Monday, 19 October 2009

Fat bastards

Attacking someone for being fat should be a hate crime, campaigners say.

They want so-called "fat-ism" to be made illegal on the same grounds as race, age and religious discrimination.

A demonstration is being held outside the offices of the mayor of London asking him to lead the way in making sure employers are not prejudiced.

She said: "I have been discriminated against - I am a YMCA qualified fitness instructor, but I have gone for jobs and been laughed off the premises."

Of course this was going to happen. It HAD to. The minute new Labour decided everyone was equal and we are all the same, those who are not the same as everyone else decide to pretend they are and get the Police to enforce it.

Let's get a couple of things straight. You being fat does not adveresly affect my life in any way. It adversely affects yours. Tough. Lose some weight then. Your choice.

You being fat is not my fault. It is not the Gummints fault. It is not society's fault. It is your fault for eating too many fucking doughnuts. No one is holding you down and filling your cavenous gob with Ben and Jerry's. YOU are doing it.

Fat people are not suited to jobs that require fit, thin and agile people. This is why I am not a 100 metre athlete. I am not complaining about it, or comfort eating or protesting that I wasn't born black, demanding equality and a place in the Olympics even if I would come last, by about a week.

You are fat because you are lazy and greedy. That is not my problem. Stop trying to make it my problem. If it is anything else that makes you the size you are, see a bastard doctor.


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

And there is no such thing as 'big boned' either, you fucking walruses.

Anonymous said...

My eyes!!!!!

no longer anonymous said...

That should be a hanging offence.

pissing blood said...

I'd like to know if shooting a politician should be considered a hate crime.

Anonymous said...

Man the harpoons!

Henry Crun said...

If "fat-ism" is going to be deemed a criminal offence, then perhaps we should arrest all the Health Nazis who keep going on about the morbidly obese.

William Nicholson said...

I'm sure that being as fat as that is more expensive for the NHS than having to treat every cannabis user, etc, for some lung disease or other. Why not make obesity illegal - surely more logical? They're costing me a fortune in keeping the NHS running for their benefit. Force them to take out private health insurance.

Anonymous said...

Don't you see. This is not a failure of the campaigner. She has recognised something about the way our society works, and is trying to make use of it.

It would be great if our society could generalise, seeing anti-racism and gender equality as coming from a general principle of liberty, rather than specific exceptional cases. Then there would be no need to campaign for gay rights or against ageism, as all would be covered by the general principle.

But that's not how it works.

Discrimination is the default. Ask a smoker. Ask your fellow drinkers. Ask a put-upon BNP supporting "white male". Society still discriminates against anyone who isn't on the list of recognised minority groups. And because it is focused, that discrimination is all the more hateful and bitter.

The only way to escape discrimination and hatred in our society is to cry and moan about it, making out like you're the victim of racism or fattism or whatever. That's what she's doing: establishing herself as a victim, part of a minority group. Don't blame the campaigner, blame the system and the Righteous drones who created it.

banned said...

Oh well, at least the fat fucks got some exercise marching down Whitehall.

Anonymous said...

I'm not fat but ugly & people won't employ me as a model, I'm being discriminated against, thank goodness for Labour, they have loads of ugly people in their party I’m sure they feel my pain!

microdave said...

No fat people ever came out of Belsen. (The Nazi POW camp for those of you who've never heard of it)

And as for discrimination - when I was a teenager I could walk in to a pub dressed in jeans and tee shirt without any problem. Yet if I returned wearing a leather motorcycle jacket and carrying a crash helmet I would be promptly invited to leave....

There was fuck all I could do about it - no Human Rights law, or No Win, No Fee lawyers waiting to help me claim my rightful compensation.

Tarquin said...

I think I'll be leaving my script blocker on then

And how can everyone be exactly the same? Equal rights for beady-eyed people now!

Anonymous said...

Check out this porky bastard.

They're building a fucking special ambulance to get him to hospital.

Antipholus Papps said...

There shall be no discrimination. There shall be no discernment.
You will descend to the level of dumb beasts.
The slaves shall serve.

Anonymous said...

I was born dumb. Not dumb enough to qualify as retarded, but still dumb. I too have been laughed off the premises when applying for jobs like Brain Surgeon and Rocket scientist, so understand the indignation the fat feel.

I shall watch developments closely.

Anonymous said...


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