Monday, 19 October 2009

Here we go again

"So we should never allow ourselves to lose sight of the catastrophe we face if present warming trends continue." - Gordon Brown
You know, I've looked eveywhere and still no one is willing to tell me exactly WHAT the catastrophe is going to be. All they want is money. My money.

Climate Change - The New Religion. Give Jesus all your money and you won't go to hell.


Road_Hog said...

Halfway through watching this at the moment, very good, if but a little long at 1.35Hr

Road_Hog said...

Shit, would help if I posted the link.

SO17 said...

A 'man' made catastrophe as opposed to a 'Brown' made catastrophe. Should give the Labour shitbags some breathing space.
Watch for big giveaways to the alter of Climate change.
Why not?
Labour will be out and the Conservatives will have to make the restrictive targets work.
So on top of a fucked up economy a future government will have to fix it with one arm up its back.

bofl said...

the plant heats up and cools down by itself......there weren't any cars during the ice ages!!!!!!!

whatever we do in this country is irrelevant. ever sat at a set of traffic lights in bangkok? they stay red for 5 minutes or more. a crowd odf maybe 50 mopeds,scooters and cars turn the air blue with exhaust fumes......its the same the world over........

we already have the is called gordon brown. so will he stop flying riund the world and use the internet instead?will he turn the heating down in no.10?

the earth rises and falls.there is nothing we can do about it.......

so dont build on flood plains.simples!!!!!!!

Get Smart said...

The Irish are just finding out how expensive having a Green Party as part of their corrupt government is.

Fausty said...

Exactly. The Climate Change Treaty will bring in the new 'Third Way', or whatever you want to call it.

Anonymous said...

Climate change is a load of money making bollocks. It is being used by that cunt McSnot to try & make a name for himself as 'saviour the world' (fuck sakes, the world would have to be a lot worse than it currently is to need him as a saviour - more delusions of grandeur from a very little insignificant man)- FFS does he think he's Spiderman? - he's too thick to realise that he should try saving his breath & just shut the fuck up. He's last year's discredited politician that makes all the world leaders go 'Yeah, yeah Gordy - (what the fuck is that thick ignorant arsehole on about now?). The climate changes, constantly - FACT - does NWO Scientist McSnot think we're as thick as most labour supporters?Maybe he can explain to the dinosaurs how climate change killed them off - without any CO2 emissions? What a complete & utter fuckwit the man is.
Oh, and McFuckwit also uses climate change to rip us all off for as much tax as possible that he'll then divert (embezzle is the correct word I think) to Labour Party funds as no one is going to be fool enough to fund a dead Dodo.

defender said...

50 days to save the world.
On the 51st day we all die.
So what the fuck, lets party like its 1999.
And it all your fucking fault.
No point in holding back now, get that V12 Jag motoring, light up a vulcano, chain smoke, and fart like a good un.
If only the weather would buy into the global warming all would be well.
What a load of nielist shit we are shoveled

The Paragnostic said...

Although it's a novel rather than an academic work, I urge everyone to read 'State of Fear' by Michael Crichton.

It exposes anthropogenic global warming for the big lie that it is, and is packed full of properly cited scientific references that undermine the mythology of climate change.

It's also very entertaining.

JD said...

Climate change/global warming is hogwash, we used to just call it 'the weather'.

pissing blood said...
you can d/load the copenhagen treaty here as well if you have the patience to read,well the nightmare gets nearer.

banned said...

This would be Gordons " 50 days to save the world from Climate Meltdown/Global Boiling bollox ".
Fuck off Gordon, tosser. No-one believes because

a) You are a liar.


b) You are a cunt.

FIRE UP THE METRO and, like DEFENDER says, let's party till it's 1999, erm well maybe 2019.

Markbaldy said...

OK Gordon, so you want to save the World (again) from climate change... and at the same time you want everyone to buy new cars and throw perfectly good 10 year old ones in the bin... you really are a thick twat aren't you Gordon.
For people with an IQ greater than 2 (ie more brains than all of Nu Liebour put together), it may be interesting to know that it takes about 3 times the energy to make a car than the energy that car will use in it's life on the road... so a 20 year old Volvo estate is more environmentally friendly than a new Prius...

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