Friday, 30 October 2009

Free tickets to abuse the Home Secretary

Alan explaining how many brain cells he possesses

The RSA have very kindly made Old Holborn aware of an opportunity for ordinary people (proles) to listen to a member of the Inner Party tell them all about:

The role of the state in protecting the public is often wrongly condensed into a series of false choices – between liberty and security, between local needs and global priorities. In a wide-ranging speech, the Home Secretary, Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP will talk about the issues that affect people’s safety and security in 21st century – from antisocial behaviour to foreign policy.

With Alan Johnson MP, Home Secretary.

Order your free tickets here:

Monday November 2nd at 9.30am.

Address: 8 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6EZ.


thelunaticarms said...

I would go but I'll only prove his point in regards to protecting the Protectors.

Shame though. Just have to stick to sending them thieves hate mail.

Anonymous said...

His old mate, Matthew Taylor is in charge at the RSA. I was looking around the site the other day, there is some fairly weird stuff, all about "social cohesion", neuroscience, behavioural economics and stuff like that, all written in corporate doublespeak. I couldn't really work out what they're up to, not much to do with art anyway.

Old Holborn said...

Just order tickets anyway.

That way, the place will be empty

SO17 said...

Last night C4 had a programme called 'How racist are you?'
In which a left wing nazi showed people who never beat someone up with a baseball bat what it was like to be beaten up by a baseball bat.
I couldn't stomach this shit for long and like some of the participants left before it finished.
What I did see is that the Black people on the show couldn't wait to stick it to the honkys and yes, they do have a chip on their shoulders.

Ron Broxted said...

The Orwell Prize 2010 for the best blog is coming along soon. Ten urls are needed. May I suggest the following?

Plus five others. "Night Jack" who no longer skulks behind anonymity is Richard Horton, a member of the thick blue line, was the winner last year and will judge in January 2010. As he is a member of the thick blue line I cannot see a true revoluntionary and BNP bashing Muslim like me winning.
Remember folks it is easier to build a police state than to dismantle it. Forward to the barricades. Free Tibet, Increase Houseing Benefit and Incapacity Benefit.

Finally, votes for the Orwell Prize go via

Anonymous said...

R.B 11.17 what has this to do wth the topic? If anyone wants to read The Independent (link) they may do so. Might I suggest you fuck off and get back to "whatever" you do.You may be happier on a gay site, there are plenty about.

The Bishop of Bath and Wells said...

John Steed Shanghai or Ron Broxted or whatever you calling yourself today. You are total fuck-wit and a monkey spanking chutney bandit. Nobody is interested in any perverted crap you try to spin here, so do this site and the world a favour and go fuck yourself, you have probably tried it already as nobody else would give you a second glance, apart from an athroplologist out of curiosity and research as to just how low human life can become.

Osma bin Hardon said...

Well said Bishop, that certainly put the little creep in his place. Still on for Stringfellows tomorrow? I hear they have some new gals.

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