Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Does my bomb look big in this?

In the airport security world, al-Asiri's guts continue to rumble.

Manchester airport is the first to fall victim to the desire to know what you had for breakfast.

Under the guise of 'passengers do not like the traditional pat down search', they have installed x-ray scanners which will reveal not only what you had for breakfast, perchance it involved a sodium phosphate laxative, but also a neat outline of your true gender - cue complaints from all those transgendered individuals who happily troll from Canal Street to Ibiza rave-ups via Manchester airport in the latest 'Top Shop' haute couture - it will also home in on your 'Prince Albert' ring and those expensive breast implants still burning a hole in your credit card.

I can see clearly now - several interesting 'uman rites' claims looming at the ECtHR as 'Doris' - whose partner already has a claim pending for equality of pension rights, claims an infringement of 'her' right to a family life when Tracey left her after the scanning officer said 'Morning Ma'am! - sorry Sir!'


Be_Careful out there said...

Anyone see the Newsnight EDL report. (Monday night)
Could one be be "managed" any more.

Swastika flag (regardless of burning it or not)
Black masks
UDA "links"

These guys played right into the media's hands. Wot a fuck up.
I bet that groups full of STASI agents already to send some fucka to prison.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is this post actually about? Even by the usual incoherent standards of Anna Raccoon, this is uncommonly bad.

electro-kevin said...

Well I, for one, know that I'd come out of the X ray machine with a damn sight more respect from the officials than when I went into it.

If you have nothing to hide you have everything to fear.

Dr Evadne said...

How are they going to deal with complaints from the burkha brigade?

Surely these sort of machines should be available in hospitals and doctors surgeries? It would avoid all that embarrassing removal of clothing and walking around in those x-ray shrouds that don't do up at the back.

electro-kevin said...

How did that guy in the X Ray manage to swallow a Browning Hi Power ?

Or did he just shove it up his arse ?

Roue le Jour said...

'Guy' in the X-ray?

richard said...

the burkha women will not submit to this indignity. quite rightly so. people with micro-penises or huge, pendulous flaps will not do so either. this scanner reveals all.
but it's no laughing matter, because it's useless anyway. you can buy butane cigarette lighters and bottles of spirits in the shops after you go through the search. there's your suicide bomb, put several lighters and vodka in a plastic bag and use another lighter to ignite it.
bye bye aeroplane, and all the poor passengers and crew, plus anyone on the ground that the plane falls on. we see naked passengers, but then sell flammable and explosive materials after the indecent exposure. fucking genius!.

Henry Crun said...

Will the Xray machine operators all be CRB checked? Or does the machine opnly scan passengers over the age of 16?

Anonymous said...

'''These guys played right into the media's hands. Wot a fuck up.
I bet that groups full of STASI agents already to send some fucka to prison.''

It gave the Police ample opportunity to video every one attracted to the sate created core of this little group of agent provocateurs

Jaycee said...

Shouldn't people have to wear a protective lead lined gowns like they do in hospitals? What makes these xray scanners different from hospital scanners? Just as dangerous, but for the sake of the state being nosey bastards then the danger to public health is acceptable.

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