Monday, 12 October 2009

++Exclusive++ Govt to set up "Lifestyles" Database

Thanks to a fellow seditionary, OH can reveal that the Government is putting a new database out to tender.

The Equalities Commission is currently tendering fo suppliers to help with

development of a Data Base, which must contain a significant ammount of Equality / Life style data for a minimum of 48 indicators.

A "Lifestyle" Database to further monitor the fine citizens of Oceana. How kind of them.


Billy Blofeld said...

How could anyone ever deem this equality / lifestyle monitoring system to be "essential" spending - during this period cost cutting.

Utter twats.

uperilh said...

The tender mentions 'Equality Measurement Framework' data. I guess this corresponds with this programme on the EHRC site.

The bullshit begins with:

"The Commission has been working with the Government Equalities Office (GEO), the Scottish Government, the Welsh Assembly Government, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and a range of other stakeholders and subject experts to develop a measurement framework that can be used to assess equality and human rights across a range of domains relevant to 21st century life."

Stakeholder is such a pernicious word. They have not involved the public or taxpayers. They never do. Why are we not the ultimate stakeholder?

Unless there is compulsion in providing the data is is useless as only the extremes of good and bad experiences will volunteer it. If it is not meant as a performance indicator as they claim then why bother?

Jolly nice life they let us have in corporatist Britain isn't it.

Maturecheese said...

The Equalities Commission needs to be scrapped if the Tories win the next election. I have got a funny feeling that it won't be though, in fact the Tories will just carry on where Labour left off as regards to interfering in peoples lives.

Edgar said...

Maturecheese is probably taking an optimistic view. There is nothing liberal or libertarian about the current Conservative Party. My fear is that they will be even worse in their data acquisition and monitoring than the current bunch of fuckers.

If democracy changed anything, they' would ban it! said...

War Criminals Ban BNP from Parliament

Oh the irony, the cabal of war criminals in Parliament ban the BNP from entering their brothel because the BNP 'are not beyond doing physical harm' - and this from people inside the House of Commons who voted for the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars that have killed hundreds of British soldiers, thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans.

All Euro MPs will today be barred from the Commons in the wake of the British National Party's poll victories.

BNP leader Nick Griffin and his fascist(the irony lost on the mirror!) sidekick(they mean fellow elected politician!) Andrew Brons are entitled to Westminster security passes after being elected to the European Parliament in June.

But the pair and 70 other British MEPs will lose them under a Commons motion due to be passed this evening.

How did `dave` and blue Labour vote, I wonder!

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

Damn it OH, you cunt, I’ve missed the tender deadline date! I was thinking 100K that would come in handy. I can do databases.

Apart from being a waste of money, all that the database is to contain are aggregate figures such as totals, rates and percentages such as homicide and suicide rates; but not attributes of individuals.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I agree with what everybody else has already said, especially Edgar.

But there have been rumblings about "personal alcohol allowance" and "personal carbon allowances", so they can tie this all in neatly with a nice ID card database, to be regularly updated with all the naughty things that people do.

Anonymous said...

Item on BBC site says global warming is BOLLOX!!
Not quite,but did admit that there has been no rise for 11 years,slight fall actually.

Lutney Chocker said...

Of course we need the Equalities Commission to monitor how equal we are!

How else are we to ensure that IngSoc party leaders are the most equal of us all!

We are not worthy. Alas, many of us suffer from selfish thoughtcrimes such as competence and intelligence - this must be stamped out! Me must resist the bigotry of brainthought, and embrace the truth and love of the party!

Lutney Chocker said...

"Anonymous, 12 October 2009 14:11
Item on BBC site says global warming is BOLLOX!!"

Maybe, but what ain't bollocks is several hundred million Chinese and Indians with Jeep Cherokees, gluttonous appetites, and profligate spending habits.
...pollution and price hikes are bigger worries than a melting world (drowning a few third world cities might bring prices down a bit, but it'll fill the sea full of shit and sewage and action man sized spent toggies - eurgh!)

Soylent Green is going to be first on the menu before we get served toasted Earth.

VotR said...

Who is left wing friendly and who isn't? The government may be in for a shock if they do this. They may not want to know the results.

To save them wasting our money, again: Not many.

Anonymous said...

''''a measurement framework that can be used to assess equality and human rights across a range of domains relevant to 21st century life."
life? the mean the slow genocide brought about by massive unlimited immigration from non E u countries of third world low I Q ''workers' criminals and those from Turkey , making a diverse criminal overcrowded hell hole
the police state carries on with its data bases information control networks REGARDLESS OF WHAT PEOPLE WANT

get them all out

Anonymous said...

As one always interested in govt or quasi-govt DBs I have sent off the following to the Equalities Commission via the 'Whatdotheyknow' webpage - a very supportworthy website:

'Dear Sir or Madam,

I am making an initial request under the Freedom of Information Act
after reading TED (Daily Electronic Tender) 281970-2009 re the new
planned 'Lifestyle Database' that you are proposing to set up.

1) What data exactly will be held on this database?
2} Where will the data be sourced from?
3) Has the data held, method of collection, maintenance & retention
already been reviewed and agreed by the UK Data Commissioner?

Depending on the answers you provide to questions 1 - 3, I may need
to make further FOI requests.

I understand that under the Regulations, I should be entitled to a
response within two months. I would be grateful if you could
confirm in writing that you have received this request. I look
forward to hearing from you in the near future. In the event that I
have sent this letter to the wrong person/department I would
appreciate you passing it to the correct one and advising me of
this. Many thanks for your help.'

I have already received a response saying that their English (Language, location or law?)Helpline will be in touch. If it's boring old facts about equality - good luck to them. If it's anything to do with data subjects' (people) lifestyle - I'll be back to them.
Either way, thanks OH for flagging it up.

Joe Public said...

"Equality / Life style data for a minimum of 48 indicators."

Surely, for true equality is should be for about 65,000,000 indicators?

David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

The droids have exceeded even their own instructions, are drunk on "data", and will have to be switched off.

LabourReallyAreVeryEvil said...

It is all about control of us by them.

The aim is to break down society.

Create fear and uncertainty - take control.

Everything they do is to get more control of us.

Jess The Dog said...

Policymakers won't even break wind silently without some sort of projection or graph to back them up. The state is data obsessed.

The database would probably be populated from the 2011 census. I'm just waiting on that enormous database being lost sometime in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Can I come and play on here. Tat is being very unfair on Guidos site.

Bottom lip curl.

Nike said...

I am quite jealous if your fun weekend, although not so much of your burned temple. I've never gotten into shooting handguns being more of a rifle girl myself...but that does look like a blast
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