hide.

tory boys never grow up said...

Yet again you demonstrate that the only liberty libertarians believe in is their own liberty to abuse others.

BTW Some of the commenters here really need to see a doctor about the state of their mental health.

Love and kisses

Harri the unmincer said...

All that cock sucking, and for what... ( apart from some weird, and morbid pleasure )

Absolutley, fuck all.

What a bummer, ( don't excuse the pun. it was well intended )

That will be 'hissy fits' all around then ?

Homophobe ! moi', i once sat on a drawing pin, and that was fucking painfull enough ?

Anonymous said...

Dale can, and presumably will, console herself with a good, old-fashioned rim licking back at El Rancho Buttfucko.

Harri the unmincer said...

Licking ones, chocolate starfish, or rusty sherrifs badge, i do believe has a 'technical' term. !

Now, i am no expert, ( honest)


Felching is a human sexual behavior involving the licking or sucking of another person's anus. This practice involves a high health risk. In particular, it refers to the act of sucking semen out of the anus of one's partner. The semen has been ejaculated into the rectum via anal sex. The act of sucking the semen and then passing it, through mouth-to-mouth or open-mouth kissing, is often referred to as "snowballing"; although the latter is typically associated with semen ejaculated into a mouth from fellatio.

Felching may also uncommonly refer to the anal insertion of a small animal for the purpose of sexual stimulation.[1] The animal allegedly most used is a gerbil, and hence the act is better known as gerbiling. There is debate as to whether gerbiling is a concept sustained by urban legend or actually practiced.

Facking hellski !

Licking ones rusty sherrifs badge, becoming am MP, then licking ones rusty sherrifs badge, or being called a 'homophobe '... if its all the same to you, i will opt for the latter !

Whulst it is still a ' choice' ?

Apart from the odd grain of sweetcorn, and a bad taste, what the facking hell do they get out of it !

odin said...

Looks like you are all wasting your time!

& this

John Demetriou said...

serious question here...why bring up the gay thing? Why go on about it like that? Is the offensive tone etc supposed to sound shocking and cool?

I'm confused about where you're coming from. Yeah, he's mediocre, but why not talk about that rather than dredge up the gay thing. Very odd.

electro-kevin said...

At last a do-er turns over a talking head.

BTW I'm fed up with PPE grads taking over Parliament. Hopefully we should be getting some decorated war veterans filtering through to politics soon. I'd love people with experience of manufacturing too but fat chance of that.

Real people. Not plastic tossers.

The Paragnostic said...

I couldn't give a toss what the fragrant Iain gets up to in the privacy of his bedroom.

But having seen him on TV several times, I find him irritating and much enamoured of playing the victim card, and am glad that he's not a PPC.

Oh, and having worked in Bracknell, it's a shithole that noone in their right mind would want to represent anyway - you may as well go to Luton.

wv: berdis - like Sarah Brown perhaps?

Oh no!! said...


He's a pretentious idiot and would have been dangerously out of his depth in the Mother of all Parliaments.

What ever happened to third time's a charm, eh?

Big up da Bracknell massif.

Seriously, though, I do hope Mrs. Dale gives it another go: so that I can watch the smile being wiped off her smary, condescending, cloyingly sanctimonious, MPs' arse-licking face one more time. Three times just isn't enough.

Fucking prick.

Anonymous said...

Of course, the Gospel according to Iain Dale specifically states that

a) if one does not like Iain Dale then one is a homophobe

b) if one questions the process of mass immigration then one is a racist, uneducated, BNP arse-licking fuckwit who should just grow up.

I'm glad this sanctimonious inner-circle git has failed yet again

Anonymous said...

TBNGU said: Yet again you demonstrate that the only liberty libertarians believe in is their own liberty to abuse others.

Dead right. Don't try criticising Mr Ishmael or he'll have your balls for breakfast and then ban you.

At least here you can (still) say whatever you want (mostly).

Boy George said...

Iain Dale lost my vote when he appraoched me and asked "Pouvez vous?"

Anonymous said...

North Norfolk told him to piss off.
Bracknell have told him to piss off.

He had a column in the local paper saying he was ashamed to have shaken hands with the Brighton Bomber. Maybe Magee was ashamed to shake hands with a big fat bummer!

Mitch said...

Dale was happy to whine about labour parachuting people into safe seats as a reward for services.
He keeps trying the same thing(and failing) but that of course is "different" because he prefers his partners face down instead of up.

Carter Fuck said...

I am presently taking instructions from my client,the fat poof,I'm so sorry,Iain Dale,and shall not hesitate to issue proceedings

The Fat Poof said...

This is getting fucking stupid.
I am thinking of "crossing the floor" and joining the Labour Party.

I have always fancied Ben Bradshaw after all

winston smith said...

this has made my day !! . bravo bracknell

Fidothedog said...


Iain is going to be so fucking pissed about this.

Made my Sunday morning reading this.

Anonymous said...


Rogerborg said...

Look, let's not focus on how he failed to get selected.

Let's focus on how he came third, behind two complete nobodies.

Still, it surely won't stop his media-fed delusion that he already is an MP. Not having a seat in Parliament is merely a technicality.

the ghost of stuart lubbock said...

@John Demetriou ... why bring up the gay thing?

You're right, of course, in a sense. There's enough to go at, in Dale, without stooping to cheap shots; so why bother, you reasonably ask.

I don't hate homosexuals, homosexuality or even Mrs Dale; ridiculous ponce that she is. Dislike would be putting it far too strongly because I take people on a case by case, rather than gay or not gay, basis.

On the other hand, are those of us of an unfashionably critical disposition obliged to set aside personal habits, and staples of the gay lifestyle, such as sodomy, rimming etc, and to further suppose that such goings on, for go on they surely do, could not possibly be cause, symptom or catalyst of those many other deleterious personality traits which you allude to, and, of which, Dale is both stereotypical and archetypal?

Nope, we're not, and neither are you.

Let the Band Play, I say. It's not to all tastes, but neither is Dale.

Anonymous said...

Was Mrs Dale GAY ?

Harvey Proctor said...

"Iain pulls the gay card"

Just wait until his partner hears that the fat scrote has been "on the pull"

Bitch slapping looms for the naughty boy Iain.

Anonymous said...

Someone is having a laugh here, unless the poison dwarf has changed her name by deed poll?

Jacqui Smith may become a baroness

Mrs Doubt Fire said...

Whinging tart. He is one big fucking pain in the arse. Glad it aint mine.

Anonymous said...

No wonder you're affectionately known as Old Felchborn.

thelunaticarms said...

I think it's quite bad... can only imagine the scandals she would've been involved in.

Still, the less Tories, the better.

Anonymous said...

Will Ms |dale be investigating the increasing attacks on gays in Europe due to erm mass immigration of cultures that do not agree culturally with his perversion

electro-kevin said...

The other point is ...

political writers, and those generally in the Westminster bubble clearly think that the public are always watching them with keen interest.

The public couldn't give a toss. Such delusions of grandeur.

Mr McKay said...

A failure only made all the more delicious in knowing how much she very very wants it.

Fine and grandy dandy

Cylon said...

Is it me or is he somewhat butthurt?

Onlooker said...

Iain Dale doesn't understand politics at all. But then again, this is the guy who wrote "The New Labour Joke Book" for christ sake.

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