Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Expenses and road tax.

Homer Simpson's less gifted brother. The family don't mention him.

I might not have this perfectly right because I wasn't paying attention to that part of the Budget, but didn't our Darling chancellor decide to hike car tax and make it retrospective - so if you own a big car you'll have to pay a tax rise for the previous years, even though you've already paid tax for those years?

Well, if that's right, you might not have to pay it after all. Thanks to the kindly intervention of Alan Simpson.

Alan Simpson, Labour MP for Nottingham South, is refusing to pay back £500 he's accused of wrongly claiming. It's not easy to keep up with all this stuff and run a business too, but I'm pretty sure the excellently-named Sir Thomas Legg has so far only sent out letters. Those letters, as far as I can tell, ask for clarification or justification of certain items on the expenses list and if they can't be justified, they have to be repaid. So, again as far as I know, most have not yet been asked to repay, only to justify certain claims. If they have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear and nothing to repay.

Besides, for someone on an MP's salary plus generous expenses, surely £500 isn't worth getting into a tizzy about? Don't kid us that it's the principle, Mr. Simpson. It's the money. With you lot, it's always the money. Creating this kind of fuss is going to do far more than £500 worth of damage to your party, your re-election chances and your standing in the community and all those effects will be ten times worse if you win your argument. Is all that really worth £500?

Ah, but this Simpson has a cunning plan. Here's what he thinks of Sir Legg:

"If he thinks that the principle of him coming in and retrospectively re-writing the rules would stand up before the courts, then I think he should test it before the courts," Mr Simpson told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

Oh, I think so too. I think the courts should test, right now, whether it's legal to change the rules and make them retrospective. Simpson thinks Sir Legg has backed himself into a corner. No, Homer's dim brother, the corner is behind you.

Because if the MPs win this, every driver who gets hit with retrospective road tax can use that precedent in court. I hope every single driver does.

And if the MPs lose, they'll have to repay the money plus court costs. Either way, the public will hate them just for challenging Sir Legg and that hate will be magnified if they win.

Go for it, Alan Simpson. Go on, you know you want to. Ah, go on. Get a few mates to do it too. You might get to keep your five hundred beer vouchers if you win. Of course, people will pelt you with rotten fruit everywhere you go but you'll have £500, so what do you care? The Brown Gorgon will want your head on a spike for wrecking his road tax revenue and the whole Labour party will want your nuts crushed and salted for sending their re-election chances from catwalk-thin to positively anorexic, but never mind, just count the money again and you'll feel fine.

Labour. Thirteen years and still no clue what they're doing.

I blame Thatcher. If she hadn't started that whole 'care in the community' thing this lot would still be in Carstairs weaving baskets and crocheting little red flags. Perhaps the next government might consider putting them all back.


Fausty said...

Another noteworthy piece of industrial-scale analysis - and from someone whose time is precious.


Can you please pass this info to motoring organisations such as the ABD (Association of British Drivers) and the like?

Safespeed is another - I believe it has a forum.

Catosays said...

I've raised this very issue on my own little blog. If they can do it to us then they've no complaints when it comes back to bite them.


Andy said...

Oh if only it were so.

The idea that these bastards will allow the law to apply equally to us and them is almost cute in its naiveté.

Tax - no. Road laws - no. Theft - no. Illegal alien employees - no. Embezzlement - no.

Anonymous said...

BN-66 tax legislation was another retrospective tax collection introduced by this government.

Not so nice when the shoe is on the other foot is it? Now squeal louder piggy, wheeeeeee wheeeeeee

defender said...

So, who is going to throw the first brick to kick it off....these troughing fuckers really think that they can carry on like they own the fucking place. And I mean them, the whole bloody political class who have fucked up our lives for their benifit. Its like a bunch of 6th formers running the place to shit, and we let them do it before our very eyes, for fuck sake, we have got to get a grip and soon.

defender said...

OH, fill your bomb up with stuff that looks like it could be dangerous and wheel it up on the 5th, freak them out at least.

Marchamont Needham said...

well if the MP's employer says these are not allowable business expenses then they must be income.

Ergo the revenue will be entitled to 40% plus fines and interest.

Not perfect but a good start.

taxi for Simpson said...

From The daily Telegraph expenses magazine.
Mr Simpsons expenses essential for him to carry out his duties as a constituency MP.

1. £900 for painting his garage and house walls
2. £1170 for repairs to his garden wall
3. £1390 for repairs to his loft and wardrobes
4. £10,000 for a new kitchen
5. £1100 for laundry
6. £2,050 for food
7. £10,665 for repairs and renovations
8. £6,078 mortgage
9. £23,000 ACA ( 2nd home)
10. £3,190 for 'other'

And of course his salary of £64,766

boilers r us said...

You forgot the £4,000 for a new boiler. He was ripped off there. Sorry we were ripped off !

Simon said...

They wanted to introduce retrospective laws to deal with Fred Goodwin's pension an didn't they pass retrospective tax laws regarding IT contractors who were using Ltd companies?

Mrs R said...

Port taxes are being levied retrospectively, via the Valuation Agency.

Here's a taster

electro-kevin said...

In truth I don't think that politicians are paid enough. But then they're not really politicians anymore; just an executive of the EU. If they carried out the will of the majority I'd glady overlook expenses claims even if they'd claimed thrice as much.

The MPs I've met are nice and personable. I couldn't help but like them. That's part of their charm. I'm sure that their original motives were for the greater good. I'm sure that they think what they are doing right now is for the greater good too.

The thing that detracts from Old Holborn is the anonyminity.

Why ???

My name is Kevin Peat. I have nothing to hide. If my Government is all it says it is then I have nothing to fear.

The Young Oligarch said...

You mean Hartwood .

Carstairs is for the criminally insane - like Broadmoor .

Then again ....

Anonymous said...

Kevin Peat,

Everyone knows Holby's name.

You mean you don't?

Blimey, where you been?

Scrobs... said...

I suppose that pinching huge amounts of tax from my 'pension' which I took out in good faith long before these bastards raped it to to piss up the wall counts as well?

There's an illegal bunch of infiltrators spending my savings just as we speak...

Anonymous said...

Looks like the main three qualifications to become a troughing MP are 1) to be as thick as fucking pigshit - and therefore, probably unemployable outside the Sheltered Housing Association that is the HoC. 2) to be an egomaniac with a vastly delusional sense of your own importance. 3) to have taken a course in Business Ethics & Professional Conduct with Del Boy - and passed with flying colours. Cunts - thieving cunts each & everyone of them.

Matthew Hopkins said...

fuck it makes me so angry i could shit. on what planet is all this wholly and exclusively for the purposes of being an MP? I hope they go to court and the court date is published in advance - give us all a chance to be in there to "cheer them on"
go on, i fucking dare them.

Anonymous said...

Whilst it is terrific fun to listen to the piggies squeal, don't forget how spectacularly unimportant they are.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to watching big brave McSnot trying to carry out his threat (copied from the earlier Tory announcement of course) of barring MPs who don't pay expenses back, from the next election. That big yellow streak down his back will make him dither & witter on & finally deny that he ever said anything of the sort. Liar, Coward & Incompetent - that's McSnot's role in history.

Gareth said...

Perhaps Sir Thomas Legg should take a leaf out of the tax credits people.

As well as demanding overpayments (which is what these have been determined to be) get repaid they can employ another route to recover the money they mistakenly paid out - reduce future payments until all is squared up.

MPs say tax credits clawback still hurting poorest

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Just look at Bill Etherington Labour MP saying pretty much: "do what I say, not what I do".

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