Thursday, 22 October 2009

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Shrieval Chauffeur

Ref No CCC09
Salary Up to £28,424 pa inc.38.5 hours per week including unsocial hours and some overtime
Department Central Criminal Court

Your principal role will be to drive the Sheriffs of the City of London who are based at the Central Criminal Court.

The primary vehicles are Rolls Royce Phantom VI and a taxi.

You will be responsible for ensuring the safe and timely arrival of the Sheriffs whenever they travel by road and for ensuring the appearance of the cars is of the highest standard at all times. You will have the appropriate skills and experience of driving a Rolls Royce Phantom VI.

Professionalism is required to deliver the Sheriffs and party to multiple engagements each day in the City, West End and outside London.

Extremely reliable, you will take great pride in the car and passengers, have a good knowledge of the City and West End, and possess the necessary planning skills to deliver the Sheriffs to every appointment on time. With a clean driving licence, you will also be smart, presentable, articulate and discreet.

You are invited to submit evidence of training courses attended and experience to support your application. Closing date: 12pm on Monday 2 November 2009. Previous applicants need not apply. This post is exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and as part of the selection process the successful applicant will be required to obtain a Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure. The City of London Corporation is committed to Equal Opportunities and welcomes applications from all sections of the community.

London, EC2
Contact details
To apply online, please visit Alternatively, please contact the Corporate Recruitment Unit on 020 7332 3978 (24hr answerphone) quoting reference CCC09. A minicom service for the hearing impaired is available on 020 7332 3732.
Contact email - Please include your name and address.


Does anybody actually KNOW what a sheriff of London does? Or why?


Fenrir said...

Atleast it is better than a bloody Toyota Prius

Hedley Lamarr said...

The Sherrif does bugger all - much like the City Swordbearer, the City Marshal and the Common Cryer/Serjeant at Arms. They are all ex military types at about Brigadier level. Old boys club basically.

There was one bloke (The Secondary if I recall correctly) at the Old Bailey who put a pair of tights on in the morning, declared the place open and then got pissed for the rest of the day whilst painting landscapes in his office.

Fausty said...

As far as I can tell, sheriffs and altermen are ceremonial roles and they're there to promote the City of London.

I thought that was Boris's job!

As Hedley says, jobs for the boys.

beness said...

So It's not open to previous applicants and is exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. but at the same time is open to all sections of the community.

Having a good Knowledge of the west end will be important because you'll hardly be anywhere else most probably.

Whats wrong with em getting the bus and meeting a few real people.

Anonymous said...

Any you would need to know where the rent boys hang out?.

Hedley Lamarr said...

Fausty - they're on half decent salaries and perks. £60k or so as I recall.

Anna Raccoon said...

Come now OH, a little understanding here.

You can't be Mayor of the City of London until you have been sheriff, so they are really a sort of 'Trougher-in-waiting' learning how to do it. You don't aquire the correctly arrogant tilt of the chin as you glide past the minions overnight you know - takes time and training.

They used to collect taxes, and I seem to remember that they have some sort of function in Probate still where the deceased in intestate. (Which basically would mean that they get sent the cardboard box full of plastic jewellery and half used lipsticks that incredibly always appear to be the only known possessions of little old ladies who die in old people's homes without any known relatives..........)

Gallimaufry said...

They do very nicely, thank you

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