Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Gorbals Mick (a thief) sworn in as Baron Springburn

This really, really, really has to stop. Someone is going to get hurt.

In 2007 Martin used public money to employ lawyers in challenging negative press stories; media law firm Carter-Ruck was engaged for three months at a cost of more than £20,000. The use of public money was criticised by Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker as a "very expensive" way to issue press releases; and by the Taxpayers' Alliance.[10] Martin was also criticised at the same time for trying to block the publication of details of MPs' £5m-a-year travel expenses under the Freedom of Information Act.[10]

On 24 February 2008, John Lyon, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, was asked by the TaxPayers' Alliance to investigate whether Martin had abused parliamentary expenses and allowances. Lyon is obliged to examine all such complaints although the Commissioner could rule that the complaint is unfounded. This followed a week in which Martin's spokesman, the veteran Whitehall communications chief Mike Granatt, resigned after admitting that he had unwittingly misled the Mail on Sunday over more than £4,000 in taxi expenses incurred by the Speaker's wife, Mary Martin. Granatt blamed unnamed officials, but not the Speaker, for falsely informing him that the expenses were legitimate because Martin's wife had been accompanied by an official on shopping trips to buy food for receptions. It turned out that she had in fact been accompanied by her housekeeper, and that catering for such receptions is the responsibility of the parliamentary caterers.[11]

On 29 March 2008, The Daily Telegraph revealed that refurbishment of Michael Martin's official residence, Speaker's House, has cost the taxpayer £1.7m over 7 years. The house is located inside the Palace of Westminster.[12]

In December 2008, during a week described by the Telegraph as an "another bad one for Parliament's reputation", Martin won the right to a taxpayer-funded, index-linked pension worth close to £1.4 million consisting of half his MP's salary and half his Speaker's salary, inflation-adjusted until his death.[13]

On 19 April 2009, an editorial in The Observer newspaper renewed calls for his retirement as Speaker, arguing "the Speaker and Mrs Martin have been plundering the public purse for an almost grotesque array of personal perks and foreign junkets".[14]

On 14 May 2009, The Daily Telegraph reported that Martin had claimed £1,400 for using chauffeur-driven cars that included visits to Celtic Park, home of Celtic Football Club, and his local Job Centre.[15]


Harri said...

Blood now gone past the point of boiling !

Its now on the verge of vaporizing.

They really, really really are (still) a complete bunch of total mendacious cunts.

Bring on the revolution, off with there heads, each and everyone of the theiving corrupt, lying, worthless, pointless, shit for brains, lowlife, dishonourable , fuckwitted self righteous inbred cocksucking shameless hoons.

Even lying down in a dark room, just don't dispel the rage from deep within anymore.

There's trouble brewing from within now, they ( all 646 ) have lit the blue touch paper, its only a matter of time.

Kaboom ?

aghast! said...

the world must look at us and laugh....

this cunt needs to be in jail......

and his wife.........

they really do know how to shit in our faces!

Rob Spierre said...

i was thinking about the blue touch paper myself........

perhaps some strikes?
with-holding of taxes?
mass withdrawal of money from banks?
(there is no point in keeping it in them as they are paying 0.10% interest)!!!!

the wall.st journal is saying that the bloggers put paid to carter fuck-



cant wait for a stroll on nov.5th

Anonymous said...

Thief Martin now Baron Spingburn.

Is that what the liberal classes call 'sending a message'?

Edgar said...

Not only are the fuckers rewarded for failure, but the greater the failure, the greater the reward.

LurkingBlackHat said...

"Martin won the right to a taxpayer-funded, index-linked pension worth close to £1.4 million consisting of half his MP's salary and half his Speaker's salary, inflation-adjusted until his death on 19 April 2009."


I misread the above and thought the chippy, incompetant, mendacious, crook had died.

Unfortunately this does not appear to be the case.

In fact he continues for connive and scam with the effluent that is this Labour government to cream even more luce into their bulging pockets.

Harri said...

Personaly speaking ( and i don't even live in 'Not so Great Britain' anymore ! will not have my rage and personal quest for revenge quenched, untill i am standing over the headless, lifeless body of at least ONE of the 646 ' guilty as charged' blood curdling corrupt fuckwits, stating the bleeding obvious ( with much glee )... " to paraphrase, Leg iron here "

'Fuck the fucking fucker, the fucking fucker's fucked'.

Good, job done ?

Fuck knows , what the bile level must be of the normal, day to day tax paying British working class Joe Public must be !

Each and everyone of the 646, so richly deserve ' a dry fucking very roughly, with the blunt end of a ripe and prickly pineapple'

Then, cut there fucking heads off ?

Atheist Ranter said...

The fucking French had it right a few hundred years ago. The cunts ruling them at the time also kept taking the piss big time, then, one day someone got real fucked off and started a charge at the Bastille - end of July I think it was. Three days later and the cunts were out of it and a month later heads were rolling.

That fat ugly pointless piece of shit is smiling at us. If I thought I could get away with it ......

Off with their heads, starting at their feet and work upwards.

I'm fucking raging!

Funambulist said...

In the great tradition of...Baroness Scotland...Baroness Uddin etc. Robber barons all!

Anonymous said...

Ugly, uneducated cunt.

Fuck him. Fuck his ugly wife, and a pox on their house.

Ghastly, Karen Matthews scum.

Greasy,dirty peasant looks so chuffed in his ermine.

Rot in Hell, filth. Let seven generations of your family bear the mark of you worthlessness.

'Lord' Martin? Can't we start a campaign to send postcards to 'Lord' Gorbals of Chav? Does anyone have his address?

mungle said...

The elevation of this character is a measure of their contempt and disdain for us. This buggin's turn elevation of this man certainly sends a message. How they must chuckle amongst themselves.

banned said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
banned said...

'lord' Taking The Mick of Spongeburn more like.

I'm surprised that the few remaining Hereditaries don't boycott the place, full of troughers, cheats and criminals as it now is.

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