Friday, 2 October 2009

EU President Un Elect Blair- Preparing the Data Bases 2

Muckety in the States already have a site showing the maps of influence- Our Glorious Emperor is already on there.

We need a similar resource in this country, because we have already moved to the post Democratic age not seen since the reign of Henry VII.


Ampers said...

And today?

Today Irish people, in Ireland, will be voting whether an Irishman in Ireland will be ruling them, or whether an Brit from the EU will be ruling them.

Neil Kinnock's fat wallet said...

And people want to vote for this steaming bucket of Horse puke?

Even a joint Irish presidency of Gerry Adams and that Bono bastard would make more sense.

And if they vote 'no', do they have another go next year?

Didn't last century sort of hint towards the fact that totalitarian empires are not that nice?

polaris said...

Hey Guthrum, have had two people contact me offering to help get something setup - will get back to them today. I am self employed and am off due to illness so have a little time to work on this. I will have a Semantic Mediawiki installed and configured over the weekend. I looked into code licensing from Muckety - but too expensive and proprietary - so although it looks good, would be vulnerable.

I also had a look at the database linked to from the previous post - nice but primarily aimed at geographical resources for the homeless, not quite what we need here.

blair's gomorran tableau said...

ushering in a new age of bottomite autocracy.

one big, corrupt, fradulent, blackmailed and blackmailing family of auto-despisal buggery.

saddle up, partners - as, i think, they say.

wh00ps said...

muckety! i've been wracking my s brains trying to remember that site all bloody week!

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