Thursday, 15 October 2009

History Distorted By Politicians And The Royal Family

Tell me something I did not know.

Control of the past is a 'must' for any aspiring politician especially ones who have an authoritarian bent.

Listening to Radio 4 last night there was some ijit talking about 'multi cultural' Shakespearean London, there were Inuit living in London ! Pochotas came to London! For God's sake there were not flocks of Eskimos driving huskies down the Old Kent Road. They were trophies or freaks for the entertainment of the upper classes showing off their exotic finds from
the new Empire. Not an everyday event.

I am actually banned from the house when the multicultural version of 'Robin Hood' is shown on
Saturday evenings so that the younger Guthrum's can enjoy it in peace, without the miserable old git harumphing throughout.

The truly worst episode was a schools programme a few years ago, which showed a white father and son sitting down toasting the Queen at her Coronation with their black neighbours whilst watching the event on TV.
This would never have happened ! Not in 1953. But there it was on BBC
schools programmes portrayed as 'historical truth'

The stage managed event of thousands of grateful Londoners waving flags in Downing street in 1997 as Tony Blair ascending the throne in 1997. They were bussed in Labour supporters, it was a propaganda event, as was the Royal Progress toTyneside when he left office was equally stage managed by the media.

Never ask how a civilised country like Germany fell to the Nazis, when the same trick has been pulled on the British by Nu Labour. The constant bombardment of propaganda on correct thinking and conditioning has been going on for years.

The Conservatives are going to do the same, harking back to a golden age of social order and deference. It never existed !

The Royal Family have completely re written History over and over again to suit new circumstances. Edward VIII was a reprobate, black market currency dealer, abandoned his military post when Germany invaded France and was an overt Nazi sympathiser. The Royal myth is that he gave up his throne for love. What utter bilge. He was deemed a security risk by the Government and immoral by the established Church, he was effectively deposed.

Binge drinking has been a national past for the denizens of these shores for a
thousand years, I can cite reference after reference going back to Beowulf that we were a violent drunken crew, and if there are foreigners involved they were fair game.

National myth making is ok if it gives people a sense of belonging, but when that extends to National Policy making.

Myth- the National Health Service is the envy of the world

Reality- the NHS is dirty, overblown, has schemes like 'Pathway to Death' where the old and inconvenient are left to starve to death.

Myth - The Welfare State is the best thing that has ever happened to Britain

Reality- The State steals 60% of our income and tells us how to live our lives whilst impoverishing us all.

Myth- We are all equal before the Law

Reality- The Rich and Powerful can by as much Law as they want. The Law is a commodity and a weapon to to used against the weak.

Myth- We need 'security' to protect our way of life against terrorists.

Reality- Our way of life has taken by the State Security apparatus, not 'terrorists'

Everytime something comes on the TV, Film, DVD or written in books, magazines or newspapers. It has been constructed by somebody for a reason. You need to think and think again. Why am I being given this message, does it fit with my reality.

All advances have been made by challenging the staus quo. The Vatican put people to death, who would not accept their 'scientific' orthodoxy. So did the Nazis,the Communists and Kymer Rouge.

The State is amoral, it does not understand the concept of morals, the State is about power, the larger the State the less the individual counts to the point where whole peoples are enslaved in thought,word and deed. The non conforming will be eradicated.

History is so so important, we need to understand that Prince William is descended from the Spencers who depopulated vast swathes of Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire in favour of sheep. Those counties are littered with abandoned churches in the middle of fields with just mounds where freeholders once lived. They are passed off as villages killed off by the Black Death. Wrong, they were cleared in mass 'class cleansing', that is now largely forgotten. His status derives for the contempt of the lives of Englishmen who lived, died and resisted four hundred years ago.

We own our History, We should not allow it to be nationalised by the State.


Swiss Bob said...

I saw Snow on the Yom Kippur War claiming it was done on that day because of the tides in the Suez canal, nothing to do with Yom Kippur at all. . .

Old Holborn said...


defender said...

Here is another one
Islam, the religion of peace.
They are marching on the HoC, Downing St, Buck House and Trafalgar Square on the 31st oct 09 apparently in their 10's of thousands to demand sharia law for the kuffar UK.
Never mind the past, our future is also up for grabs.

Marchamont Needham said...

while we need to understand that William is descended from the Spencers, we need to avoid the cardinal sin of judging historical events by the standards of today.

thelunaticarms said...

"National myth making is ok if it gives people a sense of belonging, but when that extends to National Policy making."

The Government (and it's allies) are creating a myth of multi-culture to do just that (It isn't working btw). The main myth is is that we've always been multi-cultural (Lie - we were a Christian Country before bending over for the 'newcomers' and their 'needs').

The Government (and it's allies) are also doing the same about the EU. The EU has helped maintain peace (Lie - Nato ensured that - along with our Nuclear Deterrent).

National belonging is simple. You're either at home (those either born here or have come and assimilated into our ways), or you're not (setting up own cultural community outside of our ways).

Personally, I prefer the truth, no matter how ugly or hurtful.

defender said...

I should have provided a link for my above comment

Road_Hog said...

Should be interesting when Geert Wilders arrives in a few days.

Guthrum said...

we need to avoid the cardinal sin of judging historical events by the standards of today.

Huh ?

It was unacceptable then as well ! Two Kings had to pass Laws against rural depopulation at the hands of these arrivistes.

The net result was that there were whole armies of the dispossesed, armed to the teeth roaming the hills and Highways in the reigns of Hnry VII,Henry VIII and Elizabeth I

The Elizabethan Poor Law was brought in as a result.

By then the likes of the Spencers were enobled and had another crack at Land reform by way of the enclosures 1600-1850.

They did not just arrive as Royalty by the Grace of God, they 'earned' it by trashing the weak.

Wait and see in two hundred years Lady Mandy Blair descended from the Viscount Blairs, will be marrying King George XIV at Westminster. Its how it works !

Spartan said...

What is so freaking annoying is that in this day of information being at your fingertips courtesy of the internet ... you can find the factual history if you want to. Unfortunately the majority of the public can't be bloody bothered and instead accept everything they are fed.

For instance, today we have the Climate Change Religion Priests (scientists? ...hah!)proclaiming that the ice is melting in the Arctic and soon ships will be able to sail in summer on new Arctic routes.

New? ... they were doing it in the 1800's and even before. ls there any mention of this by the High Priests of Climate Change? ... is there f##k!

Guthrum said...

Agree- 800 AD -1300 AD there was a long established Viking Colony on Greenland- hence its name Greenland because it was green and verdant.

Then 'climate change' came along and it got cold and icy and the colony died off as the grazing land disapeared.

I am sure the new priests of Global doom would have been telling us to burn as much coal to appease the Gods, and that in twenty years London will disappear under forty metres of Glacier.

The bit they do not get is that nature is more powerful than man, and especially Governments.

Newgates Knocker said...

If you believe the goverment version of history, you would know that Islam actually invented,and discovered everything, because it is such and advanced and foreward looking religion.
If you don't believe the government version of history you will know that this mostly PC bollocks!!

JuliaM said...

"I am actually banned from the house when the multicultural version of 'Robin Hood' is shown on
Saturday evenings..."

You must love 'Merlin' then...

Or 'Camelot 90210' as we call it in my house.

Anonymous said...

The fucking worst perpetrators are the yanks with their film industry.

Titannic: Yanks save the world, bogtrotters dance a jig and make everyone happy and the English are bastards who burn babies to keep warm.

ANY war film: Yanks save the world, the English (never British and always with a posh accent) are incompetent and weak.

Braveheart: Scots are heroic down trodden super heroes, English are gay, over bearing nancies.


ps: in my house I am banned from watching hollywood remakes, adaptations or anything involving British history.

Henry Crun said...

"Wait and see in two hundred years Lady Mandy Blair descended from the Viscount Blairs, will be marrying King George XIV at Westminster. Its how it works"

Guthrum, not sure about you, but I doubt there will be many here who will be around to see that.

Road_Hog said...

@Newgates Knocker

You forgot tolerant.

Dave said...

Merlin....The most believeable part of it is the fucking dragon!

Guinevere is black- or a half caste at least. And blonde blue eyed Arthur has the hots for her?

I'm waiting for Good Queen Bess- the Musical starring Alisha Dixon

The life and loves of Queen Victoria starring Alison Hammond

And for a bit of balance The sory of Josephine Baker starring Caroline Quentin.

Mrs B said...

Excellent post. Applause.

Captain Swing said...

They are trying to normalise mass immigration by pretending it's the equivalent of the historical process of two or three individuals being assimilated into communities at a time and their children growing up indistinguishable from the indigenous population.

Anyone who chooses to leave their country of origin and go to live elsewhere has chosen to take the risk of looking conspicuous and feeling unwelcome. Some bravely decide to take that in their stride and make a success of their new lives regardless. If I felt uncomfortable I would just go somewhere I resembled the majority - god knows there is enough of the world to choose from.

Anonymous said...

As for the Merlin post....

do you think anyone at the BBC would be interested in my two new screenplays ?

A. The Life and Times Of Martin Luther King.... I'm thinking David Yip for the lead ?


B. A cartoon version of the Koran with Julian Clary voicing Allah ?

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